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What kind of partner am I? I'm in the central standard time zone and am on anywhere between 12PM to 4AM, if that changes it will be put in my status. I am completely fine with playing MxM, FxF, and FxM pairings and am willing to play both genders. I have and will play multiple characters if the RP calls for it. I use both real and anime pictures, so if you have a preference then please let me know. I don't roleplay over email or messenger, but prefer PM's and forums instead. I consider myself literate, though sometimes I lack in detail which is why I take longer to make my replies. For forum RP's, I will always inform you via PM or OOC thread when I have made a reply. If I have not replied to you in a few days, it's not because I'm ignoring you. It's usually because I got busy and then forgot. Feel free to give me a nudge!

What kind of partner am I looking for? I'm not very strict when it comes to partners, and I don't need you to fill out some silly application. First and foremost, I need a partner who I can get along with! If we can't talk and have fun together, roleplaying isn't gonna work out. Other than that, all I ask is that you're semi-literate to literate, 16+, and able to post 2-3 paragraphs per reply. I don't care if we're in the same time zone as long as you remain active. If you lose interest in the roleplay or are too busy to continue it, please let me know instead of rudely ignoring me. I promise I'm not going to get mad.

Humans, gifted humans, vampires, shapeshifters, hobbits, anthro, wolves, carpathians, persocoms
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Modern, apocalyptic, America, London, Korea, Japan, adventure, fantasy, anime, horror, fandom crossovers
Human x anything, serial killer x romantic interest, master x slave, friend x best friend
Heroes, Supernatural, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Trailer Park Boys, Avatar, Harry Potter, Alice: Madness Returns, The Host, The Kiesha'ra Series, Fallout: New Vegas, Yumiero Patissiere, The Lord of The Rings, Welcome To Night Vale, Daybreakers, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, Chobits, Breaking Bad, InuYasha, Lost
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Warrior Cats, medieval, Twilight, smut, Greek Gods, superheroes, vikings, pirates

✘ Muse A lives in a settlement away from civilization on an island called Roanoak. Muse A travels to America to gather supplies for his people, but a storm sends his ship astray on the way back and he become stranded at sea. Muse B ends up saving Muse A after a few months go by and happily delivers Muse A back to Roanoak, but when they arrive there the island is deserted and the only evidence is the word "Croatan" carved into a tree. It is their duty to investigate the mystery. Will Muse B be who they seem and help Muse A along the way, or will they be a member of the rival tribe who helped eradicate Muse A's people?

✘ The setting is Fallout New Vegas. Muse A makes her way back to the strip to check on her old friends, the Followers. Julie Farkas informs her that some of their new recruits have gone missing, and she suspects that the White Glove Society has something to do with it. Muse A heads over to the Ultra-Luxe and begins questioning people, one of those people Muse B. Muse B ends up joining Muse A in her mission to figure out what is going on at the casino. Will they find Muse A's friends, or find them dead? Will Muse B end up being a member of the WGS who leads Muse A astray, or will they help her?

✘ This is a Breaking Bad x Trailer Park Boys crossover where we would be playing canon characters. It's modern day America, and the drug problem is still on the rise. Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian are in the meth business now and have made it their mission to become the best, but when a blue concoction that claims to be number one makes its way into their trailer park, the game is on. What will happen when Ricky confronts Walter about his business, or when the alcoholic Mr. Lahey has to go up against the drug addicted Jesse Pinkman?

✘ It has been ten years since the Vampires won the war against the humans, but now a rebel group is forming against them filled with both humans and their vampire allies. Muse B, the Vampire Prince, has captured Muse A, the leader of the rebel group, and will do anything, including torture, to get information about the group and who its allies are.

✘ This is another plot set in Fallout New Vegas. Muse A has recently escaped from the Legion after having been their slave for three years. While there, she heard a broadcast that spoke of the Gala event in the Sierra Madre. She has decided to journey there in search for treasures unknown, and Muse B , who is on their way to do the same thing, joins her along the way. They decide to help each other on the way and split the fortune. Will Muse B stay true to their word? Will a bond form between them as they are captured by Elijah and forced to help start the Gala event?

✘ This is a HP x LOTR crossover. When Harry watched Snape's memory, he learned of another horcrux. Dumbledore informed him that it was hidden in another dimension, one that was believed to be a fictional world. He told Harry that the horcrux kept Voldemort's soul alive in the form of Sauron, and that the only way of transporting to Middle Earth was through a portkey located in a book in the restricted version of the library.
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Are you still open to some of these plots by chance?​


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There is FONV rp to be had? I definitely might be interested in this.


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I would love to try an Inuyasha or Ouran High School Host Club rp with you ^_^


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If you're still looking for a partner, I have a plot on modern x fantasy x horror. I have read you rp resume, and I think you will like this... probably, maybe haha. PM me if you want to hear about this! You don't have to accept, but it's a great idea and I would like to have rp with you... *mumbles*
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