Searching for 1X1 role play

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  1. Ok, so I just joined today and I have been looking for a role playing site for awhile because the last one they used was more for kids and not older people. I Love to role play and I think I am pretty good at I am currently looking to do any kind of Rp, I have not done an Rp in like a month so I really want to do one, so It would be great if someone wanted to do one with my if you want you can go look at my role play resume and see what kind if stuff I am into. I will role play just about anything and up to any ideas, I like the person I role play with to be a little experienced and be literate, I hate when people reply with one sentence because if gives me nothing to work with. I love to do Romances and fandoms. XD so yeah, I am not sure if people do role plays over pm's or if its all over forums, because like I said i am new and the last site that I used did both so yeah just let me know if you want to role play XD
  2. Ah Well I Am New To This Forum As Well So If You Want I Shall Join You On Your Epic Quest To Roleplay Today! I Usually Do 1-3 Paragraphs If You Must Know. Is That Too Short?
  3. A lot of the people I used to role play with left this sight, and if you want to roleplay just PM me and we can set something up :)