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  1. I've actually been gone for a while, but I'm actually searching for a few partners. I can get a bit busy as I'm not here 24/7, but I'm here whenever I can sneak a peak. ^^


    ~ I prefer to play female, but I can give male a shot. Always.
    ~ You can talk to me. I love making friends!
    ~ Don't rush me. I work two jobs, go to school, and will probably be taking on. THIRD job. I also write. How do I have so much time? I make time! ;) It's nothing to worry about.
    ~ I'll be patient for a week and then bump the rp.
    ~ I'm not perfect with a torture character, but it does help me. Trying I mean. I love to try something new!
    ~ This is casual, no one liners please!
    ~ I need to know limits so some of these I'm looking for mature, but I'll put it beside the title.

    (* will beside the role I would prefer to play, the more that are there the more I want it.)

    Harry Potter
    Severus x OC********
    Harry* x OC*
    Sirius x OC
    Jenny* x Harry
    Draco x OC**********
    Lucius x OC******

    The Legend of Zelda
    OC x OC
    Link x OC*

    The Hobbit
    Thranduil x OC********

    The Devil May Cry
    Dante x OC*
    Nero* x Kyrie*
    Nero* x OC*

    The Walking Dead
    Daryl x OC******
    Carl* x OC*
    Rick* x OC*

    Black Ops
    Richtofen x OC*

    Eddie x OC*
    OC x OC

    The Evil Within
    JoJo* x OC*
    Seb x OC*
    Ruvik x Seb*(not romantic)
    Ruvik x OC********(dying for this!)
    Kidman* x OC*

    Silent Hill (M+)
    No pairings in mind

    Original{* is the one I prefer to play}
    Concentration camp RP (M+)
    Doctor* x German General(goes with the one above) (M+)
    Mad Scientist x Test Subject or Doctor*
    Asylum Patient* x Doctor*
    (Please feel free to suggest! I obviously don't have a lot!)
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  2. Hi! I would love to roleplay a Harry Potter rp with you. c: I can play Harry, Severus or Sirius for you if you could possibly play Draco for my OC?
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  3. Hello! I'd love to do the Walking Dead or Harry Potter (or both!).

    Do you double?
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