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  1. Hello loves! I know it's been quite awhile since the last time I've logged on here and I'm itching to get back into roleplaying with people. For now I'm only interested/craving in the certain fandoms I've listed below, which is not a lot but feel free to share your own if it relates to any of the films/series! Also please keep in mind not to suggest any anime/manga or video game related stuff because I don't watch or read that type of genre and I'm not a gamer what so ever, so I deeply apologize for that. Other than that, let me know what you're interested in! :D​

    Corporal Dwayne Hicks/female (human) OC [Plots]
    Private William Hudson/female (human) OC

    The Terminator:
    Kyle Reese/female (human) OC [Plot]

    Johnny Ringo/female OC
    Doc Holliday/female OC
    Morgan Earp/female OC

    Navy Seals:
    Lt. James Curran/female OC

    The Magnificent Seven TV Series:
    Chris Larabee/female OC [Plots]
    Ezra Standish/female OC

    Rules & Requirements:
    - Post 2+ paragraphs for every post
    - 70% Plot & 30% Smut
    - Canon/OC parings only
    - M/F pairings only
    - Threads or PMs only
    - Third person only
    - Basic spelling and grammar
    - Be willing to double if necessary
    - Be willing to play multiple characters
    - Be semi/advanced knowledgeable in the appropriate time frames (specifically the late 1800's era for Tombstone and The Magnificent Seven)
    - No one/two-liners
    - No god-modding/power-play
    - No anime/manga style pictures for character sheets(s); real-life (celebrity/model face-claims) and/or written physical description(s) only​
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  2. Added a new fandom: Navy Seals! :)
  3. Still looking! Anyone? :)
Thread Status:
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