Searching Dreams



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*Scratch, scratch* Niomis' pencil runs across a sketch book with light strokes. She looks back up and stares beyond the yard to the rose garden where beautiful white roses grow. Drawing the one thing she wanted so badly but was never given. A slight pain tugging in her heart. But she swallows the emotion and kept drawing the beauty of that rose. Waiting for someone to come along and quentch her thirst for attention that she does not reveal to society. Hopeing for someone to have a heart who won't prove to her that she's invisible.
Swimng left, jump right, reach out and grab was the movement Rai used to get around throught the trees. He was making his way to an old friends home, one he had known for years. Inside of his mind Rai was thinking constantly of an old memory the two had years ago. A day at the beach, which became the same day of an unforgetable promise was made. He landed hard on the front lawn of her home. He looked up at the top window that would lead to her room. He breathed and climbed his way to the top window, knocking on the glass as he thought of his friend, Niomi.
Hearing a knocking sound up against her glass, Niomi looks over to see someone familiar. Someone she knew from a while back in her past. Her memory wasn't too clear but she knew the name clearly.
"Rai..." she says almost like a whisper. She stood up and unlached the door to let him in. The warm breeze flowing into her little white room.
"What...umm, what are you doing here..?" She asked, a bit confused of the appearence out of nowhere.
He simply looked up at her face and smiled at her question. "I may be unexpected, but I found this really amazing.. thing that I have to show you." he said with a large grin on his face. Rai lifted his legs through the opening in the window to let himself in, "Niomi, trust me you'll love it!" he said so excited. He looked over past the right side of her and noticed how she had an unfinished drawing. "Ooooh, whats this?" Rai was a strong admirer of drawing, but Niomi's always interested him.
Niomi starts to blush when Rai noticed her drawing. She was always shy of her work and never tried to show them to most people. She picks up her sketch book and slides it into a drawer that held the rest of her sketch books and a bunch of broken pensils. Then she walked over to her bed, sat down, and looked at Rai.
"Ummm, something. But it's not finished yet so you can't look at it yet. So the wanted to show me, what is it?" She asked him. Curiosity spicked her. She had no clue what he could be talking about but it seems to be important if Rai would come all the way to her house to show her.
Rai chuckled at her little blush that ran across her face, he thought it was cute. But he was totally fic=xed on this amazing object he found earlier. He looked over his shoulder, facing the glow of the sky with a grin. "It's over at the construction site, somewhere beneath the place. There aren't any workers around, so sneaking in should be easy." he smiled. He stood in the windowsill looking at the ground, then up at the tree branch in front of him. Rai looked back with his eyes closed, hand held out, and smiled brightly. "Are you with me?"
Niomi couldn't help herself from smiling after seeing Rai and his glowing personality. " seem to know how to brighten up my days" she thought to herself as she took his hand and nodded her head.
"Yeah sure. But if we get in trouble, you're gonna regret it" she said and giggled a little. She steps closer to the window and looks at how far down the ground is.
"You're not planning to jump down there from here...right?" She stuttered. Hesitating because of a little fear of heights that she unfortunatly gained over the years. Though her curiosity pushes her more to take any risk for the longer she wonders, the more determined she is to find out. She tightens her grip slightly and looks up at Rai.
"I don't like heights..."
Rai looked back at his frightened friend and only smiled. "Don't worry, you'll be safe. I promise" he said, lifting her on his back. He planned to jump with her in hand, but her fear was cutting that thought short. He took a short breath and leaped towards a tree branch in front of him. He timed his reach right, as he caught the branch in his hands to let himself drop a short way down. "Was that so bad?" he joked looking back at Niomi. "Ready to go?"
Niomi had her eyes closed as Rai lifted her on his back and jumped down. She opened one eye and said, "Rawr." and licked him on the cheek. She gets off his back and stretched out her arms.
"Alright let get Rai! Last one to the construction site is a rotten fish!" she declared and started running of giggling. The sun began to slowly go down and the wind was getting cooler by the second.
He was laughing a bit from Niomi licking his face earlier, to notice that they were beginning to race there. "Wait what?" he sparked as he was trying to keep up with where she went. A was almost a split-second too late before he lost sight of her. "Oh no you wont!" he replied, chasing after her with as much speed as he could muster. The cooling air whistling in his ear, his feet treading along the ground, and a smile widening along his face.
Niomi heard Rai get closer to her and slowed down a bit so he can catch up. Once she was running beside him she admired the way he is. His cute personality and how easy it is to get his mind off track. "Adorible..." she kept repeating in her mind. She looked forwards and saw the cunstruction site and sped up to win but she tripped on her foot and went tumbling to the ground and skid across the dirt.
"...oww..." she mumbled and looked up as she saw Rai cross the finish line.
As soon as he crossed the finish, Rai immediately turned his back to get Niomi. "Oh no.." he mumbled to himself. He looked at her legs and saw he had a few small cuts and scrapes, but nothing too harmful. Rai still was concerned about her so instead of saying anything, he just picked her back up and put her on his back again. He made a small chuckle under his breath and looked at her with a smile. "You're so clumbsy, Niomi." he said, walking the rest of the way. Further ahead was the exact spot he was talking about. As he moved closer the sun had fully hidden itself in the night.
Niomi rested her head up against Rai's back. Her legs stug just a little,but nothing she couldn't handle.
"You don't have to carry me Rai. I'm used to getting hurt." she implied. Then she ran her finger lightly up and down his back and smiled.
"Does that tickle?" she asked.
"Stop it!" he laughed, trying his hardest not to giggle. "I know I don't have to, but you know how I am. I can't stand my friends being hurt." he stated with a happy face. Right up ahead, he saw the spot he was looking for. "Here we are." The area was wrapped in yellow tape, with a tunnel that lead deeper inside. He wasn't sure if it was a good idea so before he went in, Rai started looking for a flashlight and maybe a weapon.
Niomi squirmed to get off his back. Her eyes widened and she stepped backwards a bit.
"We're....going in that?..." she asked. Her stomach was in knots and her breath went shallow. "'s so...dark. Nyaaaaaa!!!" she thought and started panicing. She wrapped her arms around Rai tightly and repeated, "No. No. No. NO. NO. NO!"
At the moment Rai was grabbed, he had found a pickaxe to defend Nimo and himself with. She was gripping him so tight he could barely seak fully. "Ni..omi.. it's..ok!" he said, slipping from her tight hug. He held her chin and looked at her with a confidnat face. "If anything happens I promise, you'll be the first one I send to safety, ok?" he announced. Before making any other movements into the tunnel, rai hugged her in case she still wasn't sure.
"dispare....dreadfully disparing. Why do I always get into these types of situations?" she mutters as she walks through the tunnel, clenching onto his arm, refusing to let go. The tunnel smelled stale and dusty. The oxygen wasn't pure enough so she snuggled her face into Rais arm and smelled his clothes. Oh how she loved the fresh conforting smell of a friend. It put her mind at ease and she stopped caring about what was going on for a little while. "Wait....Isn't it weird that I'm sniffing Rai?!?"
He kept looking forward with an awkward face from Niomi smelling him, but didn't really mind so much. Half way through the tunnel, the flashlight suddenly blew out. "Oh dear..." he concerned. He kept Niomi close behind him incase something went truely wrong, but for some reason the tunnel started to shine at the end. A translucent blue light, echoed at them from the very end. Rai was amazed at the beautiful shine and could not look away. "What's making that light?"
"Light what light?" Niomi replied while her eyes were closed. She was freaking out and froze up. She didn't want to move. She didn't want to do anything. She just wanted to snap her fingers and end up in her bed with Rai by her side. Niomi got closer to Rai and tried not to cry. She slightly opened her eyes and peeked over his shoulder and saw the light too.
"Oooo, pretty..." she said. Mezmorized by the mysterious glow, she slightly let go of Rai and trailed off towards it to see what it could be.
"Niomi?" he questioned, being pulled by her hands towards the light. He could feel she was in a trance, so he tried to break her from it. "Niomi!" he repeated, still being dragged. Nio-wahh!" he uttered right before falling to the ground, still being dragged. before getting pulled further he came to his feet and saw what made the glow. A portal. But where would it lead? "Woah..." he whispered. Before Niomi could go any further blindly into it, he shook a bit and looked at her eyes. "Are you ok?"