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  1. Hey everyone! I'm still on the hunt for more partners so feel free to reply here or send a PM my way, thanks loves! :)​

    Sci-fi Captain/Crewmember
    Detective/Mob Leader's Daughter
    Gentry/Servant (Regency)
    Vampire/Vampire Hunter
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Pirate Captain/Shipwrecked Passenger
    Lawman/Mail-Order Bride
    Occult Professor/Student
    Knight/Warrior Princess

    Lord of the Rings
    Star Trek (Reboot/TOS)
    Star Wars (films/books)
    Harry Potter
    The Terminator (1984)
    The Dark Knight Trilogy
    Pride and Prejudice
    The Secret Garden
    A Little Princess
    Little Women
    The Notebook
    Bram Stoker's Dracula
    Interview with the Vampire
    Indiana Jones
    Navy Seals
    Top Gun
    Jason Bourne Trilogy
    The Originals
    Almost Human
    The Magnificent Seven
    Celebrity Crush
    - M/F pairings only
    - 2+ paragraphs for every post
    - Basic spelling and grammar
    - Celebrity/Model face-claims or written description(s) only
    - Be willing to double/multiple characters
    - Threads/PMs
    - NO one/two-liners
    - NO god-modding/power-play
    - NO Anthros/Furries​
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  2. Ello, you have captured my attention.
    I am interested in Superhuman/Superhuman,
    Pirate Captain/Shipwrecked Passenger, and
    Occult Professor/Student although I have a question about the last one. Also as a disclaimer I can't do smut.
  3. Hello! :)

    Well, the Occult Professor/Student will be a thriller/horror setting with lots of graphic violence/gore and a good possibility of smut involved, so yeah...that one is out of the question, my friend. But we can definitely do the superhuman/superhuman pairing.
  4. Alrighty then. I'll send you a PM to discuss it further.
  5. Detective & Mob Leader's Daughter


    Adventurer & Librarian (I am a Librarian IRL)
  6. How about we do the Adventurer/Librarian pairing?
  7. I can see that! Let's do it!

    I need to tell you I will be out of town Thursday thru Monday. However I have a tablet so we can at least plan things out.
  8. That's fine. :) Let me go ahead and PM you then.
  9. I'd like to do a knight/warrior princess rp if your interested.
  10. Most definitely! I'll PM you. :)
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  11. I have enough partners for now, so this thread is officially closed until further notice, thanks guys! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.