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    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Hey everyone! So...I'm about to ramble. But please, bare with me!

    Ok, so I'm a creative writing student, and I've been writing since I was quite little. I love it.

    So..I've been roleplaying for about 6 years straight, and I absolutely adore it. It's my drug.

    I'm an Otaku, so whenever I roleplay I like anime like touches (anime sense of humor, poses, looks, etc).
    I'm a total Yaoi girl, and that's the majority of my pairings. I can do Yuri or Hetero, but I really prefer Yaoi.

    I like actual development. Not having characters be like, "Amg, I luv yew so much," after less than a day in the roleplay time. It's ridiculous...Ok, I believe in true love/love at first sight and all but come on people? Development's great.

    I will NOT roleplay with you if everything you do is so clique it would make someone sick. And please, for gods sake, don't use text talk when you roleplay with me. I want quality writing. It doesn't have to be a novel, and I'd prefer it not to be, but please. Make it worth it?

    Uh. I always need a bit of romance, I like some drama, as long as it's fixable. For example, I play a char with an rp buddy who was diagnosed with the first, curable stage of stomach cancer. Yes, that is serious. But the point is, it's relatively easy to cure.

    I like communicating with my partners about stuff. No just randomly doing drastic things that'll affect my characters story line. Of course, I like it when people can bring events in on their own, but if we're doing an rp about a 'blood donor' and a vampire, and the vampire feeds on the donor like once and does nothing to turn her into a vampire, but then she starts to change for no apparent reason, I'd like to be brought in on the little secret. Especially if I wasn't expecting it.

    Ok, so I sound like a total bitch up there...But the bottom line is, I'm a very easy going person, and despite how all that may sound, I'm very flexible and I love befriending my partners.

    Please, don't pressure me to reply. If I really like an rp, you'll get replies as soon as possible. If not as much, it may be a bit erratic but I won't quit on you unless it's unbearable. And of course, despite not having much of a life a lot of the time, sometimes I do.

    Alright. I'm really into IM based rp's. So, for example, my most used IM client is and it's very simple, noninvasive and flexible (having an app, an inbrowser chat, and a messenger). If not, I CAN use skype but I really prefer not to. I could try that.

    One more thing. If you end up becoming a rp buddy with me via IM rp, I have a habit of loving to try many different things. So I may ask to start new ones on and off.

    Now for interests.

    What I do:
    -Yaoi (My love and passion o u o)
    -Maybe some futuristic, depending
    -Some fandoms (ask me about one if you have one in mind)
    -Past-like times
    -Alternate Universe
    -Any questions or suggestions about what you'd want to do and to see if I'd be up for it, just post it. :3

    What I do NOT do:
    -Smut. No smut people, I'm sorry. Sometimes if I get to know and am very comfortable with my partner, I might do a bit of it but otherwise, let's say I pretty much don't.
    -Uh...I'm not sure. That might be it. If I think of any more while we talk, I'll let you know.

    So yeah. I'm really open...For the most part...But please, just contact me! Pm or post here. :3

    If you can't do IM based rp, I can try Forum again. It's been awhile.

    Possible Pairings off the top of my head:
    Key: * beside the characters I'd like to play. If there is none, it means I'd be fine with either. :3
    Supernatural Teacher* x Student
    Vampire x Hunter (Clique I know)
    Rival x Rival
    Secret Revolution Leader* x Unsuspecting Civilian (Sort of like if Lelouch from Code Geass got in a relationship with some random person who didn't know he was Zero)
    Musician x Artist
    Musician/Artist x Muse
    Queen x Queen/Princess/Etc
    NekoxKitsune/Dog 'Furry' (A sort of rival thing. Cat's vs Dogs you know.)​
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  2. Hey! Im up to RP with you if you'd like! Im new to the whole thing so If you can start it off I can fill in almost any role ^-^
  3. Yaoi is adorable!! I've been itching to rp with one of my newer characters (I've been wanting to write a cute yaoi story about him and don't have any good ideas yet). His character is small and meek but extremely passionate about the arts. If you're interested in RPing lemme know :3 (I'm pretty new to this site, I joined to expand my creative writing strategies and stuff x3 and besides RPing is fun haha)
  4. Hey there. I'd love to, it sounds great! But it's past 2:30 am and I'm totally gonna go to sleep. I got like 5 hours of sleep last night. So, I'll be up in a few hours and we can totally discuss it. :3 Until then, rest well. :3