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    Hey, I'm Sora. I'm mainly just searching for a roleplay partner, and as such, here is where I'll post certain ideas I'd love to roleplay. I look for partners that have at least an adept understanding of literature and can write 3-6 paragraphs. It may be asking for much to some, but I want to make the experience at least somewhat enjoyable.

    So, before I get on to the actual list, here's a legend/key for details written onto it.
    * = I'd like to roleplay this.
    ** = I'd really like to roleplay this.
    *** = I'd love to roleplay this.
    bold = I'd prefer to play this role.

    italics = I have an ideal plot.
    Pandora's Box***

    Traveling across seas was hard enough, but a child who is used to urban surroundings landing in rural Japan is harder. Many of the local residents (the very, very few), report that the land owned by said family is the resting place of an ancient yōkai that takes form of an adolescent human. Of course, that couldn't be true. There was no way.

    Element Channeler/Element Channeler

    According to Pangea legend, every 50 years, 12 children will be born with the power to manipulate and rule an element from the periodic table. They shall participate in a tournament; those who are able to manipulate their powers enough to annihilate the other chosen contestants will be crowned as a god/goddess.

    Masquerade/Human or Masquerade

    "Masks are reported to grant mysterious powers to those who can wear them." Fifty years before current life, there existed a world known as Iris. In this world, humanity is in a medieval-like state. Kings and queens rule the continents, constantly battling for more power. Masks in this world grant power, based on the desires of its creator. If the creator of a mask wished to flood the world and rid it of sins, the mask will be the epitome of his desires, having enough power to manipulate water. Because of their immense powers, humanity agreed that masks are forbidden from existing. However, not all in the land Iris agreed with this proposition. Retreating to the shadows, they create and wear masks, doing whatever they desire. The people of Iris dubbed them Masquerades.
    If you're interested in any of these, feel free to reply to this thread. ^^ I apologize if any of the summaries/plots are odd or hard to understand, I am much better at writing than explaining.
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  2. I think I'd be interested in Pandora's Box, would you be willing to tell me a little more about what you wanted for it, please?
  3. The basic plot is that a child (13-18, preferably), is transferred to rural Japan due his mother or father's occupation. Moving into a traditional-styled home, many residents of the area around them warn them that a yokai (a supernatural spirit or entity; click here for the Wikipedia page) lives in the forest directly surrounding their home, mentioning that it often takes the form a child (13-18). The story will branch off into interactions between the yokai and child.
  4. I like it, I'll gladly take either role if you would have me :)!
  5. Alright, I guess we can discuss the rest over PM! c:
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