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  1. Hi I'm looking for a partner to roleplay with me c:
    Here's what I'm interested in:

    Black butler
    (Sebastian x Ceil)
    (Claude x Ceil)
    (Lau x Ceil)

    (Alucard x seras)

    Vampire Knight
    (Kaname x yuuki)
    (Zero x yuuki)

    Hunger games

    Demon x angel (plot in mind)
    therapist x patient (I'll play either)
    Teacher x student
    Demon x human (plot in mind)
    Hostage x kidnapper (plot in mind)
    Vampire x human
    Assassin x target
    Human x supernatural being
    Human x powers
    Slave x master
    (Supernatural being) master x servant (plot in mind)
    Vampire x vampire hunter
    Demon x vampire
    Vampire x werewolf
    Werewolf x human
    Boss x employee
    Zombie apocalypse (Zombie xhuman)
    Alien x human
    Prostitute x cop (teacher student or therapist client can do this too)

    Or any kind of thing like those above mainly opposites attracting.

    A little bit about me:
    I am usually the more submissive character I can play dom but I loose muse very quickly with this and it never seems to work out.
    The bolded ones are the roles I would most like to play c:
    I get on almost every day but I am having internet issues so expect slow replies. I do have quite a few ideas for a couple of these and I'm warning you I come up with a lot more when we are roleplaying. I do MxM and MxF mostly MxM but I can play a female as well. I'm fine with incest or mpreg or just pregnancy in general, rape and anything else like that.

    I'm very open to ideas too! So just let me know if you have any c:
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  2. im interested in the Demon/ Human rp idea :)
  3. Okay!! Let's figure it all out over pm
  4. cool pm me :)
  5. Just did c;
  6. Vampire x vampire hunter would be fun :)
    Or Hunger Games, if we did cannon characters.
  7. Okay c: pm me and we can work up a plot !
  8. Alien x human, maybe? :)
  9. Pm me and we can come up with a plot and get started c:
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