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  1. hi.

    i'm gonna make this short and sweet: i need a distraction and i want to role-play some happy plots. that's it. i feel like shit every night and i want a pick-me-up.

    - i don't care about post length. i really just don't at this point.
    - try to have readable grammar.
    - my posting is erratic. don't worry about me complaining about posts. i don't do that.
    - please have patience with me. i'm delicate and need time to do things sometimes.
    - i have three emotional disorders to deal with. be kind. please, be kind.

    i have some pairings to use as bases, but i like lots of kinds of plots. it doesn't have to be a huge, extremely planned-out kind of role-play. simple things are nice.

    damsel -- a person is followed by a strange man every night. one night, the man strikes and tries to assault them or kidnap them. out of the blue, another stranger attacks the stalker and saves them. events occur where the same person saves the other from bad events purely by chance.

    adjustment -- two soft, shy kids become roommates to save money on rent. they don't know each other at all, but with time, they start to learn about one another and become more comfortable in their new life, sharing struggles and cups of tea.

    crave -- a person wants to explore their sexual side after years of being sheltered by their parents. they go to a bdsm forum and make a deal to meet and possibly date a 'professional dominant' partner. they meet and things start to unwind and grow closer between them with time.

    clash -- a scary, intimidating person who's often seen as a troublemaker or bully sees somebody getting pushed around. at first, they ignore it, but he keeps crossing paths with the unfortunate person, too frail and sensitive to stand up for themselves. the bully gets sick of seeing them just let themselves get beaten up and intervenes on one occasion, feeling some sort of anger towards the shy one for not fighting back. this continues to happen until the bully starts to soften and warm up to the bullied person.

    death wish -- a person who is constantly excluded and screwed with in their village gets sick of living. they go into the woods to seek out a rumored giant that lives within, hoping to just get taken and killed. they find the giant and confront them with tearful, angry determination to die, but the giant isn't quite as cruel as they'd hoped.

    superhuman -- a group of young adults save civilians from danger by using inhuman powers. they cross paths while fighting a nasty gang and end up working really well when fighting together. they become friends and eventually become a combined force to be more effective in their heroic efforts.

    thief -- a tiny person lives and survives in the home of a human. they steal things that they need from the home and avoid the human's attention. on a particular day, the tiny person doesn't realize that the human is home and finds themselves scrambling to hide, but the human finds them before they can run. terrified for their life, they go into flight mode and try to escape them, but the human is too shocked and curious to let them go so quickly.

    wingman -- a person has a big crush on somebody else, and constantly asks for advice from their best friend, who gives good help and supports them wholeheartedly. the attempts to get their crush's attention begin to fail, and every time they go to their best friend for comfort, they realize little by little that they have their eye on them instead.

    don't pm me. post here and i will message you if i'm interested. i will get back to you as soon as possible.

    thanks so much for reading and taking the time to check this out. you're awesome.

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  2. How open are you to doing FxF plots and how open are you to adding some supernatural twists to some of these?
  3. hi, thank you for your interest.

    unfortunately, at the moment, i've been on more of an m/f kick than anything. it's not my preferred pairing at the moment, but i'm more than capable of playing it.

    and it really depends. i'm not looking for anything dark or brooding right now. i have enough of that as it is to deal with. if it's to add more character and interest, i'd be willing to work something out.

    again, thank you for posting. you're wonderful.
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  4. If you're still looking I'm interested in roleplaying with you, a couple of these ideas caught my interest (lol).
  5. Hello, there! I'd love to role-play with you if you're still looking for partners. Just toss me a message or pm if you're interested ^^
  6. i really like that you affirm the people who come into your thread, it's uplifting
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  7. hi! feel free to shoot me a message at any time. thanks for being interested in little old me.

    same to you -- message me at any time and i'll answer as soon as i can. i really appreciate any interest that people put into my ideas.

    aw, you flatter me. i suppose that people have enough bitterness to deal with in the world. even if it's only about a little thing, i like to be kind. it makes me feel good and hopefully makes the other person feel good.

    this made my night a lot better. thank you.
  8. If you're still looking for partners, I'd really like to roleplay with you! The "wingman" idea really appeals to me!

  9. hello! please, send me a message at any time you'd like and i'll reply to it as soon as possible. that one's one of my fluffier ideas.

    thanks for posting your interest, lovely.
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  10. beyond that, i'd be interested in clash, adjustment, superhuman, or thief.
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  11. message me anytime you'd like, bud! i'll get a reply to you fast.

    i hope you have a good day.
  12. I wish you're still looking for partners because I'm super interested in this :) Crave, Clash, and Wingman caught my interest.
  13. yo! long time no see. 'came back to iwaku and had to see what you're up to, since I always admired your writing.
    I know I disappeared like 18 times buuuuut ;) think you'd be up for a roleplay with lil ol' me?

    Not sure if you're looking for roleplays other than what you've suggested, but I was inspired by your prompts and came up with this:
    I'm thinking something very casual but edgy, y'know? I had the idea of a male and a female (I prefer to play females, but we can work anything you'd like out C:) who are purely using each other as rebounds for their respective broken relationships. I imagine two heartbroken wastes of time lying in bed together with smudged makeup and messy hair, then walking each other to the minimart to buy some more cigs.

    I think it'd be a cool dynamic to have them constantly deny any sentiment they have for each other, but always come running if one is in trouble. They may not be in love, but something is there.

    tell me what you think! if you hate it, love it, wanna fix a few things, it's all perfect with me.:carousel:
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  14. hey !! we might've discussed a plot like, a year ago, and never really roleplayed it, r.i.p.
    anyway — i'd still love to roleplay with you if you're still interested, ahah!! i adore your plots `crave`, `adjustment`, `death wish`, and `clash`. if you're not interested in any of them, i'd still love to brainstorm or wing something, whatever you want. i really, really adore your writing and you just seem like a really cool person in general, i would absolutely love to rp with you !! let me know if you're interested ♥
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  15. I like your death wish idea
  16. I'd be down to do adjustment & wingman.
  17. if you're still looking, adjustment, crave, and wingman all seem interesting to me!
  18. 'Ello, I've heard your missive. I willing to accept any of the quests Adjustment, Clash, Crave, and Thief.
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