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fantasy (high or low) with royalty, magic and political intrigue. scifi (cyberpunk, aliens, adventures), modern with some noir undertones, anything in the 1950s or older, steampunk, fairytale twists, i like romance sometimes, i do like forbidden love in the right doses. apocalyptic, horror, self-discovery, some lighthearted modern/fantasy/scifi, i'm willing to try almost anything.
Angel's Search Thread

Posting Expectations:
Adept - Prestige
Posting Length Requirements: 4 paragraph minimum - full out novel
Posting Speed Requirements: once a week at least

“Make it dark, make it grim, make it tough, but then, for the love of God, tell a joke.”

*makes room in my trash pile*
Welcome, you can call me Angel! Or Ace. Or whatever you want baby ;)
I don't like making search threads very often, so prepare to see this being recycled over and over. So without further ado, hello, nice to meet you! Grab a sweater and a kitten <3

You'll honestly need it if you want to get through this hell of a thread. I'm mostly looking for 18+ partners, but all are welcome.

Updated: 08/22/2018

If you are interested, I would prefer you not express interest in the thread, but PM me as soon as you can!

  • About Me
    • I like to joke a lot and talk with my partners OOC even if they do not have time to post.
    • SPEAKING OF TALKING, I ramble and like to talk about my personal life.
    • I do anime or realistic art faceclaims, it all depends on the genre or a partner's preferences. I sadly don’t do actors as faceclaims. I just don’t agree that anime can’t be serious.
    • Even if you're not interested in any of my plots, you can still PM me with whatever ideas you have!
    • I like being aggressive and having my partner and I lead the plot equally. I do love me some plot. <3
    • I don't have a preference what gender I play, but I like having multiple NPCs/characters if necessary. My character sheets are rather simple, but I can flesh them out if anyone needs me to.
    • I like playing gals just as much as I love playing guys.
    • I don’t like just ditching people I’m writing with, but I have a lot going on in my life, so you’ll find me to be quite the patient person. If you’re really lucky, I might even respond a few times a day! You might have to expect a few weeks of absence, occastionally. If I have not reminded you in advance, feel free to nudge.
    • My most comfortable writing range is around 5ish paragraphs, but if the situation calls for it, I will most certainly bust out a novel.
    • I will roleplay just about any genre other than slice of life. If it's not on my no-list, it's on my maybe or yes-list.
    • Totally okay with cussing and darker/sexual themes, I even find them quite enjoyable. Please PM me on limits. I naturally get explicit, and if we are roleplaying by threads, I’ll probably put it on redstar. I can have both sex and plot, or just plot.
    • I'm also okay with FxF and MxF. MxM I have not had experience with, but I'm not against. ^-^
    • I prefer to have OOC chat on Discord, and RP on Iwaku's PMs.

  • Writing Samples
    Here are some writing samples to demonstrate how I write normally. I used to direct them to my resume, but we all know that mine has been gathering dust, and no one looks at them anyways.​

    Stating her and the Wyvern Rider Veilvel clashed was a grave understatement. Only another from Malth could wound her pride and her strength to this extent. The reason why was simple, even if Fynola was not fully aware. They both shared the pressures of strength that resulted from the fear of weakness. A deeper part of her could not be shocked that he refused her offer, even if part of his words stung.

    There was no need to point out the obvious, her armour was in shambles, even if neither her nor Barin appeared to sustain any wounds. Fynola became unable to fight alongside her comrades to the same extent as before due to a measly attack that wasn't even an attack. A cowardly aspect of her stayed close to the fortress to shield herself from the embarrassment if she had stayed outside of the fort to fight... under the pretense that she had been ordered to make sure the Legion commander got to the thrones safely.

    The dishonourable picked at weakness like Veilvel. Fynola held on tightly to her reins, a trademark of holding in any negative emotion for the young woman. She opened and closed her mouth in shock, watching him ride away with wide eyes that took the appearance of melting snow rather than ice.

    What had growing up in Malth taught any of them?

    An ugly pause took place as her knuckles turned white, old callouses beginning to burn from the friction against Barin's reins. The gryphon, as if sensing her discomfort, ruffled his feathers to draw her closer to his neck in a reassuring manner. At this point, praying to Aqua for his safety the way Fynola did with many of her comrades seemed about as useless as throwing snow onto ice hoping the ice melted. It had done little to calm her, as she suddenly escaped her pensive train of thought from the sound of a particularly distinct voice.

    Turning around, Fynola met eyes with an Alliance soldier, a Laguz, one with golden eyes and blonde hair. For a reason the gryphon rider could not explain, she was drawn to the woman's unique appearance. "Many allies have decided to retreat into the fort only until the beasts outside have been slain." She responded, almost faraway. "Do what you must and may Naga bless each soldier. However, I would take heed to remembering the mission at hand. Our commanders must be safe on the throne by all means necessary." Fynola nodded at her new comrade before listening to her own advice.

    "If I may...?" The woman gestured towards the keys the tiger carried before accepting them graciously into her hands. It was a nice reminder that some were still willing to be cooperative. "Thank you, soldier. My name... is Fynola." The Gryphon Rider felt an odd urge to partake in simple formalities, even in the heat of battle. There was a certain personal component that came with remembering your comrades as humans instead of fighting bags of flesh. Before the tiger could say much more, Barin flew off with the two keys into the fortress.

    Lyanna hated him.

    She hated Vikiel's dashing smile, the way the tall man carried himself and the way they seemed to bounce back and forth from calculated interaction to another. As soon as the blonde laid eyes on him, Lyanna teased and complimented the man as if she was appeasing to the Goddess. With each accidental brush by, nothing had made him stutter. That was to be expected. The Dragonheart's Keep was a dangerous place. Lyanna had caught herself several times getting startled from a gentle breeze and closing the large window of her chambers. That was shortly before the King of House Astor had died, leaving the center of the realm vulnerable to attack or exploitation.

    Peasants and nobles insulted the House Astor, calling them the House of Asses behind closed doors and whispered lips. The King belonged to the arrogant family, whom had usurped the throne after another assassination of the late King before him. House Astor had been close to the Dragonheart's Keep for years as the Hand of the King, an entrusted advisor. Amassing large amounts of wealth and military support, they were a force to be reckoned with. Nonetheless, every noble realized the one on the throne was never the true ruler of the realm. To rule the realm, there was an element of subtlety involved. Subtlety, timing and the exact amount of luck.

    Shortly after the King Astor met his demise, children and their incompetent families had taken prime positions to the throne. One boy, by the name of Zachary Astor, was only 15 when he came to power. Selfish aunts swayed his 'decisions' while Zachary remained timid and soft. Privately, she thought that the only day he was able to properly rule would be the same day an assassin held a knife to his neck. There was one thing she was willing to admit about the poor boy. Unlike the others, he was intelligent in addition to being perceptive.

    On the other hand, Lyanna couldn't stand the others. The Astor siblings grew spoiled with the security of power and riches. Meanwhile the woman of House Gildenmere had remained unapproachable most of her childhood for her own safety. Every bite of dinner and boasting with their forced acquaintances made Lyanna's blood boil. However, there was one deadly positive and a negative to his death. Royal connections were one thing, but House Mallodar was another. Through what seemed like an endless amount of charm and empty promises on both the Mallodar's and Gildenmere's sides, they had earned their position as the closest thing to being on a royal court.

    Being in the court, as they called it, was a frightening experience. She was given her own chambers, her own handmaidens and was free to roam the Keep as much as she could. By the Gods, the woman even enjoyed her own bath and vanity. Despite the exceptional treatment, due to her own paranoia, Lyanna made sure that every letter she had written to her family was coded and delivered in the night in her own room. Vikiel's chambers were only five doors down and across. He was close enough that she swore she was able hear his breathing as he slept. While untrue, Vikiel sent tingles down her spine, both in intrigue and fear. The man's confidence drew her to him, yet incite feelings of fear every instance they locked eyes.

    His deep-set hazel to her own icy violet. Soon, another instance of this connection would occur again in an awe-inducing turn of events. Many years of plotting had come to this. Henry had been the most spoiled of the young children. Many evenings ago, the House Gildenmere had ordered an assassination on the young boy. To that, she responded with, "Gladly." Good riddance,the young woman had thought to himself. That was one less Ass with any guarantee for the throne. If Lyanna played her cards right, the chance of prosperity would soon increase.

    That midnight, there she was. The Dragonheart's Keep possessed a strange shortcut that led to the young boy's chambers. Through the overgrown garden and into another stairway, his room was in a tower. Secluded, it meant with high risk meant high rewards. The guards had did not guard the gardens at night for obvious reasons. On top of that, no one would think to check the gardens for enemies, nor would any enemies desire entering the gardens. The Astors never bothered to tend to the flora, leaving many large rose bushes and trees to conceal any shadows. It resembled a forest in its own right, even more so as Lyanna made her way deep through the trees.

    Her heart raced as she concealed her graceful form within the beautiful flowers, her senses sensitive to the slightest of disturbances. Suddenly, Lyanna heard a rustle through the leaves. Her hand reached for the dagger as she stepped forward. It was foolish to dress in her usual getup of gold and silk. The woman opted for a dark, hooded robe, a masquerade mask to cover her sharp features and a flowing white linen dress for movement. On her waist tied a burlap sack with various weapons and poison. Without any fear present, she walked in the direction of the noise.

    Making her way silently into her room was easier than she had thought. Much of what she carried was on the lighter side, though, much of the weight had come from her feet dragging across the pristine floor. With the way Rosalein had been living for the past few days, even the little touch-up on the way from the carriage proved ineffective to the bags of stress under her eyes. Her hands twitched slightly, urging her to paint, or do something to ease the weight. She was the reason for her poor brother's stress. Rosa should have been more attentive to Klaus than to herself. Her mother's attempt at pressuring her could only have been tenfold towards him... and not to mention the ball...

    She felt a blush reach her face as they brushed by the Princess' chateau. While her appearance couldn't be helped, her spirits lifted slightly, reminding her of why she was here. Rosalein didn't pay much attention to the details of the chateau, more than what they symbolized for the young girl. Afraid of being caught staring, she stayed close to her brother, her eyes towards the ground.

    Glancing upwards, her jaw dropped as she entered their room. This was magnificent.

    A piano.

    Of course, the rest of the room was beautiful, with the wide windows giving her inspiration for her pieces and the modern style of it all reminding her of Rameria. The books inside the bookcases looked rather expensive, hopefully curing Rosa's boredom down the line if it ever came down to it. However, Rosalein had mostly been dreading what to do without her piano by her side. Now, with its appearance, all of her feelings of panic had settled somewhat. Perhaps coming here on a whim wasn't much of a mistake after all.

    Though... she had the whole month for things to go south.

    Rosalein turned her absent-minded stare towards the doorway leading to the bathing area that closely resembled home. "Yeah." Rosalein replied almost inaudibly, there was nothing much to say on her part.

    "Thank you." She nodded, and stiffly made her way into the basins. While Rosalein did try to hurry things, much of her time was the petite girl dunking her head below the warm water, only briefly rising up to her nose to take a breath. It was unproductive, but she enjoyed looking at the ripples, albeit pensively. Luckily, the water had washed out most of the knots in her dark hair as well as the last of her memories from suffocating herself in that god-awful carriage. Just for this moment.

    Rosalein's transformation was slower, as well as more muted than the Senator's. A glance into one of the large mirrors that lined the room indicated that Rosalein looked different than when she began to lock herself in her room chambers. Her tired eyes turned hopeful, with the colourful paint stains or darker ink smudges around her body gone. If anything, she even looked... pretty?

    Now, that was impossible.

    Hearing her brother's voice nearly made her jump. "I'll be ready soon!" Rosalein called out. Combing out her dark hair, she expertly weaved together her signature flowering vines into a thick braid. For the occasion provided, Rosa made an extra effort to add a single golden headband and smaller braids in between. Having perfected this style since childhood made this rather easy.

    Her bright eyes averted the glare of the mirror as she reached for the burlap sack Rosalein had haphazardly thrown onto the bed with the rest of her luggage. As she was searching, her hand felt a soft cloth... silk? Rosalein thought, confused at the presence of something so unlike her. Though, the Ramerian wasn't mistaken. Remembering that during the ball, there was a possibility of attending a formal event. Moments before leaving, the young girl had tossed random dresses she was barely familiar with in the far depths of her closet into her bags.

    Not that she recalled which ones she took, Rosalein stood, dumbfounded at what she had chosen. Perhaps Freya had taken serious attempts at adjusting to her style while simultaneously fulfilling her style expectations. Shaking her head, she let out a small, bitter laugh at the thought that Rosalein didn't hate it. The dress was a light gold colour with tinges of pink that matched the flowers in her hair. Smaller gemstones weaved together through intricately embroidered patterns finished off the look. Overall, it was a flowing, with an understated elegance that grew on Rosalein the more she admired it. As she slipped on the garment, a silver chain with a tiny bird appeared around her neck as a satisfying conclusion.

    Lining up to the parade became the nightmare that she anticipated. Rosalein did not enjoy or have as much experience with large crowds of celebration the way her brother did. Squeezing his hand as a show of appreciation, her eyes wandered elsewhere only to land on the ground. There was no need to see the crowd of screaming fangirls that surrounded her brother. As grateful as she was, his reassuring gesture proved to be rather futile. They weren't here for the president's daughter, they were here for the Senator.

    Besides, their critical whispers of 'that girl' more than proved her point.

    As they made their way to the banquet hall, Rosalein wasn't sure if she felt envy or shame. Turning back to her brother, the young girl forced a smile. "There was never any doubt, Klaus." While the younger Diefenbach sibling considered herself inept at most forms of social interaction, putting in some form of effort was the least she could do. Nearly bumping into a giant hunk of metal, Rosalein looked up at the knight, frozen in place as the two spoke. Shaking her head as if to search for an answer to her deja vu, she received none before a familiar Prince Kiefer interrupted her thoughts.

    While she had not noticed the young man at the parade, he appeared almost ghostly. Noticing the empty chair beside him, Rosalein winced. Lysander was not a man she knew very well, as the rebellion had taken place before any substantial interactions could be made. Though from what she knew from Klaus and Kiefer, the Lepumir prince and the Nezzien prince were rather close.

    While she had not attended the last year's Cendrillion Ball, Rosalein had a sinking feeling she was not missing much.

    What a strange man... Rosalein remarked silently before leaving Helbrecht and moving towards the King himself. Towards the table, the sole chair bearing Rameria's crest only further cemented the idea that she didn't belong. A heavy sense of guilt weighed her down once more as Rosalein avoided King Mutto's critical glance he passed her way. At least her the Senator shared the same conflicted emotions. Leaving most of the miracle work to Klaus, she silently thanked the servants for bringing out another matching Ramerian chair.

    An awkward smile could only be given to the seats that were occupied as yet another introduction. Oddly enough, the black sheep of Rameria had not expected to sit directly next to the princess herself. A small smirk was given as Luciano followed through, unsure of whether or not his first impression was worse than hers. Hearing the Duke of Dorimun, Asuran, if she remembered correctly, speak, there was a life to the Banquet only comparable to a dead fish. That was, until she showed up.

    Evalyn, stood in a beautiful blue gown, her scarlet hair delicately twisted and held in place with jewels. Like Rosalein, the princess sat down wordlessly. While this might have been normal for Rosalein, it was awfully unlike Evalyn to appear utterly... stiff. Perhaps they were only nerves? An incoming aura of worry plagued the president's daughter. A blush rose to her face as awareness of the situation at hand increased. She was sitting so close.

    How long had it been? Did she still remember who she was? More importantly, how did her hair look?

    The Euthalian princess was already breathing life into the Banquet, with the Ramerian having troubles paying attention to anyone else. Rosalein half-listened to the speeches before a sudden noise sent a jolt down her spine.

    Blue eyes stared at the Nezzien Prince inquisitively before staring back at Greedo, whose name she could not place. Noticing the entrance of the Princess had only created more tension, Rosalein held her glass high in reluctance and flashed an uncertain look towards Evalyn. Without paying attention to the contents of her drink, Rosalein took several gulps of the glass before setting it down.

    Placing a piece of dark hair from her face and biting her lip, she turned her head towards the princess beside her.

    "You look beautiful."

  • I'm Looking For
    • Drama (romance is optional in this case)
    • Lots of plot twists and action.
    • Someone open-minded and versatile.
    • Interesting characters. Male or female does not matter. And lots of characters.
    • The right dose of comedy. I like a post that will make me laugh!
    • A long term partner. I think this is key to having a successful roleplay is communication. Tell me if you're going to be away or if you're dropping or if you want to do another plot.
    • A writing sample. I would really love one right before we begin plotting together.
    • Lots of detail! I prefer at least a 4 paragraph minimum, but honestly, if we both drop to 2 or 3 paragraphs, it’s no biggie.
    • A friend! Who doesn't love friends? Especially a friend that is able to bounce ideas back and forth.
    • Patience. Lots and LOTS of patience.

  • Plots

    Fractured Fairy Tales***** -
    fairy tale adaptations, royalty, political intrigue, magic, curses, potentially darker themes

    Recently, I’ve been loving the idea of twisting fairy tale tropes where the beautiful princess is just an awful person or a complete antihero. Plop them onto a darker fantasy world (or even a scifi world!), and we’re good to go.

    Beauty and the Beast:
    Long ago, two kingdoms were at war. One kingdom was ruled by a tyrannical king with a daughter barely 6 months old. One of the kingdom’s biggest scandals still haunts them to this day that cost them the war. The king had used his magical abilities to turn the opposing kingdom’s infant son into a hideous beast. In retaliation, the opposing kingdom received support from neighbouring countries and swiftly slaughtered all of the king’s troops. The king’s daughter was forced to go into exile and sent to live in an orphanage. The kingdom was then taken over by the young prince. For much of his adolescence, he had trouble finding suitors due to his appearance and that the kingdom he ruled over was still decimated by his own forces. Their own citizens hated the prince and only followed his orders out of fear.

    However, according to his servants and his family, he was a kind as well as intelligent boy that had turned bitter and hateful. As a last resort, his family secretly searches for a witch to bring their son a wife. Years later, the orphaned young woman is approached by a witch. Said witch informs her that she is arranged to marry the prince as “punishment for her father’s sins”. Thanks to the witch, the beast she is forced to marry will now be cured from his frightening appearance if he can learn to love. Ironically enough, the woman he is forced to love is resentful for being held responsible for a father that had never been in her life. Behind the scenes, benevolent forces within the run-down kingdom are looking to bring the two together and heal their broken hearts in order to bring order back to their country. And did I mention a budding rebellion?

    A master thief has been charged with wrongfully assassinating the crown prince of her country and is now on the run. Conveniently for her, the prince of a neighbouring country is holding a ball spanning several weeks for his hand. Those of all social standings are welcome… if you can get the prince to pay attention to you. He is absolutely flawless and women from every corner of the world are looking for his hand. Not only is he handsome and powerful, he is also the key to her innocence. Even if there doesn’t seem to be evidence for her innocence, simply being the prince’s betrothed will surely help her gain some leverage, right? During the day, she’s a simple healer for the prince. During the night, she puts on a mask, and steals one of the prince’s jewels to get his attention. What if there was more to the prince than what meets the eye? What if he’s able to see past her ulterior motive? Let’s not forget that nearly every member of high society in one place could spell immense danger. And what exactly will become of the royal family of her home country?

    Coming Soon: Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Arabian Nights, The Little Mermaid

    The Old World and the New - apocalyptic, dystopian, survival horror, darker themes.

    An apocalypse, be it zombie or not. This could be due to a virus or a nuclear disaster. Like this is a genre that can be totally expanded on in the future. Lots of places we can go with this one. They could be scientists trying to discover a cure amidst the madness and lack of working technology. Maybe they're fighting against radical bioterrorists that want to establish a new world order by wiping out an entire population. Perhaps, nothing is left of the wreckage and it's more of a personal journey of self-recovery and trying to build a new world from scratch.

    The Nights Without God - tragedy, mystery, supernatural horror and angst. dark themes ahead.

    Maybe these zombies aren't all that harmful. Maybe they're zombies made from spirits. The gods have abandoned the world as we know it. The world still functions relatively normally, of course, but that leaves the souls of the dead behind to rot on earth. These souls all have something in common, that is, they have not found rest. People with special abilities are tasked with the job of making sure their spirits and their zombie body move onto another plane of existence. Some of them cause harm while others might just haunt a specific area.

    The Witch's Daughter - magic, witches, assassination attempts, royalty, adventure

    A witch's magically proficient daughter has been sent out to tend to her dying mother. She’s not the most... morally right character and will do anything to make sure that her mother lives for another thousand years. What if her ingredients are a bit hard to obtain? Perhaps the precious jewel of a king or a melted metal from a legendary knight's sword (with his blood, of course), what will the witch do? What if the knight's men have guarded the entrance to the sacred mountain of immortality? Glamouring herself as an alluring princess, the witch tricks her target into letting her pass and accompanying her on the journey, she finds that she is trapped between choosing love and the moral good and her mother's own life. Is escaping death all that's cracked up to be?

    The Search for the Royals - fighting, bounty hunters, escaped royalty, magic

    Bounty hunting in the world of mercenaries is a dangerous job. With magic rampant and competition intense, this is far from an idyllic world. Dangerous monsters roam about, necromancy is a big taboo and there's even a royal family that's come a long way from warriors. In fact, the bounty hunter descends from such a family and possesses their own form of magical gifts. Their biggest target this far? A member of the royal family who has run away from their duties as heir (with their own magical abilities in tow). Whether they form a bond or begins to contribute with other targets is up to you. Soon, the bounty hunter begins to ask themselves if the bounty is worth it at all.

    The Dragonslayer - magic, dragons, knights, shapeshifting witches, necromancy

    An arrogant knight is famed for his strength all around the realm. He’s gained the love of kings and the hatred of just about everyone else. He’s asked to do what no man has ever been able to accomplish, to slay the dragon on top of the mountain. Without hesitation, he agrees. All alone, he manages to make it through most of the obstacles, but what is he greeted with when approaching the famous cavern? A shapeshifting witch. A powerful shapeshifting witch. He ends up with his ass handed back to him and a strange attraction to the mysterious woman. Turns out the witch protects the magical forest from necromancers who might have more to do with the task at hand than the knight would expect.

    The Meaning of Humanity - transhumanism, aliens and space battles, existential, technology, adventure

    On the bleeding edge of technology, humanity has arguably turned itself above diseases or any genetic abnormalities. However, despite the prosperity of practically the whole solar system, old values still exist... right? Many years have gone by with various scientists and powerful figures debating over the ethics of mixing man and metal to create something beyond human. When an alien race from another galaxy threatens attack, cybernetic humans might just be the secret weapon to save this earth. When a fellow scientist volunteers, his world and the people around him all have something to say. He begins to question the world around him and what it means to be human.

    Code Red - SCP influences, viruses, cyberpunk, rebellion, dystopian

    The government is kind of a joke in this new world. Corporations are taking over and raking in the cash while no one seems to be there to stop it. Cybernetic enhancements are becoming the norm and almost everything is reliant on computers or technology. Most crimes are those over the internet and anonymous scams while the rest of society are corporal slaves. Hacking is a lucrative business and so is antivirus software. Credits, underground enhancements over the dark web, and mechs are all fair game here. Aristocracy turn to drugs to feel the least bit human and... Life just kind of sucks. Oh, and did I mention there's a virus floating around that is able to kill and do physical damage through technology? Stakes are high, and what will our characters do to get their freedom?

  • Cravings
    Here are some other cravings/plot elements I might have that don't have a certain plot that I'll be happy to discuss! Subject to change depending on how I'm feeling.

    All kinds of fantasy and scifi!
    Dating Sims
    Pro Racing Tournaments (with a scifi edge)
    Fairy Tale Retellings
    JRPG elements
    Demon Princes***
    Arranged marriages
    Darker themes
    Political Intrigue
    Private detectives! OR just crime-fighting
    Bar or cafe settings mixed with a fantasy or scifi background​

  • Fandoms
    There is a reason why this is last lmfao. While I might not do actual fandom roleplays, I am more than happy to shamelessly base worlds off of books/movies/series that I love. And so this is to simply find common ground and maybe even potential ideas <3. This section is going to be extremely scarce since I can’t for the life of me list all the things I’m a ‘fan’ of clearly enough.

    Cinderella Phenomenon** -
    I am visual novel and fractured fairytale trash. I also have a soft spot for Pacthesis games and I’m a huge fan of Amiralo. I find her characters and the MC from CP have so much in common. I guess I’m a fan of ice princesses xD

    Sailor Moon
    Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    Rick and Morty
    Almost every animated Disney/Studio Ghibli movie
    Game of Thrones/ASOIAF
    HP Lovecraft
    Does Hans Christian Anderson count? I guess count the Brothers Grimm in too.
    Harry Potter
    World Ends with You
    Animal Crossing
    Professor Layton
    Black Mirror
    The Twilight Zone​

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