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  1. Hi there. I'm looking for some partners. I have a few ideas if interested pm me or post to this thread.

    No one liners at least one paragraph length.
    Decent literacy
    No Godmodding
    I only play females

    Vampire x Human
    Fairyx Human
    Furry x Human
    Devil x Angel
    Elf x Human

    Fandom Interests:
    Draco x OC
    Tris x Four
    Seshomaru x OC

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  2. Hey there XD I am very interested in role-playing with you if your still looking for partners.
  3. Im a bit interested in the Devil x Angel type of rp :)
  4. Alright message me and we will talk a plot
  5. k sent the pm :)
  6. I'll do furry x human
  7. Alright message me and let's talk a plot
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.