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  1. Yes, hello friends! I'm in the market for a few new partners. I'd like someone who can use correct grammar and most of the time, spelling. And, if possible, someone who will reply at least twice a day. I know, that is a lot to ask sometimes, but life gets in the way, and I get it. Exceptions can be made. I prefer to play a female character. Most my characters are tough and hotheaded, but submissive when it comes to sex. I would like mostly male partners, but I also like the occasional female on female.

    If you have any ideas please PM me or reply here. Here are a few that I've been wanting to try:

    Owner x Disobedient Slave

    Teacher x Student

    Assassin x Victim / Other Assassin

    Soldier or Guard x Princess

    Vampire x Human

    Angel x Demon
  2. If you'd like, I'm interested in the Angel x Demon roleplay
  3. Sure! I'll shoot you a PM to discuss plot further.
  4. I'm interested in the Teacher X Student roleplay.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.