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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by violetsun, Apr 21, 2015.

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  1. So I made a character a little while back, and then never got to play with him. He's a vampire, but not a very badass one. I came up with the following:

    "Frederick was having a nice evening alone, as he always did. As he sat upon the couch, his doorbell rang, and he jumped in one ever rang his doorbell! He goes to open it, and in the process, spills the tumbler of lamb's blood he'd been consuming all over his front...which is fine, because someone already knows his secret."

    I would also love to go with one of your ideas, if you have one!
  2. It really does depend on the theme that you want this story to take. I have a couple of ideas to throw into the mix for discussion.

    An Odd Meeting (Drama): A naive and impressionable young pizza delivery man is at the door. It is the last delivery, and once when the door opens, he realizes that he has the wrong address. Once he also sees the mess, he profusely offers to help clean the mess that was caused by startling Frederick. Downtrodden, he says that he might as well call it a night and take the heavy cut from his paycheck. It is obvious that this pizza delivery man is weary of his current state of affairs. He has a high tendency to be deceived or used, being overly trusting and loyal. The rest of the story is up in the air.

    (optional add-on, religious themes): Having been raised in an authoritarian and sheltered religious household, the man is trying to reconcile with what he experiences from the real world with his colored reinterpretations of reality spoon fed to him as a child, with taboo ridden behavior such as not consuming alcohol and drugs. Though he is tasked to spread the truth of his religion to others, he only proselytizes when he is going door to door as a missionary, and not as a pizza delivery man. The contrast is apparent; the door opens much more often for things which have such limited value as opposed to what should be more important: matters of truth and what gives life meaning.

    Bad News (Grimdark, based on White Wolf setting): The one that knows his secret, obviously, is the vampire that sired him. However, a different vampire comes to the door, a messenger that reveals that his sire is dead. This sire was an incredibly notable vampire (think Alucard level epic). Moreover, there have been reports around the rumor mill that acts of heavy ultraviolence have been committed against vampirekind, offsetting the delicate power balance of existing vampire clans in the area that all suspect each other.

    It's Turned to Wacky World (Free-For-All Madness/Silliness): There are stranger things that vampires that exist in this world. The main source is believed to be portals to other pocket dimensions. The sky is the limit on what horrors await.

    A Combination of All Above: Religious pizza delivery man, sire is dead, ultraviolence against vampires, hellish unimaginable things from unstable portals.
  3. I sort of like the religious idea. Frederick was once a benedictine monk. A very early one, and he doesn't remember much of it, but the whole not-being-alive thing fucked with him for a while.
  4. So did you want this to be primarily drama based. I'm in for adding religious themes to the RP for sure. I've always preferred my vampire lore with religion. It would feel empty without the Sin of Cain, etc. Does this mean you want the RP to be primarily drama-based?
  5. Unfortunately that particular request has been filled.

    I am still open for other RPs though!
  6. What else do you have?
  7. I can come up with a specific plot given some time, but I am up for almost anything given it has some drama/substance. Chuck some ideas at me via PM.
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