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  1. The content tags are just suggestions of things I've done in the past and wouldn't mind doing again. I play MxM or MxF. Sorry, but not FxF. With MxF I can play either partner, though I'm better at playing men. I also don't mind doubling or having multiple rps with the same person. I do prefer MxM and do prefer to rp in PM or emails.

    About me:
    ~~I post small. Generally only a paragraph at once.
    ~~I like a balance of at least 80% plot and 20% sex.
    ~~The only fandoms I participate in are Harry Potter and Kingdom Hearts.
    ~~I'm up for pretty much anything. Just shoot it at me and see what I think.

    ~~Currently in the mood for a rp with two characters who have a large age gap with the younger character being in his early teens.
    ~~Also in the mood to combine the above age gap with an incest relationship.
    ~~I love dark and twisted relationships.
    ~~A more detailed plot I've been wanting to do is below. The partner who originally suggested it seems to have dropped out.

    A young prince (14 or 15) is having his birthday party. For the event, his parents have thrown a grand masquerade ball. This isn't just the prince's birthday, but his first appearance in public. However, if the King and Queen had known about the events that would transpire, they would have been more careful. YC is a man who has seen the little prince before, perhaps another member of royalty, or a worker in the castle (or anything else) and has had his eyes on the young prince for a while now. The masquerade ball is the perfect time for YC to take the prince for himself.​
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  2. Do you have any fandoms?
  3. Nico, no, I do not. I prefer to us all original characters in original settings. I suppose I should have included that information already. I will edit my first post.
  4. Still searching.
  5. I'd be very interested in rping with you, do you have any ideas? Or I could shoot some your way. I have no problem with the threesome idea either.
  6. Hello! I don't have any ideas in particular at this time, but I'd love to hear anything you have.
  7. I'll go ahead and PM you then with some of my ideas.
  8. I'm open to do something, if you've got ideas to spare. The fact that you post small is actually perfect for me because I tend to as well.
  9. I'd be interested if you are still looking :)
  10. Hello! Are you still looking?
  11. Any pairings you enjoy? I tend to play females.
  12. Post updated
  13. I don't even remember posting in this.

    Question though, what incest pairings do you do?
  14. Huh..this is still open? The large age gap with somewhat dark relatio ship would be something I'd love to try :)
  15. @Nico I prefer immediate family, like siblings and parent/child relationships, but would do any others. Did you have anything in mind?

    @Kaldoro Did you mean my plot above or just that idea in general?
  16. Possibly Father x Daughter? If that is okay, I wouldn't be apposed to the age gap either.
  17. Uhm, rather not since it is MxM which I'm not as comfortable with. I was thinking of maybe something like a kidnapping idea similar to it, just not with MxM ^^
  18. @Nico Sure! Why don't you send me a pm and we can work on the details?

    @Kaldoro I don't mind changing the genders around.
  19. Sure, that sounds nice, so we go for your own plot just with gender changes? Just my character or do you want to change the gender of the prince too? :o