search for a partner or two?

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  1. Hii!

    I am on the hunt for a few rps ^-^ I am a huge gamer and comic lover so shoot any idea's at me.

    I'm a roleplayer with six year's experience and I am semi literate to literate.

    Last but not least I suppose I am going hoping to do a legend of korra rp with cannon and oc. But feel free to shoot across suggestions ^^

    (I will post up idea's soon ^^)
  2. I have a few ideas of a role play if interested. I only role play either Mxf or Fxf (the main one I do). Feel free to PM me.
  3. Sure! Pm me? ^^
  4. Japanese Med student x American POW during WWII?
  5. Oooh cool idea! ^-^
  6. PM me and we can discuss :)
  7. Did you get the pm?