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  1. Is the search button currently unavaliable?
  2. The search box works for me. It's on the top right, under your profile/inbox/alerts.
  3. Must be a glitch then..
  4. Are you able to screenshot the top right corner so we can see what you got?
    This is what's supposed to be showing.

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  5. Nope nothing.

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  6. I went ahead and switched to your Bright Light style briefly, search bar vanished then for me too.

    So it seems to be your style for now. I'd suggest switching to another style for now which should fix the issue.

    Actually I went through all of them just to double check and it seems that both "Bright Light" and "Grey Mist" share this issue.
    The rest of them all have the search bar however.
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  7. Alright i'll switch to it. Thanks.
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  8. I reported about the issue with the themes. Hopefully it will be fixed.
  9. It took me a bit to find it, but this should be fixed on all styles now!
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  10. Just double checked it myself, it's all there now. :)
  11. Thank you Diana.
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