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  1. Search a partener for RP: Fantasy or Sci-Fi.

    I open a few topics but you have idea's I listen. Also wait ideas for improve my ideas.
  2. I wouldn't mind being your partner if you wanted :) I am quite interested I'm fantasy and sic-fi.
  3. The UFO one would be my favorite, but maybe instead of just one Alien, a group of aliens, like 2/3. Each story has to be a tad bit realistic, so maybe when the alien crashes onto earth, the government could try to capture her and send her to a scientist to investigate her. What do you think?
  4. Sure. I like idea. What do you think, the grup alien are Lum and her part of family? Lum, Dahlia, Lum's twin sister and Ten, Lum's cousin (baby ~ 2 years terestrial).
  5. Being part of her family sounds fine ^.^
  6. Ok. I make the topic and give link :)
  7. Alright! Can't wait to get started.
  8. Nice! I'll play as a human and a government person if you want.
  9. Yes, I want. I like you play a two characters: A student which will be friend with aliens and a government person which try catch.
  10. Alright, the student is a male boy called Dan. He has a good sense of humor and often acts like a kid, but is serious when need to be and intelligent. One of the government people is a female called Sky. She is always serious and straight-forward, she doesn't care what it takes, but will complete her task.
  11. Alright, posted a post for Dan.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.