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  1. :writing: READ EVERYTHING PLEASE!:writing:

    :arrow: Current Role Plays:
    Lovely (@QueenOfTheBee)
    The Civil War (@princessyuna)
    The Truth Can Break Your Heart (@Lightning)
    Avengers: The New Members (@princessyuna)
    Queen's Folly (@Sleepy Golden Kitten)
    Avengers & Asgard (@shadesblood)
    After The War (@Red Tape)
    The Jouten's Heart (@bluberriexD)
    The Man in The Iron Suit & The Jouten Prince (@Tsukiko~Hotaru)
    Four Hearts (@Dragon Princess)
    Avenge the Earth (@Advanced Human )
    It's Just a Myth (@Nassione)

    :arrow: On Hiatus:

    :duh: A LOT!WARNING:
    I get sick A LOT!


    Lastly, I have some health concerns at the moment and I don't always feel well enough to reply.


    :cow: Introduction/ About Me
    Firstly, thank you for taking a gander at this Interest Check. I appreciate the gesture. Secondly, I'm always on the search for potential partners, however my schedule is rather crowded at the moment and I'm only able to accept a few. That doesn't mean I won't give everyone a fair chance, if they happen to suggest a role play that seriously catches my attention, I just can't promise quick replies. However, I do try my best to reply at least every single day. Otherwise I feel terrible and the guilt haunts my sleep. It's the truth. LOL.

    I began role playing originally in 2006 on Quizilla Forums, it has since been deleted. Such a shame. I quite enjoyed my time there. It was shut down in 2010 and that forced me to relocate somewhere else. I joined Scribbl.us which was a site created by the founder of Quizilla, but sadly, it never became successful. So, in 2012, I joined another forum.

    The RolePlayerGuild was an amazing place, but I never actually felt comfortable there. The rules and regulations were ridiculous. I remained there until it suddenly went offline for several weeks. All my role plays and precious partners vanished without a trace. I joined its revival site, but the appeal just isn't there anymore.

    Finally, in 2013, I joined Iwaku as a refugee. This website is amazing. I enjoy the community, organization, rules and staff here very much. Iwaku is my new home and I'm very thankful. I look forward to continuing my experiences here on and I'm ever so grateful to have finally found a role playing forum where I feel as if I belong among its members.

    Role playing has been a passion of mine for several years and when I don't have the opportunity to contribute, I literally become a seriously high-strung lunatic. I need this freedom, it relaxes me and allows for my mind to unleash its creativity without going insane. Also, the people I've met throughout this hobby have become friends. I still communicate with my original partners from 2006 and I adore them so much.

    I prefer to role play within a fandom and this is because original themes tend to lose my interest. Since I'm struggling to write my own novels, five of them at the moment, I don't want to be influenced by other people's imagination. That just seems wrong to me. Also, fandoms are more entertaining for me. Always have been. I'll occasionally take on an original theme every now and again, if it catches my eye.

    Aside from role playing, I also have a YouTube channel where I've been recording my journey with Dentinogenesis Imperfecta an other videos, such as cosplay and makeup transformations. If you're curious, my channel link is provided here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MythologicalEpic


    II. General Requirements:confetti:
    Frequent Posting! || At least once a day, even more is happily welcomed and encouraged!

    Minimum Age Requirement of Eighteen! (Adult/Mature Warning) || I'm twenty-one and don't feel comfortable role playing with anyone below eighteen, sorry! Also, I do occasionally write mature scenes that can either be extremely descriptive or more emotionally-focused and less detailed. I prefer to have a partner that isn't uncomfortable with Adult/Mature Themes.

    Adequate Grammar, Proper Spelling and Comprehensible Writing! || To the best of your abilities, please! The really simple mistakes are what annoy me: lack of capitalization, forgetting to separate paragraphs...etc. I won't get angry if you accidentally make a mistake, but if it's a frequent occurrence I'll call you out on it.

    Communication is Key! || I like getting to know my partners! Don't like the rp? Let me know! Wanna drop out? Fine, just say so!

    Willing to Double Characters! || Self explanatory. I don't mind if it's FxF or if I play the female role, but if you want me to play a male character OC or Canon, I'm going to ask that you do the same for me. Equality, y'know?

    ✔ Long Term Dedication || I don't want a role play to only be a few pages in length. I enjoy role plays that span out to at least a few months or however long it takes for the story to reach completion. I have no limit. I'll role play the same thing for a year, if it keeps my interest.

    ✔ PM ONLY || I won't role play outside of the PM system and I have my reasons, but mainly it's because I dislike the set of forums and prefer to keep everything neatly organized through the private messaging system.


    :pokepoke: Currently Searching For Partners :pokepoke:

    Tony Stark x OC (I have a plot for this. If interested, let me know!)

    Natasha X Bruce (Avengers)

    Kenzi x Hale (Lost Girl)

    Captain Jack Sparrow x OC (Pirates of the Caribbean)

    William Turner x OC (Pirates of the Carribean)

    Calypso x OC (Pirates of the Caribbean)

    OC x OC (Pirates of the Carribean)

    OC x Barnabas Collins

    Mugen x Fuu (Samurai Champloo)

    Mugen x OC (Samurai Champloo)
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  2. I wanna do Rose Tyler x Ninth Doctor, but every time I try to picture Eccleston's version my mind lapses to Tennant. Grrr. I can try to stick to the Ninth's personality, though...
  3. Works for me. *busy re-watching Eccleston*

    ...*may be distracted for a good while* dammit.
  4. I have no plot ideas whatsoever. I just wanna play the 9th doctor. XD
  5. Dinner with the Slithene was rather hilarious. "Yeah yeah I'm aware you're trying to kill me, don't care! Have a scone."
  6. Yesh. Although I've got work coming - I'll join in this afternoon, alright?
  7. I know we are in a RP together already, but dang have I been craving a Fairy Tail RP :L

    So if you want, I would be willing to do Lucy x Natsu (If you want of course)
  8. im interested in the Levy x Gajeel pairing since its one of my favorite parings in fairy tail :D
  9. Dang I really wanted to be Natsu (Or a Dragon Slayer) how about a OC x OC?
  10. Yep :)
  11. Alright, I will send you a PM orrrr the other way around. Doesn't matter
  12. im cool with pm as for plot? i was thinking of using the fairy tail cast but putting them in an academy setting. (something tells me the anime has done this but cant remeber Xp)
  13. Just random, they did xD

    It was their OVA Episodes
  14. something told me it was from an ova. lol thanks for the confirm

    Hmm nothing is coming to mind except for the two not liking each other but soon began to warm up to one another as time goes on. and maybe a litte bit of drama here and there . it could probably start off with Gajeel being the new guy in school. (lol as im typing this idea's keep flowing in now XD) also the school offers jobs/ quest for the students to do and Gajeel has been forced by the principle to work with levy because of how lonely levy is.
  15. thats all i have at the moment unless you have something to add
  16. Current Craving:
    The Strength of Their Hearts

    Required to have seen Iron Man 1, 2, 3 and the Avengers!
    Sexual Content
    Mature Themes
    Violence (Possible Rape)

    The idea I have for this is that along with Yinsen and Tony, another individual is kidnapped and held hostage by the Ten Rings. The only daughter of a wealthy and influential family. While Tony refuses to build the Jericho Missile, the Ten Rings decide to mercilessly torture the three captives. The younger female gets the worse treatment. The role play will continue from there.

    I'm looking for someone to play Tony Stark. Please?
  18. I believe I meet all the requirements and out of the ones you have listed maybe the cap/black widow on or one of the law and order SVU ones. Or if you have any others not at all listed let me know or any other fandoms you might be interested in.
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