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Sean's Graphic Shop

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Coralaliah, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hello! Welcome to my new graphics shop!

    This Thread is still a W.I.P but you can order as I'm just working on homemade bullets and some examples!

    Siggies (open)

    [​IMG] Requests:

    [​IMG] Request Form:
    Name: Your Username to message you when it's ready!
    Size: What size would you like the piece? (siggie, avatar, banner, etc.?)
    Pictures: Any Pictures you want used in your piece?
    Theme: What type of theme (Banner has arrows what is your desired theme I can most likely get anything you need)
    Words: What message do you want, what type of font?
    Colors: What to use? What you never want in a million years?

    You can give me a picture and let me freestyle it if you'd like! I just need the picture(s) and colors to use I will do what my heart wants to it. Tell me what size to!

    [​IMG] Rules:
    Give me credit if people ask please!
    If I make you a banner give credit somewhere in the thread (it can be small but something please)
    My watermark will be on it. Nothing big just to claim.
    No more then 3 requests/
    Expect longer time for images I have to render. Still new to that so still working on rendering!
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