seahorses, penguins and much more!

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  1. Hello! I have several ideas that involve using specific animal mating behaviors.
    • Seahorses: the obvious. The male seahorse carries the eggs in his pouch. If humans were to do this, the woman would get the man pregnant. I'll explain more if chosen.
    • Penguins: a certain type of penguin gives his mate a pebble as an engagement ring. I'll explain more when chosen.
    • Spotted hyena: the female is aggressive, larger than the male and has a pseudo penis. More info if asked.
    • Cuttlefish: beta male tricks alpha male by taking the form of a female to get close to the female. More info if asked.
    These are some I have at the moment. (Thanks Snapple!)
    If you have any suggestions, I'd gladly like to know! Some of this information may be incorrect.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this! :)
  2. I'm willing to try one of these.
  3. Thank you! Which one? :)
  4. Sure! That sounds great.
  5. Should I pm you and we shall discuss?
  6. Yes, please. There we can discuss this in greater lengths.
Thread Status:
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