Sea-Salt Ice Cream from Kingdom Hearts!

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    I'm pretty sure a lot of you remember Kingdom Hearts. And if you have, you would have remembered those sea salt popsicles they had allll the time. I've always wondered what they tasted like because they were just blue pixels and yet almost every character had one. O.O



    I love these guys so much. They've made so many of my foodie fantasies come true. @_@ They have recipes ranging from Butter Beer from Harry Potter, to Krabby Patties, Pokemon Poffins, and Turkish Delights from Narnia. AND STUFF FROM SKYRIM!

    Oh, and in no way am I affiliated with these people, just a huge fan of what they do. ​
  2. Neat! I was expecting this to be more like a salted caramel ice cream.

    We should try it with salted caramel ice cream o_o
  3. Fffff.
    I'm so into this all. I might have to make some of these.
  4. arent turkish delights real or am i thinking of baklava? either way im making some of this crap in a few
  5. Turkish delight was being manufactured in the 1700s.
    Still, it's a nifty thing to give the recipe for making.

    Also, chocolate salty balls. Relevant to use in a polite conversation, for once!
  6. omg i love you ((holy crap are you kitti that i knew before i left))

    damnit i hate people changing their usernames someone needs to message me everyones old and new names XD

    but i am watching the poffins now and i have everything i need to make them tonight ^_^ yay poffins for dinner
  7. *whips out culinary degree*

    Baklava is a Turkish dish, but it's made with filo dough layered with syrup or honey. Very tasty but it is not those pretty colored Turkish delights from Narnia. How much I want to try those. T_T

    Must. Buy. Gelatin.
  8. Cool vid.

    You know what would be awesome? A Fantasy food party! I would be all over that.
  10. guess who just spent all of yesterday making poffins, sea salt ice cream and butterbeer...poffins and the ice cream where actually really good but the butterbeer was nasty the foam was great and that im going to put on everything i make from now on....i made poptarts and FOAM