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  1. Leading our fictional armies into action!


  2. Your assumption is correct. I usually try and practice characters in other RPs before I actually use them in a canon Murder Game.
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Shades
    Real Name: Hernan Alvarez
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Power Level: Enhanced
    • Magnificent Bastard: Shades excels at knowing just what to do, just who to push and how far, and most of the time, how to still seem like he's serving his bosses while serving up his personal plans to them - in a way that makes it seem to them that it was their idea.
    • Ruthless Bastard: Shades hasn't worked his way up the ladder under Cornell, and later Mariah, by not being able to handle himself in a fight. He's shown himself capable of fighting off three experienced combatants alone starting from ambush and being strangled.
    • Sick Bastard: He shows sociopathic tendencies and sees nearly everything through the eyes of logic, with very few emotional bonds at all. It's possible his loyalty to Mariah Dillard is entirely hinged upon his ability to manipulate the woman into doing anything he wants.
    • The Shades: His signature gear. He'll nearly always have access to a set of these during any given scene. See Below.

    Bio: Hernan "Shades" Alvarez was a long-time confidant and right hand man of Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes, working alongside him until his obsession to be the King of Harlem even in the face of enhanced opposition led him to instead throw his loyalties behind Mariah Dillard, whom he found much easier to manipulate to meet his plans.

    Equipment: Other than his signature gear, Shades often carries a .45 ACP pistol, but has been known to use weapons of opportunity as well.
    There are two pieces to the SHADES gear;
    A set of sunglasses that to all outward appearances appear like high end eyewear, undetectable as anything further due to a built in retinal scan. After the first "user" tries on the glasses, they only function for them.
    A device that functions and looks like a smartphone, albeit a bulky one with a battery pack case, that serves as the control panel for the optics as well as an actual cellular phone.
    SHADES has built into it filters that see into the infrared and ultraviolet range, and these can be triggered via the control panel on the device or one of the two 'softkey' buttons on the top left and top right of the sunglasses can be used after being keyed to a specific task.
    By pulling even more power from the battery via a transmitted power connection from the smartphone, a limited burst of X-Rays is possible, giving the user about five seconds of "X-Ray Vision" before the connection breaks to keep the device from overheating. Each burst drains about 20% of the device's power.
    It is theorized if this safeguard was removed (not recommended) one of two effects could be triggered, burning out the unit.
    A more targeted laser effect eminiating from the sunglasses themselves, sufficient to burn through a locked door.
    A small explosion of the smartphone could be triggered, with the approximate force of a military wall breaching charge.
  4. Samurai in the studio... and out on the streets of Tokyo!


  5. This is true, forgot to mention those. The Torch is also a "bio and jump in" sort of RP.
  6. I havnt though, I was gonna try for the other items after your gm post, remember?
  7. Greeted the sight of a black haired girl, the girl seemed to give off an authoritative aura...

    'Interesting... I may like this girl... maybe she's some kind of officer?'

    Instantly judging how she should talk to her, she said in mildly professional tone "Hello, are you the landlord of this apartment complex?"
  8. Aeleosir noticed he was getting some dirty looks, he thought that it could be interesting to see how she would react if he shot straight for it. He lowered himself onto the ground and removed Lilith's panties and started eating her out all the while continuing to rub her G spot and lap circles around her nipples, occasionally pressing in on the tips. His tongue work was excellent and even he was surprised at how well he was wiggling his tongue around and gently kissing her sweet spot.
  9. Grahm finally arrived in Tokyo. He looked at the marvelous city and was amazed by it's beautiful architecture. His large snow white wings retracted back and seemed to just dematerialize into thin air. He landed in an ally way but the city lights still shone brightly. He walked out from the ally way and peeked around the corners. He had taken the time in his time as an immortal to travel around the world and learn many languages and spoke fluently in about 300. He loved going to Japan because he just seemed to fit in, after all this was his home country and where he should have died. He checked his clothes and they were a little dirty so he decided it was time to check in for the night and return to his house.
  10. I've been considering playing Lancer Saint George and Archer King David at some point.
  11. Yes and yes. Go ahead, take a look around. You can create as many discussions as you like. Or just jump in and start anywhere.

  12. This is surprisingly common. Back when someone stole the Team RP banner that Jenny made for us. I just let it go, and felt a perhaps petty satisfaction when the thief's RP ended up dying anyways.
  13. He looks like animu Drew Carey. ​
  14. Yes... expect most of us are dead. Also, yay, another Lucian. Also, Thuro, you can take it on the site. I expect you to be a Tomas or a Janus... you aren't exactly deceitful and I can't measure intelligence over the internet.
  15. I've already decided on a few members of my team for Moon XD I'm gonna start with Rowlet (my friends are gonna start with the other two and we're gonna exchange eggs like good people :D) and I'm DEFINITELY going to use Rockruff and I'm HYPED for Salandit and possibly the Alolan Marowack?? I'm not sure but I'M HYPED :D :D
  16. Name:Sodika Whopsik
    Year 8-12:8
    Seat Number 1-18:3
    (optional)Dorm Number 1-6:1
    Hair Color(s):Black with light blue tips
    Hair Type:Bang that cover right eye and hair that goes to floor

    Hair Styles:Long Pigtails
    Straight down/Staright Hair/Staright
    Ponytail in back
    long hair then a side ponytail(I call it J1)
    one braid

    Right Eye Color:Yellow
    Left Eye Color:Dark Brown
    Split Personal-​
    Saki Whop:Saki is the Princess part of me sweet,nice and pure hearted(Sorta a Himidere and Deredere combined).She is was the only one in me when I was on the light side.She isn't used often though.
    Kaso Oda:Kosa Oda is the rough,tough,and mean(She is sorta a Tsundere and Yandere combined).She was locked away in the deep part of my brain when I was on the light side now.She is the main part of me.
    Together:A sweet Innocent side and when angered into a angry mess and 5% lovey dovey.

    (optional)Dislikes:Gossiping,bullying,being bored,being yelled at,failing,being beaten,hating,helping enimes

    Name:Seitiki Sayaka
    Species:50%Elf,25% Human,25%Werewolf
    Year 8-12:8
    Seat Number 1-18:2
    (optional)Dorm Number 1-6:1
    Hair Color(s):Dark Brown
    Hair Type:short
    Right Eye Color:Dark Brown
    Left Eye Color:Red
    Loyal,Kind,Brave,Wise,Powerful,helpful,flirty,athletic,and Magical.
    25% lovey dovey in his head.Is a romantic type of guy sometimes but he hides it.
  17. Been busy with college but I'm surprised that I can handle that, roleplaying, and games all at the same time. x-x
  18. "I always come home."
  19. Felicity was fine with the taste until the kick back came in. " I think I will take a hot cocoa instead. This just seems a wee bit too strong for my tastes," she said. Oliver was the drinker, for her, she was a slight lightweight and she would prefer not to get drunk in a random tavern.
  20. "Ichi is like him, but I wouldn't say stronger. Angels are dicks."
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