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  1. I agree that people should not be picked on for it, but personally, I think humor is fair game. Cliché as it may be, 'laughter is the best medicine'- at least in the sense that humor is a very good coping mechanism. Speaking from experience as well.

    But if anyone becomes uncomfortable with it, obviously it shouldn't be used and that person's wishes should be respected.
  2. Character Name:Commander Guilaume Burgess

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Captain of the Sea Raven

    Age: 33

    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose: The three G’s: Gold, God, and Glory, save for the God part. And most likely the gold, though glory is good for getting women…Both are good…

    General Personality:He’s a brash thinker, charging into battle when he probably shouldn’t. Not exactly the most sane person you’d ever meet, he’s been know to get in fist fights with pit bulls and likes posing a lot. And he loves women, even if they don’t love him.

    However, this is just an act.

    Guilaume is an agile athlete and acrobat, using his bullwhip as a gymnastic accoutrement to swing through gaps between city roofs, and is very capable of landing from great heights and taking a fall. Although he is a master swordsman and marksman, he has more than once demonstrated his more than able prowess in unarmed combat, against multiple opponents.

    His calculating and precise dexterity as a tactician has enabled him to use his two main weapons, his sword and bullwhip, as an extension of his very deft hand. He never uses brute strength, more his fox-like sly mind and well-practiced technique to outmatch an opponent. Usually he uses psychological mockery to make his opponents too angry to be coordinated in combat.

    General History: Guilaume is a French man growing up in an upper class home. However, his father had become a heavy drinker during the height of some war happening on the mainland of Europe because his investments were getting destroyed by English privateers. Fearing tax sharks and debters the family moved to the New World Colonies and have since been living in New Orleans under a fictional surname. Guilaume is now the acting captian of the Sea Raven because he is a good show off and Marcus Red, respects him for some reason….
  3. What doesn't kill you makes you have mental trauma, bad coping mechanisms, and a dark sense of humour!
  4. So, if I'm understanding this right...

    We're basically role playing murder games because we're all people who would survive murder games because we'd not kill each other because of a mutual understanding and tolerance of each other's faults and pain?
  5. *Points at Jack!* You can't play Rory's navy guy but you can still play a commander of the Navy! >:D

    And we are allowing magic elements! :D just so long as not everyone does it, cause then it would be less cool piratey stuff and more fantasy stuff.

    So do as you will. >:]

  6. Character Name: Commodore Augustus Seagraves
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: British aristocrat, Commodore of the Western Indies
    General Appearance:Never seen without his uniform on in public, he is the very ideal of a gentleman in British Society.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To make the seas safe for merchants in the colonies.
    General Personality: A firm believer in naval tactics, he refuses to treat pirate as formal opponents because of their thug like nature. His father had been killing in one such raid many years before hand and personally seeing this with his own two eyes as a midshipmen, he has formed an increased dislike of anyone that claims to steal simply because they can. To him, they are all cowards and should be dealt as pests.

    General History: Born in Liverpool, Seagraves was raised in a wealthy family. At the age of 12, he started his lifelong career as the lowest grade officer, a midshipmen. Through my trials and pains, he made his way to the top in his current position. There was no buying of this rank, since that was the rule of thumb for the Dukes in the Army. He prides himself on this very issue. For 20 years, he had been involved in politics around Virginia and has gained much land and honor.
  8. You have my aplologies. I have been...indisposed recently. I am Aleksandr, your Quartermaster.

    Character Name: Aleksandr Verrader

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Quartermaster of the pirate vessel Sea Raven

    Age: 29

    General Appearance: Aleksandr is a tall, broad-shouldered Slav. Nearly tall enough to reach the yardarm of Sea Raven's mailsail unassisted, he towers well above the rest of the crew. Unwilling to bother with cutting his unruly black hair, he instead gathers it in a low ponytail. He wears a trio of silver rings in his left ear and two in his right - the seaman's traditional source of emergency income.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Live hard, enjoy life, and kill some Deutsche bastards.

    General Personality: Aleksandr is generally fairly easygoing, but when he states that something is so, he doesn't suffer disagreement lightly. That said, he is usually fairly easy to get along with.

    General History: Aleksandr began his career as a sailor when he was press-ganged into the German navy. The first time his ship got in an engagement with pirates, he threw a match into the powder store and jumped out a gun port. His "last name" is a corruption of the German word for "traitor" after the sobriquet "Aleksandr the Traitor." He is Sea Raven's quartermaster in part because nobody is stupid enough to try and take the position away from him, and in part because he simply has no intrest in being Captain; he has all the power and influence he needs controlling the ship's stores.
  9. Hello! I thought I'd give this game a try. *sheepish grin*

    Character Name: Elizabeth de Brinvilliers




    General Appearance:
    Elizabeth is five four, slender with long, black hair and dark brown eyes, a fair complexion darkened slightly by the sun and the sea. She has a scar running across the front of her neck from ear-to-ear from an "unfortunate incident" some years ago. Elizabeth is rather easy to spot. She's the woman running around on deck, barefoot and in a skirt with her satchel slung across her shoulder. It's her doctor's kit. She doesn't take a step out of bed without that baby and woe to anyone who tries to take a peek into it or take it away from her.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    ... To kill anyone who calls her "Lizzie" or "Liz" or any of those stupid nicknames people like to come up with!

    General Personality:
    Ask a great many of the Sea Raven crew and they'll whisper that Elizabeth is "a daughter of the Sea Devil himself", a woman with a pretty face and a heart of stone. She is ill-tempered, paranoid, has a big mouth, and is easily offended. A simple wrong word can land you with a knife in your belly or worst, like cramps that keep you tossing and turning at night. People are convinced she's a witch because she uses herbs, performs rituals in her little cubicle of a room that doubles as her infirmary, and keeps a one-eyed, mangy fat cat as bad-tempered as she with her nearly all the time.

    Elizabeth will make a big fuss about someone being hurt or endangering him--or her--self but is not the type to just sit back and let you bleed to death (unless you really pissed her off). She cares rather deeply for her crew-mates in a term best described as "tough love" but often stays on deck instead of joining them on solid land unless necessary.

    General History:
    Once upon a time, a girl fell in love with a man and left behind the simple life of a disgraced doctor to spend the rest of her life with him. Unfortunately said man was not as nice a man to others as he was to his wife and one evening, his enemies got the better of him. The man died and his wife supposedly died by his side, as a result of being sliced from ear to ear. In reality, the wife was nursed back to health and escaped half a world away, to fulfill the last wish of a dying man.
  10. I think this is a fair amount of characters... >:D If not, we're totally going to bullshit! I'll get our OOC set up this week!
  11. Yo, is this still open? I'd like to join the crew of the Sea Raven- I got an old character been tugging at my sleeve for another go at piracy.
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  12. Dibs on the all new Wolverine.
  13. Let me work something out. Are there any roles you'd like to have filled but no one's signed up for? I'll cobble something together for you within the next couple days if I can. If not, I still look forward to reading this even if I'm not in it- it sounds fantastic!
  14. I think I wanna try this one! ^___^ I'll try to get a character up as soon as I can, if that's okay!
  15. Wanted to try a little different kind of character- all these empowered women! Can't compete with that. And I always play men, I'm trying to branch out of my comfort zone a little.

    Character Name: Margaret (Maggie) O'Duibhidhir

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: Navigator

    Age: 24

    General Appearance:
    She owns two dresses, a thin white cotton camisol she wears under a brown wool jumper belted high to keep it from falling off, but she is hardly poor looking. Like most sea going wanderers she wears her currency in rings, bracelets and bangles she's picked up along her travels; woven into her hair and both on her wrists and around her ankles- but not in her ears, they aren't pierced. She wears shoes in the cold, or ashore, a pair of worn leather boots that were a hand-down from one of her brothers, once upon a time. She doesn't wear them if she doesn't have to, they're her most prized posession.

    Current Goal/Purpose: She's looking for something, she doesn't know what. It's a popular story, that the mother of the the first Irish to have dark features was a 'selke', a seal who returned to the sea when she recovered her stolen skin- but the children she left behind were human; they spend their lives restless, unable to follow.

    General Personality:
    Generally introverted, the Margaret is soft spoken and usually (usually) polite, demure, but she carries herself with all the poise and alertness of any wild animal. What woman doesn't? But she seems always to be watching, listening for something, or to something, no one else can quite hear. She has a terrible maternal streak, perhaps the only forceful thing about her. Overall, Maggie is a gentle sort of cheerful.

    General History: Stories differ. Some say Margaret was the daughter of a wealthy merchant, with the breeding and the schooling and the class of a lady she must have been, well of course. Others call her the heathen that they call her; a child given to devilry and all unholy things- what woman has any right to swim for pleasure the way she does? Does the cold of the sea not bite her flesh the same as a man's? Or anyone's? It's not Christian is what it is. The older sailors, or those among them who call her "Maggie" laugh and call her mermaid, but no maid- a siren, singing men to their doom because hadn't you heard? She has survived four husbands, all of them lost to storms... Elizabeth de Brinviliers they call the Sea Devil's firstborn- Margaret his unwitting bride. It's worth noting that all sea going cultures have myths about that which resides just below the surface of the waves being female, but the likening of the sea itself to a woman is a fairly isolated belief. There is so much more life in the darkness... Not one of Maggie's husbands (there were in fact five- not four) died whilst she was aboard- it was in her absences the sea had done with them.

    In something closer to truth Margaret is the daughter of a fisherman, growing up hopping between her fathers boats and learning to love falling between them and startling the fish. As a child she learned the stars of the night sky, the maps of the sailors, and the feel of how the wind stirs the waters- just a little out of site of land she can navigate blind, in a storm or no. As a woman she learned quickly to keep her head down among men and her tongue to herself. She is a self educated mathematician and navigator and one of the best. It is not a thing she will deny, but neither is it something she will volunteer- even among those who might believe a woman capable of such a thing. The Sea and it's own know her (not everywhere, she has not been everywhere, and not by sight... but perhaps by instinct?), and she has little interest in life ashore.
  16. Call me impressed...I am unused to being the least complicated amongst any particular crew.
  17. Very true. In that case, I drop the claim to the Commander. Someone else can be him in the future, playable character or simply a NPC.
  18. It's just fine, Zerosy! <3 And thank you, I am indeed proud of my avvie.

    Our IC Thread is up! A beginning to what ought to be an exciting and troublesome weekend for the Sea Raven Crew. >:D
  19. No worries. XD Creative license and all that jazz.
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