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  1. "LAND HO!"

    Crono snapped awake. He pulled himself out of a part of the ship's engine, they were sailing thank goodness, and rubbed a new bump on his head. He had been bashed by a part that had suddenly swung the wrong way, knocking him out for who knows how long. Grumbling he got above deck and took a deep breath of that salty sea air, then cheered up. He hadn't been to Noir in a while, and he was tired of stinky ports full of people either wanting to put a bullet through his head or steal his stuff. He walked over to the captains quarters and nocked on the door. "Yello, Myrna? You awake? We've arrived."
  2. Myrna picked up her head, starting awake. Oh, it seemed she'd fallen asleep while planning their next course. She stood and stretched, grabbing her coat and gloves as she walked for the door. "Yes, yes, I'm coming," She said, buttoning her coat quickly before opening the door and stepping out into the light of day. She looked around as she pulled on her gloves, nodding in satisfaction. "It's certainly been a while since I last saw Noir. It's great to be back."

    She started quickly across the deck, but paused for a brief moment, noticing the bump on Crono's head. It seemed new.

    She frowned. "What did you do this time?"
  3. Crono gave a guilty smile and rubbed his noggin. "Heh heh, the usual you know. Bloody engine giving me trouble again." He shrugged his shoulders, he had taken so many blows from that thing that he was practically numb to it. "Nothing serious. So, you planning on buying something cool at the market?" He asked to change the subject. The market at Noir was famous for its interesting trinkets and baubles from around the world, some even with magical properties.
  4. Myrna shook her head at his short anecdote; the engine had been especially troublesome lately.

    "Most likely," She said, "Noir has one of the best markets I've seen, and chances are I could find something quite useful, and of course very interesting." She leaned on the railing of the deck, looking out over the city. "And what about yourself? Anything you might be looking for while we're docked docked here?"
  5. Crono contemplated his captain's question for a moment before giving the simple answer of, "I'll know it when I see it." The ship slowed and docked, the Redcannon crew started to get off, lugging crates full of goods for trade. Crono took a little time to examine all the different boats when a thought struck him. "Hey, when we're done shopping I got something to show you. Don't let me forget." With that he hopped onto the dock and waited for his captain.
  6. "Duly noted; I'll be sure to jog your memory at a later point." She followed Crono and stepped onto the deck, looking around her at the large variety of boats and crews. She'd always been quite fond of Noir because of this; it really was a hub for travelers from across the world. She couldn't help but wonder what it could be which Crono had to show her, but tried not to dwell on it too much; she'd find out soon enough. As she started down the main street of the market, she scanned the booths, keeping an eye out for something of use to her. The stands of more outlandish items, such as those that were known for their magical properties, especially captured Myrna's attention as she passed them; whether it be for their practical use, or for trading, items such as those were invaluable, and finding a good price for such things was scarcely something to pass up.
  7. Crono walked slightly behind Myrna and scanned the booths. The man was a walking encyclopedia and proud of it, identifying the items he saw was no problem, "Most of the stuff here is authentic. Just watch out for over there." He pointed to a gaudy set of booths selling 'highest quality' swords. "Now what do I want..." He looked at each of the booths, silently contemplating.
  8. Myrna laughed softly; indeed, it was true that there would be the occasional fake. It was good to have someone nearby who more or less knew what they were talking about. She looked over the booths, thinking over what the crew had and what they needed. There were certainly some good wares here; items of protection, navigation, and combat, all of good caliber, with many other additional oddities that could assist with tough situations. The question was what they needed most. They had no small budget, and money wasn't exactly a problem, but these sorts of things often came with a hefty price, and weren't something one would want to buy in large amounts.

    Myrna stopped momentarily at a booth carrying various charmed items and the like; it looked promising. She remembered once, quite a while ago, she had acquired a certain relic of this sort - a small metallic globe, which helped the ship avoid much damage over the years, before she lost the globe of course. It had gotten her out of many squeezes, and she had been keeping an eye out for a similar item ever since. Though it was a very rare item, so the search had so far not been successful.

    She looked over the wares spread out on the table, examining each piece that caught her eye, hoping to find something as useful as the relic from those years ago, if not something better.
  9. Crono's attention was brought to a small black tent to the back of the market. He broke off from his captain to walk over and read the sign planted a few feet in front of the slightly creepy tent. "Noicoi Voodoo Relics... Huh." He had heard of Noicoi, it was a large set of jungly floating islands, famous for the strange creatures and people that lived there. He entered, and was greeted by a man in a brown tattered cloak, wearing a wooden mask with a scull painted on it.

    "I've been waiting for you my friend."
    "Is that what you tell all your costumers?" "Perhaps. Anyway, your a pirate correct?" "Yes." "Then take a look at this." The man fetched a odd looking key from a locked chest and showed it to him. image.jpg
    "What is that?" "That my friend is the key to the buried treasure of Cali North, Captain of the Killemall pirates, and the greatest air/sea pirate to ever sail the seven seas as well as the seven skies." Crono's eyes widened, Cali North was what every pirate ever wanted to be. She had fought sea monsters that could swallow an island, stolen the crowns off the heads of queens and kings, and, according to one story, even defeated a army of demons. "I-is it real? It couldn't possibly be real."
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  10. Myrna's ears caught scraps of the discussion, and approached the tent. She looked down a the key, raising an eyebrow. It certainly looked familiar; she was certain she'd seen a similar key in a sketch in an old book she'd once found, but according to all records the key had been forever lost. Despite this, she had to admit it looked surprisingly real. Either that or an amazing fake.

    She bent over slightly, examining it closer; every detail was there as far as she could tell. She dug in her coat pocket; she thought she remembered looking over some sketches of the like recently, maybe she'd held onto one.

    She removed a weathered page from her pocket and unfolded it, comparing the key to the image on the page.

    "Hm... What a striking resemblance."
  11. For a molment, Crono would have payed any price for the key, but then something occurred to him. "Why do you have this? This is hardly a Voodoo relic." "I bought it from a traveling man that claimed to be a very close partner of hers. Of course I sprang on the deal as the key matched whatever sources I had. Of course I don't have the map, that's your problem, but you know as well as I do that that treasure is unobtainable without the key." Crono nodded and, consent with this information, proceeded to work out a price with the masked merchant. They settled on something that in Crono's opinion was still rather high and parted ways. "You think I did the right thing? I'm sorry I didn't ask for your opinion." He stated shamefully, he knew if this turned out a fake he was going to be clobbered.
  12. Myrna shrugged. "Only time will tell. I'll admit there is at least a possibility that it's real, but I've seen some remarkable forgers. One can never know until they put it in the lock." She sighed quietly, pointing out a rather important detail. "A lock that we don't have, or for now have any way of finding. Before we even begin to search for the trasure itself, it'll be a whole other journey just to find a single lead, and another journey itself deciphering the information. We'll have to change our course, and most likely scour the globe in every nook and cranny for one damn scrap of parchment. And once someone catches news we've got this key? Do you think any rival crews will just let that opportunity pass by?" Her voice had raised slightly; she hadn't even realized what losses could be had until she'd started explaining them.

    "Did you even take into mind the cost of such journeys? Of the supplies and the much needed extra crew? We'll almost certainly have to fix the ship multiple times along the way, I hope you're prepared for that. And after all that, after all that trouble and expense and possible bloodshed, to get a map and find our way to the chest, we still could make it all that way to find that the key is a fake!"

    She balled up her fists, angered by the rash decision, until she thought it through once again.

    "On the other hand," She said, calmly yet still stern, "If it was to work out, that would be quite the gain. I imagine it'd pay back our losses multiple times over, if any of the stories are true." She paused in silent consideration, then looked around the market to see if they were being watched. "Tell no one about this. The moment the wrong person gets word of this we're in hot water. For now, this stays between the two of us; not even the rest of the crew can yet learn of what the key could hold in store. Someone could get the wrong idea, and we'd have mutiny on our hands. We lock it up for safe keeping, come up with a good story, and we set our course. I have an old friend who might know a thing or two that would be useful." She looked him in the eye, brows raised. "Are we clear?"
  13. Crono braced for impact, but it never came. He was saved by the fact that the gain vastly outweighed the losses. He nodded quickly, and placed the key in his shirt pocket. He looked at his watch, which he had never gotten around to fixing, and looked at the sun to find it setting. A smile formed on it face as he dashed out the market. "Hurry up! We're gonna miss it!" The navigator yelled behind his back. He broke off of the booths and onto a dirt road.
  14. Myrna shook her head, slightly confused. Miss what? Regardless, she followed close behind, jogging down the dirt road and wondering where exactly they were going. Wherever it was, it seemed Crono wanted to get there quickly, and it seemed they only had a narrow window of time. And so, she chose not to worry about it too much for the moment and trust that there was a reason for all of this, though what that reason could possibly be was anyone's guess.

    "Where are we going?" She called out as they moved down the road.
  15. "This way!" Crono replied, not wanting to ruin the surprise. The road led to a cliff over a large canopy of trees. Several people were already there, staring at the canopy. Crono stopped and made a grand gesture to the cliff as a wall of colorful birds flew up from it. There calls formed in beautiful union to make something of a song. Crono looked back at Myrna, a wide grin on his face.
  16. Myrna looked up, putting her hands in her pockets and nodding in satisfaction. She smiled oddly, enjoying the spectacle a bit more than she'd usually care to let on.

    "It really is quite beautiful," she said, watching the birds fly overhead, "Good find. Moments like these are often better than anything we'd find in that old market back there. You've certainly learned to find things worth finding."

    She looked back up, absently observing the sight and letting herself forget the annoyances of traveling to this port, and the rather risky purchase made recently. It didn't matter in the long run, did it? At lest that was what she was telling herself for the moment
  17. Crono was about to explain that it was mating season for the bird, hence the flamboyant colors and the romantic calls, when he saw something. He wondered why such a thing would grab his eye while others would simply look it over, but he found his gaze locked on it. It was a woman. A woman with a fancy dark red suit and shock white hair. Her figure was skinny and her back was turned to him, so he couldn't see her face. For some reason she wasn't looking at the event that made the cliff they were standing on famous nor the impressive sunset. He was going to say something but after a man passed by his field of vision she was gone. Crono, dumbfounded, just kept staring in that direction.
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    Myrna turned her head casually to speak to Crono, but stopped when she noticed him staring silently. What was he looking at?

    She tried to follow his gaze, to trace what he was viewing, but she could find nothing that stood out. All she saw was the small crowd of people. She was confused; obviously he'd seen something of importance, but for the life of her she just couldn't figure out what that was.

    "What's going on?" She inquired, confused and vaguely concerned, "What are you looking at?"
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    "Er... Nothing." Crono replied, hoping that he was right. He shook his head, as an engineer his eye was trained to pinpoint small oddities, that was it. He smiled awkwardly to his captain and quickly tried to change the subject. "So... We'll be spending the night right? I think I need a nice long nap."
  20. "We certainly will," Myrna said, "It's been too long a journey to push through to the next port. A good long rest should do everyone some good."

    Despite Crono's assurance that nothing was wrong, Myrna couldn't help but feel that something about her surroundings, as if there was something going on about which she wasn't awae, but was about to become extremely aware. She shrugged it off, deciding it was just some paranoia from being in port after being away so long. Regardless, she was very much looking forward to a night's rest.

    "Do you think that we ought to find accomodations now? It'd be best to have a place to stay soon; you know how quickly opportunities can be snatched up by others."