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SDCC Trailers and Hype Mega-Thread

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Seiji, Jul 13, 2015.

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    No official Deadpool trailer yet, otherwise I'd link that too.

    I AM HYPE.

    Are you?!
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  2. Man I hope they don't fuck this up, Suicide Squad is one of my favorite comic series.

    Although I have no fucking clue why you tagged me for that Superman Batman thing...

  4. The title is literally Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice. Tagging you only seemed natural...


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  6. No.

  7. ......okay :D
  8. Dear DC: Stop filming all your films on location inside of a BBQ. You may get sued by 50 Shades of Grey for stealing their colour pallet.

    Also, stop making every single movie dark and gritty. Want to know why Chris Nolan Batman worked? Because it made sense to ground that character and villains into a less supernatural setting and Batman's whole thing is being Dark and Gritty. Nobody wants to see Superman destroy an entire city and cry for half of the runtime. It's a real downer.

    Also, with Suicide Squad, try to make it look like something more than "Hey boys, let's eyebang Harley Quinn for the entire trailer and have 4 distinct characters while making every single other character in your cast look unrecognizable from their comic book counter parts." You have a rich comic history to draw from with some iconic character designs, don't be afraid to draw from those instead of trying to make everything look realistic. You have a fucking crocodile man who eats people; fucking embrace that shit. If Marvel could make people fall in love with a talking tree and raccoon, you can make people fall in love with the ridiculous shit DC has to offer. The way you're going, if you ever do a movie with Clayface, he's just going to be some asshole with leprosy instead of a fucking mud monster.

    Get your shit together.

    I'm not even going to touch on Superman vs. Batman because it's also going with the try hard dark and gritty vibe that's basically going to be Man of Steel: Part Deux. The fact that the trailer shows massive destruction of the city and the death of people close to Batman as being his motivation for beating the shit out of Superman tells me it's just going to be a soul-draining event where the only way you'll be able to tell Superman and Batman apart at a distance is figure out which one's shooting lasers out of his eyes, because god forbid they have more than 12 colours for the entire movie.
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  9. Dawn of justice looks legit yo
  10. I'm not sure how to feel, but this new Evil Dead looks excitingly nostalgic.
  11. *reads Dervish's comments against an industrial grey backdrop, as rain falls and the people of Iwake cry out over the blood-flecked bodies of their loved ones*
  12. I actually liked the suicide squad trailer...
  13. I also liked both the suicide squad trailer and the batman vs supes trailer. The only thing I didn't like was jessie Eisenburg (probably butchered his name) as Lex.

    But the Evil Dead trailer looks amazing.
  14. Managed to see some Deadpool Trailer in a shaky cam version.

    Deadpool is my number 1 above all. Then Evil Dead.
  15. Yeah, just peeked a look at it. Glad to see they're sticking to the feel of the comics here, can't wait.
  16. In my personal opinion. DC did the right thing in regards to Suicide Squad, other then the harley outfit (My own opinion obv). The feeling of suicide squad is supposed to be all in, holy shit these guys are dead meat. That's what they are for. I love The Suicide Squad comics, and even there, they are very much about mortality and being the less pleasant alternative. I really loved what they did with the trailer, the feeling of it was a bunch of nogoods, witcracking assholes.
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