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  1. Hiya! I'm Larsa. I'm a very smol lady (I'm not actually that small I'm like five six or something I dunno) and I'm twenty-two years of age.
    I happened upon this website while trying to find a definition of what forum roleplay is for an essay for english.
    I've been roleplaying from age twelve-ish and I've taken to writing fiction in my spare time for giggles. I've roleplayed on Gaia and Second Life mainly so I'm accustomed to forum and chat roleplaying!
    I have a plethora of characters who will show you that I have a thing for girls with glasses...

    I'm honestly down for most any genre as long as I can understand the mechanics of the world and whatnot. I'm even okay with world building for impromptu roleplaying.

    Right now Daoko's GIRL is stuck in my head, that and the Squid Sister's Ver. of the Splatoon Final Boss BGM.

    I like learning languages and uhhhh... I've filled out my preferences and added a sample of my writing (though it's 7 months old at this point) to my profile so please feel free to look at that, yeah.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!!! We're super glad to have you, and if you need any help at all navigating the site, or just want someone to talk to/rp with, don't hesitate to ask! I don't bite, unless asked very nicely~

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.