Scrounging for a Partner in Crime

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Manna Beast

Your lips, my ass; they should meet.
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-Fantasy with means of magic and sword based feelings, i do prefer a bit of romance in stories
-Modern with again a fantasy feel
-Cut in anything with a bit of Romance and I can give it a try.
Recently I have been bitten anew by the rping bug and wish to pick up one new active rp that can be plotted out with two minds and not just one. I am very flexible in most situations and if you want to know more about me of course check out my resume rather than having me repeat my nonsense over and over again.

Quick notes-
  • Only 18+ as I like having Romance and Smut scenes of equal value
  • Anything with Magic influence wins my heart almost instantly; that and demons or elves
  • I am a wordy son of a bitch meaning I like partners that can match my quantity (3 paragraphs or more)
  • No Same Sex in any terms. Fine with the LGBT community but I prefer my straight lines.

Hit me up!
Not open for further replies.