Scribd, The Netflix for books! O_O

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  1. So I just discovered that Scribd is a thing that exists! It's just like Netflix, in where you pay a small monthly fee and then get unlimited books to read.

    Does anyone use Scribd or service similar to it for their book reading needs?

    I am only recently starting to warm up to the idea of purchasing ebooks. >> Despite growing up right in the middle of this super cool digital content age, I always wanted the item I purchased to be a tangible thing I can hold. But with a home and the amount I like to read, I kinda don't have room to store that many books. O___O Having a library with walls and walls of books is a dream for a richer person with a bigger house!

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  2. My public library lets us rent e-books so I'm not too sure about this new feature. It makes me wonder if it will be like waiting for books at the library or movies at Redbox - will the new releases be gone before I get there? Will I have to wait for an ungodly amount of people to finish with the book before I get to read it?

    But yes I use my public library's e-service system. I do not have a tablet or anything that I can take to the bed with me and my laptop is a little clunky. =/ Sooo it results in me having a bad back when I'm reading e-books. I'm still tempted to get a tablet though.
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  3. For ebooks, honestly, it's so much better to have a dedicated reader as opposed to a tablet. I have a perfectly good Nexus 7, but I still use a Kobo Mini for reading. It's so much lighter, the battery lasts for about 5 weeks, and I can read it in sunlight.
  4. I can't read books on my computer. If I read a text on my computer for too long, then I get a headache, and I like to read books for hours without putting them down. So e-books is not for me since I would need to take a break too often to rest my eyes. Plus, it feels so much better to hold the book in your hands and turn the pages and just feel the book :3 ... ... Now I'm feeling old o.O
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