Scribblers Anonymous!

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  1. Do you like fountain pens?

    Do you like writing letters?

    Maybe you like pen and ink art? Or maybe you're a penman?

    If any of these vaguely describe you, then come join Scribblers Anonymous! Experience level does not apply. You could be interested or a seasoned writer, it doesn't matter. The point of this group is to have fun!
  2. Now I know how you and Drew met, the parchment aisle at the craft store!
  3. Hahahaha! XD

    -pushes up glasses- Now you see... -points finger at the grains on the parchment- There are different grades of parchment. Each defined by the smoothness and by their weight in grams. Now -pushes up glasses again- These papers can take ink either very well or poorly. Papers that take ink well actually repel the ink while those who take it poorly absorb the ink. This means the ink rests on top of the paper while permanently dying the fibers below it. How cool is that?! -waits for a response then looks over to realize that Drew is asleep- Oh...

    If that was actually how we met, it'd totally work with my social awkwardness, hahahaha! XD The real story is stranger though... O.o