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  1. After all those fantasy roleplays, i am dieing for a post-modern roleplay. What post-modern means? It is an era that is theoretically between out current time and the sci-fi ages. Think of the second Back to the Future movie as reference. If you don't know it, you lack something in your life.

    A few examples:
    Flying cars? Yes
    Teleportation? No
    Spaceships? No
    Holographic screens/computers? Yes
    Special Powers? Yes.
    Magic? Up to debate.

    Now for the plot:
    In these modern times, humans are not the only dominant inhabitants of earth. There are also hybrids and androids. Usually these stay with their own races, and there is a reason for that. Only 2 of the same species are able to reproduce. So what does it mean if two of different species become a couple? They ether just don't care about not being able to have children, or they just prefer to have it that way for the one or other reason.

    I would like to try making a story with someone to play another race. The reason for that can ether be love, pleasure, or both.

    I post 1-2 useful paragraphs, use proper punctuation and grammar, and i would welcome it if you would do the same. As appearance, please use anime pictures. Real ones kinda are not my thing.

    If you plan on using an animal hybrit race, please look at this first.
    Knowing is half the battle.jpg
    I am fine with 1 and 2, but anything past that is not my thing. Sorry for being so picky.

    Now for the racial benefits.
    Hybrid races have increased senses or extra abilities depending on their race. This can range from flight to increased sight, but also to underwater breathing and much more.
    Androids can morph parts of their bodies into anything they want, ranging from tools to weapons or almost any kind.
    Humans are able to use special powers known as X-Factor. Not only does it sound cool because of the X, but it is also not possible to tell what their abilities are, hence the X as in a variable.
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  2. I'm very interested in this idea.
  3. Great. Got a character you would like to play with? An appearance would be very appreciated.
  4. I'm highly interested in this idea, plus I've been wanting to play around with a bit of a specialized magic character for a while. Since I see you're asking for an appearance from the previous guy on this forum, I'll just put this here.
    Steampunk Engineer.jpg
  5. She looks nice, and i guess that you would play a human then? Okay. Then i'll go for an android. It is difficult to find a good one though, so would you mind if he looks human?
  6. I don't mind a human appearance at all. I prefer it actually.
  7. Good. Let's move the rest f the planning into a conversation.
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