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  1. Title was a real eye catcher wasn't it?

    Well anyway, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a role-play that is about maybe a group or pair of friends that start a 'wish maker' club, the members are anonymous and isn't anything official (as in recognized by the school, more like a tree house you and your friends hang out in after school if I could compare it to anything), the students in the school are aware of it, and use it. Wishes at first are simple, like a request for a new pencil, textbook to borrow for a day, but become more difficult over time, like test answers, canceling certain classes, until someone goes missing on the request of someones wish.

    A lot of details will be discussed with anyone interested in this, but this is just a rough outline of. On another note, please enjoy the tag yourself below. I am purple mother. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  2. A question for you! Is this going to be considered a Mystery roleplay where we try to figure out what happened to the person? Or are we the people that make the person disappear and we have to act like nothing has happened? Essentially, I'm asking what kind of genre this will be~

    Also, I'm a mix between Lost Dragon, Purple Mother, and Actually Blue. You can try to figure out which characteristics I take from each~
  3. My notifications are being a total bust right now, sorry for the late reply. Well, we assume someone in the group did it since it was a wish, and each character would have some kind of considerably 'unstable' quirk to them (like a band of misfits if anything), we can't ask for outside help out of fear of the consequences since our characters did do some borderline illegal stuff to make some wishes come true.

    Throughout the story more and more issues will popup, making the mystery more and more difficult to solve for them. I think the most major genre I believe will be Psychological, Mystery, Slice of life, Drama, not including any subgenre's created by individual characters like Romance and all. The goal of this role-play for me at least is to rip characters open and all.
  4. Hehe~ Then you can count me in!
  5. I'm interested ♥

    and I'm trying 24/7 btw
  6. If there's anything you'd like included in the roleplay shoot it my way, since this is going to be a mess regardless. :'^) For now I'll just try and getting sign ups up.
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  7. What the fuck is this​
  8. What the fuck are you
  9. I'm you but more literate.
  10. You had an opportunity and just -- ruined it.
  11. Opportunity for what?
  12. I'm reserving the sadist.
  13. Oh? A sadist, hmm? I wonder how that will affect everyone~
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  14. "I'm you but stronger." >:^|
  15. Painfully. :^)

    What I said apparently went over your head.
  16. I'm going to laugh my ass off if they're a masochist somewhere in here
  17. Mmm~ We'll see about that. =w=
    oh well.

    I'll be reserving the asshole :^)
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  20. I'll play twins if permitted.
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