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  1. Group of former J-pop idols form a metal/punk/v-kei band after meeting in high school.

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  2. Name: Azumi
    Role: Guitar
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Personality: Rough, very aggressive, extremely protective of her friends.
    Appearance: Wild blond hair, brown eyes, very lightly tan. Very obviously half white. Multiple piercings in both ears.
    Style: Punk, always has something spiky on, has been caught breaking school dress code multiple times.
    Instrument: Ibanez GRG7221 7-string Electric Guitar in black

    Name: Kimi
    Role: Bass
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Personality: Quiet, brooding, a little shy at times.
    Appearance: Long black hair, always wears white contacts, extremely pale skin. Double snakebites and single anti-bites.
    Style: Goth
    Instrument: Yamaha TRBX305 5-String Bass in white

    Name: Yui
    Role: Drums
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Personality: Bubbly, low attention, energetic.
    Appearance: Reddish brown hair in a messy bob with bangs, brown eyes, extremely pale skin.
    Style: Ama-lolita
    Instrument: Yamaha Stage Custom Standard 9-piece Double Bass Drum Set
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  3. Name: Sonya
    Role: Guitar
    Gender: F
    DoB(age): 16
    Personality: The oldest of the group and the most responsible. can often be bossy. But is always there for the group when they need her. dependable and loyal.
    Appearance: Tall and slender with dakr hair cut short and brilliant bright blue eyes. Can easily be mistaken for a boy.
    Style: Business/School Punk
    Instrument: Guitar

    Name: Lexi Lyn
    Role: Lead Vocal
    Gender: F
    DoB(age): 15
    Personality: Quick to smile and loves to have fun, she's quite mischievous, but she's a sweet girl whp has a heart of gold.
    Appearance: Red curls fall down past her shoulders, scattering of freckles across her nose, brilliant green eyes.
    Style: Changes.
    Instrument: Microphone

    Name: Risa
    Role: Keyboard
    Gender: F
    DoB(age): 15
    Personality: Kind of quite, bit of a bookworm, intelligent. Naive, somewhat innocent.
    Appearance: Medium length brown hair often in braided pigtailss, glasses, soft blue grey eyes.
    Style: innocent
    Instrument: Keyboard
  4. Yui ran into the Former Idol club room, "I got tickets to a concert!"
    "We don't want to see your old group perform," Azumi said with a sigh.
    Kimi sighed, "It's not an Idol concert, we were kicked out so even we don't want to see them."
  5. Sonya had yet to make it to the clubroom.
    Lexi glanced up as Yui ran in and smirked at the banter between the three, however, this time she kept mute.
    Risa tossed a light scowl at the causes of noise before she brushed her braid over her shoulder and returned to her book.
    Lexi rolled her eyes at the bookworm, she was a killjoy.
    "Maybe we should start a new band and shove it in all of their faces when our record sells more than theirs."
  6. "That's why I wanted to go," Yui pouted, "All the stories about bands start with them going to a show."
    Azumi laughed, "Then I say we go, who's with me?"
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