Scrapyard Dogs: An Adventure Based Space RP

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  1. We all know how this works. We've seen it all a million times in a million different settings in a million different shows and movies. You have the federation, the paragons of human justice that fight for the expansion and prosparity of the universes newest- and greatest- potential superpower. You have the war-hungery alien empire who sees the human's budding expansion as nothing more then something new to crush under their feet. You have the wise and benevolant ancient race who have been fighting with the other empire for ages, seeing humanity as a race to guide and protect, thinking they can be the gambit they have needed to win the war. You have the pirates and the outlaws who see the endless expanse of space as an opprotunity to cause carnage and make money, no matter who they have to kill. You have the independent rogues who look at the freedom and opprotunity of the void and those beyond it without prejiduce or bias, simply wishing to have fun and exercise their freedom.

    We all know the drill. So let me just do this for all of you and give a list of inspirations for this idea.

    -Space Pirate Harlock
    -Elite: Dangerous
    -Star Craft 2
    -Cowboy Beebop
    -Mad Max

    Now, I know what you might be thinking.


    Yes, Mad Max is a nuclear holocaust driving hell, while all the others are all about space and space related things. However, this universe is not exactly cut and dry. I want a common occurance of this world to be an invading force of single-person fighter pilots leaping out of their ships with plasma cutters, a jetpack, and a gun to go kill a bunch of other single-person fighters while their carrier commanders duke it out in classic ship-on-ship combat. Of course, this will have to be ballanced out a bit, but that's why this is in interest check/RP plotting, and will remain so for a while. Because I haven't thought of this very long before I tossed this up here.

    But that's okay! I want all of us to build this universe together, before we go and kamikaze ourselves through it. This universe is as much mine as it is yours. However, there are things I have thought of!

    While there isn't really a plot, I want people to experience the lives of someone just trying to have some fun and make ends meet in a universe at war with itself. Sounds dark. It sort of is. I want to channel psychopathic fun into this universe. I want to have the darkness parallel the insane fun that we all are here to have. Also, as mentioned earlier, I want leaping out of spaceships onto other spaceships to fight the spaceships with a gun to be a thing. No quarter. No room for argument. This is a viable option that most likely means that the ships have bad mobility, or something.

    And so, I leave this open to discussion, should discussion come. I look forward to the madness I hope to will come soon.
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  2. Sounds pretty interesting: would we all be part of the same crew in this little romp around the galaxy?
  3. That's up to you guys. These sorts of things can be worked out when more people show up, I suppose.
  4. The first thing that came to mind reading the reason for including Mad Max in the list

    Taunt 23, at 1:00 in. Damn I loved that game back in the day.

    Anyway, the idea of a 'post apocalypse' styled space rp does sound quite interesting, so yea consider me interested to see where this goes should it make it to an OOC rather than just an interest another note maybe throw a little 'Pirates of the Caribbean' influence in there, I can imagine the main ship battles playing out a little like tall ship combat while the crews duke it out with each other on close passes and such, also similar to the mad max car chase scenes.
  5. If the writing is good, I'm in.
  6. Writing should be pretty good, if all goes well.

    I'm liking the interest, for this. The Post Apoc idea has me thinking, a bit. I should have a better idea as to what I'm doing a little later.
  7. You really had me at the inspiration coming from Starcraft 2, Cowboy Bebop and Mad Max are both icing on the cake really. That, and the idea of being able to leap out of a starfighter with little more than a plasma cutter, gun, and sheer balls of steel to take out another fighter pilot sounds too good to pass up, frankly.
  8. I'm definitely interested. Keep me posted and I'll have my eyes peeled for an OOC.
  9. I've been thinking a little more as to a solid world to set this in, and I think I have an idea. Of course, I wanna get all you guys' input before I make it final.

    Instead of having this be set DURING the massive intergalactic was, this will be set three hundred years AFTER the massive intergalactic war. All three sides ended up fighting eachother to the point where all three empires were totally and utterly destroyed. Technology took a massive hit while simultaneously becoming more advanced as a whole, due to the massive ammounts of military research and spending that went into weapon advancment and such. However, with each empire in total ruin, this advanced tech is lost among the ruins of cities and the sites of battles long past, where mass graves of dead ships just waiting to be picked clean, if they haven't been already.

    This is there we will come in.

    The self titled "Scrapyard Dogs" (see what I did there?) are something of a mixture between a band of scavengers, mercenaries, black market dealers, and pirates. They roam the ruins of dead cities and sites of battles long past and salvage the lost technology, looking for things to take and restore to working condition so as to sell to hungry buyers. Many have undergone illegal genetic or cybernetic augmentation to make their job easier. However, despite civiliation being a thing of the past, the Law still exists. Without boarders or restrictions, the Intergalactic Military Police Force (IMPF) tend to forgo arrests and jail sentances in favor of straight execution. Even though they are frequent customers of the Scrapyard Dogs, they hunt them down without mercy or prejiduce.

    The plot would revolve around a single crew of Scrapyard Dogs finding the remains of the doomsday weapon that ended the war. As such, they are unwittingly caught up in a conspiracy that will change their lives, the lives of many others, and perhaps even ditermine the fate of the entire galexy.

    So.... Waddaya think?
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  10. After the war sounds much better, honestly. It lends itself well to the scrapyard concept and allows for a lot more of that "lawless wasteland" feeling. As for finding the remnants of the doomsday device, I like the fact that that really gives us a defined plot and an end goal. It's good to get away from that "drifting in space" deadzone.
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  11. YES. JUST YES.
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  12. Yea, having a definite goal is probably a good idea. There are times where not having one can be liberating, but like Drifter points out, it's easy to fall into a 'dead zone' without some kind of objective for the characters to chase after.
  13. I'm glad we like the idea. I'll puzzle the semantics through a little more and see what I can do in terms of infrastucture.

    Also, just as a heads up, I probably won't make an OOC until I get back from vacation. That is, two or three weeks from now. If things go well, that is. Fingers crossed, I guess.
  14. The idea certainly sounds good from my end of things as well, getting a late two cents in. No worries on it taking some time for an OOC to come up, I'll still be here.
  15. I'm reading this, and there is one very loud, agressive, gravelly-voiced thought barreling to the forefront of my mind.


    Needless to say, I'm in.
  16. Ill toss my hat into this as well.
  17. Welcome to the club, friend.

    Seeing the rollicking good start we have in the interest department, I might just make a rudementary OOC now that I'll make pretty when I actually have access to a computer.

    Would you guys prefer that, or for me to make it look good at the start with a longer wait?
  18. I wonder if there's a solution to make the whole 'single pilots with jetpacks attacking the outside of ships' mechanic mesh with what's been established so far for the backstory.

    Maybe there exists some kind of technology they use to disable a ship's engine and/or weapons systems when two crews engage one another. Like an EMP but based on some other principle (typical scifi pseudo physics or some hard scifi explanation, whichever is preferred). It could even be derived in some way from the previously mentioned doomsday device that has left all these wrecks behind. A miniaturized adaptation that preserves the integrity of the ships' valuable parts and systems but leaves them vulnerable for the taking.

    Just my thoughts. Take them or leave them as you wish. In any case, I'm excited for this and look forward to seeing the OOC whenever you have it ready.
  19. Well, the assumption is that, seeing that it's the space apocalypse, weapons on fighter ships are just plain shit. I was also thinking of incorporating a sort of power armor that made maneuvering around enemy fire easier, let alone possible. But that's just a work in progress, for now. 'Till I flesh the world out, it's all speculation. I do appreciate the idea, please don't get me wrong, it's just not what I had in mind.
  20. I am fine with waiting. Just tag everyone so far in the interest thread when its all done.
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