Scrapyard Dogs: A Spacepocalypse RP

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    Nobody remembers the war. Nobody's really alive too, anymore. Three hundred years have passed since that... Thing was used to end the bloodshed. Of course, everything has it's price. This was no different. Whatever this weapon was intended to do, whoever made it to do what they needed, how the device worked or where it is today are all unimportant. What matters is what it made of our universe. Reality itself couldn't cope with this thing. All three empires fell to total ruin, and in their place lie the ghosts of cities and the mass graves of ships torn apart by battles fought too long ago for anyone to remember. Whoever remained after the war immediately scuttled to the promised safety of the Intergalactic Military Police Force. The IMPF are little more than a dictatorship bent on keeping what's left of the universe from recovering, all for their own shallow gain.

    But a stark few have risen outside of their grip.

    They are known by many names. Rebels. Traders. Renegades. Vagabonds. Murderers. Psychopaths. Scavengers. But they only recognize one title. They respond to but a single title. They call themselves...

    The Scrapyard Dogs.

    The IMPF has tried to destroy them for years, but they never seemed to go away. Even when full on war was raged against these criminals, more always seemed to turn up. They raid the abandoned remnants of the war, collecting and restoring lost technologies to sell on the black market. To assist in this, they developed the Technology Reclamation Suit, or the TRS for short. Originally meant as a means to more efficiently salvage wrecks in space, these suits were quick to be adapted to more devious purposes. Soon enough, these suits were able to move fast enough for the wearer to dodge just enough enemy fire to get them onto the opposing ship, or absorb enough to do so. Illegal genetic and cybernetic modification became a craze among the dogs, lending a hand to their criminal reputation.

    Three hundred years, this persisted.

    Today, we focus on a single crew among the Scrapyard Dogs. For they will soon be handed the means to change the universe as we know it. They will rocket to the top of the IMPF's most wanted lists, be pursued by their fellow dogs and criminal organizations alike, and will become the focal point for the turning of the age.

    All because of something they found floating around in space....


    1: All of Iwaku's rules and regulations apply

    2: No godmodding, powergaming, or any such variation of the term

    3: Be respectful. We're all mature enough to not be dickheads at each other. This rule in particular carries a shockingly low amount of tolerance. It's just not cool

    4: Include the word "Buggery" somewhere in your CS to prove you actually read these

    5: Have a good time! Violators of this rule will be shot. Survivors will be shot again

    Scrapyard Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. These are the three races that make up the surviving universe.

    Humans: The soft, squishy, tenacious ones. Humans have a reputation for being stubborn and hardheaded. They will do anything to get what they want, because what they want is what's best. In their eyes, anyway.

    View attachment 80791
    Gronus: The instigators of the Great War and still known for their hostility and ruthlessness. They are the most naturally talented warriors in the universe and tend to want everyone else to know it.

    View attachment 80790
    Morino: The masterminds of the universe and generally thought to be responsible for the device that ended the war. They possess peerless eyesight and are precise enough to thread a needle with an SUV.

    Seeing how Scrapyard Dogs are almost all modified to some degree, you will be able to choose up to three mods from the list below.

    Subdurmal Hacking Implants: Special computer chips in your brain give you an extra edge when it comes to hacking computer systems of any kind. Be they ship computers to automated drones, if it has a computer system, chances are you can crack it.

    Prosthetic Eye (can be taken twice): Cybernetic eyes are so much cooler than real ones. Yours give you more precision and better eyesight, be it with a gun or a welder. Some models even come with a zoom function for those times you need to look just a little closer.

    Strength Enhancements: Special serums were injected into you that help jack up your muscle mass. You can lift the heaviest of objects with ease and can punch hard to crack a man's skull open. Talk about beefy.

    Speed Enhancements: With the power of science, you can move faster than is generally physically possible. Quick enough to beat any timer to zero, you have a solid edge in hand-to-hand combat, or in any footraces you might find yourself in.

    Tredium Blades (takes two slots): Regular arms are so boring. Yours, however, have swords in them. Made from a special metal only found at the core of asteroids, these blades are linked to a chip in your brain that allows them to be telepathically summoned from just under the skin of your arms. It only hurts once.


    You have a choice between three types of TRS', here.

    Light: Designed more around speed than protection, this suit is made to move. Essentially built as a full body jumpsuit with thrusters and a helmet, this suit isn't stopping anything anytime soon. However, it will get you the hell outta dodge faster than you can say "take evasive maneuvers".

    Medium: The balanced option among TRS'. Offering a good middle ground between protection and speed, this suit is the standard among the Scrapyard Dogs. You can't go wrong with sicking to the middle.

    Heavy: This suit is made to get hit. It is able to soak up more damage than any other suit, taking more of an aggressive approach. It is the best suit for land-based combat, due to it's high durability. It also augments the wearers strength a bit, if it isn't augmented already.


    Given that we will all be on a single ship, roles will need to be established. I will be playing the captain and creating the ship, but every other role is open. That is, until it's filled.

    Captain 1/1: The head honcho of the group. He is in control of the entire ship, which makes sense seeing that it's his.

    Engineers 2/2: The mechanics, restorers, and weapon smiths of the ship. They build whatever is needed, provided the parts are there.

    Skirmishers 6/6: The ship's fighting crew. They handle all the dirty work of the ship, gathering salvage, boarding ships, and raiding cities. They each have their own, small ship for space battles.

    Medic 1/1: The medical officer of the ship. They will be keeping the crew happy and healthy, tending any wounds or sicknesses that might occur.

    Merchants 2/2: These hagglers were born to make money. They handle all of the haggling for selling their salvage and buying what they can't have the Engineers make.


    Age: (Keep it over 18)

    Gender: (Keep them even, please)

    Race: (Please keep it down to the three provided)

    Appearance: (Text, pictures, or both is fine with me. I don't care what style of picture you use)

    Personality: (One paragraph minimum)

    Backstory: (I don't need a novel, but I do want more than a children's book)

    Modifications: (What mods do you have?)

    TRS Type: (What type of TRS do you use?)

    TRS Appearance: (Once again, text, pictures, or both is fine)

    Role: (What do you do here?)

    Weaponry: (What does your character bring into battle? Please include a melee weapon and a ranged one)

    Other Items: (Anything else you keep with you)

    Other Info: (What did I miss that you want to be known?)
    Ship CS (if skirmisher)




    Backstory: (How did you come to possess this ship?)

    Weaponry: (Please, keep it light. These aren't battleships)​
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  2. Name:
    Sen Blue





    Not all Scrapyard Dogs are ruthless killing machines. Sen is a perfect example. She's kind a heart, always looking for a way to spare the opposition, as opposed to killing them. Of course, this never works out, for her. But she keeps her head held high. She is constantly in good spirits, even in the face of death.

    Sen is perhaps the most mysterious person on the ship. She refuses to answer questions about her past, no matter the circumstance. Of course, her skill and prowess in battle make it a trivial matter, but her young age can only bring to mind one question. How the hell is she so good?

    Speed Enhancement

    One Prosthetic Eye

    Subdurmal Hacking Implant

    TRS Type: Light

    TRS Appearance:

    Role: Captain

    Straight Edged Sword

    Sawed-off Shotgun

    Other Items:
    A silver necklace that never leaves her neck.

    Other Info:
    She is clearly hiding something from her crew. Something big. Something about her past. It's the only secret she's ever been able to keep, and it's one she'll take to her grave.​
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  3. Name:
    Dawson's Christian

    4 years


    Sen purchased this ship from a black market dealer on Caticus-3, the IMPF homeworld. She started her own crew shortly after. She loves this ship more than she loves herself, and won't hesitate to kill anyone who tries to harm it.

    Five automated point-defense MG turrets

    Thirty Missile Lunchers arranged in boxes of ten

    One Laser Cannon​
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  4. Prisoner interview report.

    "Please state your name"
    "My name is Killian Crowe. You have it written down right there!"
    "Please stay calm or I will be forced to subdue you"

    "Please designate your age"
    "I'd say my rugged good looks speak for themselves. But if you have to be anal about it, I'm 23. I don't look like it as you can see you bucket of buggery bolts"

    "Your gender, please"
    "I am a Man. Next"

    "What would be your race and nationality"
    "A unicorn from Pluto. "Invalid response" "Fine. I am technically a sub-human as my great grand pappy was a genetically engineered super soldier though I am indistinguishable from human as you can see. I was born a spacer. It has its perks"

    "Prisoner is 180cm in height and is 105kg. He has various scars along his body and cybernetics. Fading black groomed hair and facial hair. A more detailed description will be added later"

    "Prisoner shows distaste for official authority and anarchist behavior. Witnesses report that he seems to take pleasure in high adrenaline inducing situation. He is described by said witnesses to be a troublemaker. Prisoner describe himself as somewhat of a swashbuckling rogue, a revolutionist without a government to overthrow. He is a clear danger to the progress of society. He also seems to have an addiction for nicotine and alchahol"
    "Hey! I am not an alchaholic. I just need a whole lot to get drunk you piece of scrap"
    Last warning, prisoner. Next time I will use the stun baton"
    "Fine. But you forgot to mention I am a great cook"

    "Give this unit a summary of your background"
    "As you wish. I was born in a hulk, a collection of ships used to make a small station as you will. It was called the Cul-de-sac before it was ripped apart for scraps. I pulled my weight as an insect farmer but mostly made my wages through brawls and bets, even some animal fights. Got my pup from that, fierce little bugger. Anyways, most of my childhood was on that piece of junk before a large band of pirates and raiders decided that it would be great to take it apart for scraps and slaves. So I spent some time as a pirate slave, picked up some bad habits from that, I won't deny. Dad didn't make it but that is neither here nor there now. To make a long story short, I managed to scrounge up some gear and cash to get off their ship and grab my possession, making it on my own from there which ended with me in this wannabe official prison. You better not have harmed my pup"

    Medical files on Prisoner 1232 "Killian Crowe" :
    "Prisoner shows signs of Sub Human descendant with a higher metabolic rate than a human. His muscle density is also higher. Liver and lungs is naturally more resilient, explaining his high alcohol tolerance and no sign of deterioration from smoking. He has been severely injured in the past however, his right hand, right eye, ears and even part of the ribcage replaced by prosthetic. The prosthetic eye and the left eye implants seem to cause his eyesight to be far superior to the normal 20/20 vision and the ear implants seemingly can be adjusted for com chatter. Synthetic muscles on his right arm emulate his left arm with proper nerve emulation to be identical to real muscles. He does seem to age somewhat faster than a human though and the estimate time of natural death would be 60.

    "You were caught with a TRS. Please describe it"
    "Oh, that. That was my great grand pappy's. Still in tip top shape, cannot go wrong with old high military grade. It is categorized as medium unit. It was a specialized suit and damn does it look good. It has a wrist mounted PDA with holographic imaging and interface. It is essentially a stripped down power armor with the skeleton external of the armor. Great maneuverability."

    "Please describe your previous profession before being incarcerated here"
    "My profession? You damn well what it was. I was a Skirmisher. I can farm some larvea for "

    "Your weaponry was apprehended. Please tell me what they were for proper storage"
    "Alrighty then. I was apprehended with my old rifle, matching my TRS suit. It is an AVI-05 Rifle. With it were some clips able to store most common assault rifle rounds so it is very handy when I come across different types of bullets. There was also my sword and kukri."
    "Explain the sword"
    "Oh, it is a right beauty. It is 3 feet in length, straight and seemingly single edged. The other edge though is quite nasty as with a specific twist in the hilt and a full plasma battery in it, it can flare up in a fine line of plasma. It based on a plasma cutter, I call it the plasma cleaver."

    "What other possessions were confiscated from your person?"
    "My cigars, flask, my aviator jacket, leather stockman hat. Oh, and Aideen. You better take care of her."
    "Please explain this creature"
    "She is a canine from one of the Gronus worlds. From a very hostile jungle world. She is will rip you to pieces just for fun if I let her"
    "She will be put to use and trained as a guard beast"

    "Please describe the vehicle you were in when you were captured"
    "That would be my Lancer. Quite an old model, about 30 years old but still purrs like a kitten. It is essentially all engine. It is highly maneuverable and very fast but very lightly armored. It will outrun just about anything out there of the same category. The section infront of the seat is actually a storage compartment and there is where Aideen can sleep when I need her with me. I named her Lancer because while I am flying around in her, I can hold a lance which I use to impale it through another cockpit or shiskebap some poor sap who is flying around in just is TRS.

    It is armed with two twin barrel cannons, the front of the engines."


    "That concludes our interview. You will be escorted to your cell, prisoner"

    "Fine. I wanted to anyways. I have plans for this place"

    Subject 601-BA "Aideen"
    Subject is a canine in the previous possession of inmate 1232. Of a species simply known as Carnim Dog or Razor Hounds by the Gronus as it hails from the moon Carnim Alpha where the biomes are mostly rainforests and deserts and this Carnim Dog seems to have evolved, or engineered, to thrive in both. Larger than most Earth dogs, the Carnim Dog known as Aideen is broader and stronger than most with impressive muscular structure. The scales, although tough, won't stop a bullet but the blunt claws and beaks of other beasts. The animal also seems to have some sort of camouflage ability as she can change the color of her scales and hide to the surrounding area. The color seems also to change depending on the mood of the beast. Whenever she is aggressive and/or angered she takes on a red hue but when docile and happy she takes on a grey-blue color.

    Mostly a carnivore but the animal shows signs of being bio engineered to be more of an omnivore. It is less territorial, probably because she is domesticated but who the owner visibly dislikes, she also dislikes and from a word from her owner she will attack.

    When aggressive she is exceptionally dangerous as when she was being apprehended, even when she was recently shot with a tranquilizer she still bit off half a guard's hand. Mind not to anger this canine. With proper implants and training she will do nicely as a guard animal.

    *Prisoner 1232 escaped a week later through riots. Details are unclear*
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  5. Second Non GM Reserve

    EDIT: Added in the CS

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Alexei Stukov

    Age: 37

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human


    Personality: To say dear Stukov is absolutely insane is, while unfair, not entirely off the mark. First impressions give that he is an amiable enough soul, rather intensely focused on all things mechanical and electronic to the point of dismissing fellow organic companionship, but amiable enough beyond that. However, if a fight breaks out or it comes to testing his latest weapon of (Hopefully) mass destruction and carnage, the man becomes unhinged. Laughing and giggling like a loonie, the violence and damage he causes seems to please the man greatly, and typically the grander and more powerful the weapon, the happier he is with it. Keeping quiet and subtle, not so much.

    Backstory: Born to a family of renegade mechanics with a family lineage of unstable minds, it should come of little surprise that ol' Stukov is a natural born tinkerer, inventor, and stark raving madman. Assembling his first explosive weapon shortly in his younger years as an early teen, it was his parents pride to pay for a prosthetic eye to replace the one he lost when the weapon fell apart after firing and the ordinance didn't make it more than a few foot before detonating. It's how he got that scarring when the explosion threw him flat on his ass, and his old man taught him a thing or two about how not to have such things happen, mainly more propellent so it got farther before detonating and nothing sensible like delayed priming.

    Once Stukov was old enough he left the family home to go make his fortune building and selling weapons and equipment to the highest bidder, and fell in with a lot of pirates right away. He felt right at home with the bloodthirsty cut throats, and the pirates loved the experimental, and deadly (albeit to all parties involved), weapons he furnished them with. He got a lot of experience with various scrap and tech, and cobbling it all together into something greater than the sum of its parts. The IMPF caught up with the lot of them, Stukov almost wanted as badly as the Captain himself around that point due to the inhumane damage his weapons and equipment had caused people, and he jumped ship before they caught up and moved on.

    Having spent nearly ten years aboard such a vessel, he has yet to serve on another for nearly as long. Wandering from job to job, its been around ten years since he jumped ship, going from Scrapyard Dog crew to crew, serving until either he got bored with them or got run off by the more sensible and less crazed amongst them. It did help expand his skill set, however, and by the time he would take up his latest contract, he could do whatever was asked or required of a skilled Engineer. Granted, he much prefers building tools and weapons of pain and suffering, but unless he runs into the IMPF in a manner that gets him arrested or captured, hey, no worries right? And Stukov fully intends to go down swinging, to say the least.

    Strength Enhancements
    Subdurmal Hacking Implants
    Left Eye Prosthetic

    TRS Type: Heavy

    TRS Appearance:

    Role: Engineer

    Custom Autocannon: This thing is heavy even for someone with enhanced strength, much louder than necessary, and kicks hard enough to make it unlikely for those lacking strength augmentations to use even as a hard emplacement weapon. Coupled with past iterations having heating issues (Which Stukov claims he has fixed with the salvaged cooling fans this time), one wonders why the man continues to use the weapon. Rate of fire and raw damage are his responses. The thing has a blistering rate of fire for an autocannon (Which explains its monstrous recoil) and the 20mm rounds are more than capable of bringing down a wide variety of targets. Its also sturdy enough in construction to smack it alongside a light suit who thinks getting close is smart, although he probably will have to repair it later if he beats someone with it. He loads conventional ammo, but he has been heard muttering about "New and Improved" sources of ammo that are to be implemented once he can keep the thing working and not melting itself together during a prolonged battle, again.

    His melee weapon of choice, if smashing the offender alongside the head with his auto cannon is out of the question, is a pair of reinforced gauntlets that the man wears as gloves typically (Which can, and typically, also seal his heavy TRS against void exposure). Not satisfied with merely a set of reinforced gauntlets, he has run circuits and installed shock pads into the knuckles of the gloves, meaning that a solid punch gives off a massive jolt of voltage to the unfortunate soul getting punched. Not terribly reliable yet, and has to recharge to administer another shock punch, but improvements are in the works, or so Stukov claims.

    Other Items: While he keeps most tools in whatever passes for an engineering bay in whatever ship he serves on, the man also carries a tool kit slung in a rucksack for fixing whatever Buggery problems he might come across while out in the field, or build something on the fly.

    Other Info: If it wasn't obvious at this point, Stukov is unstable at best, utterly insane at worse, on a psychological level.

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  6. We allowed to play alien races or just humes?
  7. I knew I forgot something... Gimme a moment.

    Edit: Added a few races. The pictures are just to give you an idea of what they may look like. Feel free to branch out.
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  8. I've been waiting for something to catch my eye, and this one hit the spot. Forgive me if I muss anything up, I just joined Iwaku. Though do know that I have a lot of RP experience. Three or four years on RPGuild and a bit before that. The site layout is quite a bit different from what I'm used to.

    Isaac Darvey



    Boring Human

    One of the most notable things you would pick up on seeing Isaac are the two mechanical arms breaching out of his sleeves. Other than that, one might easily just pass him off as another blue eyed blonde haired soldier. He certainly has the physique of one, being rather tall at 6'2" and weighing one hundred and eighty pounds. His typical attire consists of his pocket filled coat and durable boots. He always lugs around a messenger bag filed with tools and other useful things. Oh, and don't forget the hat. He loves his hat.

    He's an asshole, to be honest. Rowdy and rude to the core. You can blame years of the military on that. You can also blame his complete and utter desensitization to violence. Kill a man right in front of him and he'll raise an eyebrow and be a bit confused by your sudden murder. Of course, he won't admit that his years of war and combat have given him quite a hefty dose of PTSD.

    What else is there to do when you're born on some outer rim mining colony with nothing to do except kick around rocks and chase around varmints? Why, join the army, of course! As soon as Isaac got the first hairs on his chin, he walked his way down to sign himself up. Hell, it was either that or become another miner and marry some woman and have kids that would also have no future.

    So, he joined the IMPF and signed himself up for an adventure among the stars. Of course, as one might expect, things didn't exactly turn out that well. Instead of exploring the galaxy, he was sent to 'keep the peace'. He's seen some shit and done some shit that he's not proud of in the slightest.

    Once his eight year term ran out, he left. Fuck the IMPF was his motto. What better way to screw the government than to ransack their patrols and destroy their property? Yeah, he joined the Scrapyard Dogs, sure, but it was a helluva lot better than killing innocents and fighting useless wars. He drifted from group to group, sticking to the ones that were at least morally good. A month or two ago, he signed up for a certain crew, not expecting anything more than his usual job.

    One might consider his arms modifications, but he simply considers them standard equipment. You know, regular arms. He lost those during one fateful battle where his simply got unlucky and tried to stop a ball of plasma from eating his face with his own hands. Didn't go too well. Thankfully, the IMPF are good at one thing and that is prosthetics, free of charge. Said modification acts as a strength enhancer. Robot arms stronk.

    As for actual modification, Isaac is fairly tame. He received brand new eyes after he got blinded during said incident. Plasma is bright as hell, especially when its close to your face and giving you third degree burns.

    TRS Type:
    Isaac uses a non-standard Heavy rig for combat purposes. Keep in mind he's added armored plates just for extra protection.

    TRS Appearance:
    The picture above explains it the best. The left suit is a mesh to wear for space travel while the right one is the outer shell. His chosen helmet is the top right one.

    Hell, he's a skirmisher, what do you think he was gonna be? A medic?

    His main weapon of choice when it comes to standard infantry battles is the rather large semi-automatic rifle seen in the picture. That baby is strong enough to put a few holes in a light or medium TRS. Of course, the weapon is basically useless in a melee unless you wanna hit people with a really expensive stick. His mechanical arms do the trick for CQC. Hell, put him in an arm wrestling match with a genetically modified soldier and Isaac might come out on top.

    Other Items:
    His hat. A fist full of Buggery. He always keeps a messenger bag filled with tools and equipment suitable for maintenance on either his TRS or the Pacifist. Aside from learning how to kill people in various ways, it was up to him to keep his equipment in tip top shape, so that's what he did. While he might not be as knowledgeable in engineering, he can jury-rig things together.

    Other Info:
    His favorite color is Blue?


    The SS Lapsed Pacifist

    S'about two or three years old from the time it was stolen. Of course, Isaac has no idea how long the fighter ship has been in service for. He estimates it around twenty or so years old.

    Very much like his Disposal in the fact that its design hails from older designs, the Lapsed Pacifist is akin to an old fighter plane of Terra. Riddled with graffiti and covered with so many old layers of paint, the ship isn't much at first glance. Of course, seeing as its in Isaac's hands, the ship has been refit so it could take on any modern fighter bird. The craft even has atmospheric capabilities. No warp drive, but one day Isaac will fly the stars.

    Okay, so I lied about the part of Isaac's departure from the IMPF being amicable and light hearted. He outright stole from them on his way out. Disposal and Lapsed are his only good memories of the place and he wasn't gonna let them get thrown into a trash compacter or get scrapped for a new ship. While Isaac isn't as high among the charts as some criminals, he certainly can't waltz into a IMPF facility and expect not to get chained up.

    The main attraction to The Lapsed Pacifist are the two dual cannons on either side of it. You can never go wrong with ballistic weaponry. Sure, lasers and plasma are fancy and what not, but explosions and bullets will always be the best. Speaking of explosions, the Pacifist also has several missile compartments. There are also smaller cannons on its wingtips and nose, but those see less actions and are mainly reserved for harassing during a chase.

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  9. TRS' aren't armed. Their only for movement and armour. The arms are... Interesting. Because you have the eyes and the chip, they can't count as mods. As such, they can't enhance his strength past what it would have been if he had his regular arms. That means that the line about him beating a modded soldier in an arm wrestling match can't be true. Modifications push strength past the limits that any organic has.

    Also, CQC is a combat style, not a weapon. A knife works well with CQC. Fix those things and put your race just under your gender and we should be good.
  10. Should I go ahead and just remove all the weaponry and keep the appearance? I might just change his suit if that's the case. As for his arms and modification, by neural interface I didn't mean the hacking chip. I meant he can hook himself up to things via an interface at the back of his neck. Would the arms count as a strength enhancement? You said they can have up to three modifications and if the neural interface doesn't count, that would only be two. As for CQC, his arms themselves are the weapons. He punches people in the face.
  11. I'm fine with you replacing or disarming the TRS. It makes no difference to me. However, if you want the arms to be your strength enhancement, you need to get rid of the nural interface. It wasn't in the list, anyway.
  12. The neural interface was sort of just fluff, but whatever. Isaac is complete! Glad to be on board, Captain.
  13. Everything checks out in my eyes. Glad to have you on board!
  14. Is it okay instead of the full jetpack and so on but instead have a jetbike and a lance?
  15. The lance is fine. The jetbike can take the place of a Skirmisher ship, but other than that, no.
  16. Might I suggest this?
  17. Nope. Just a regular lance that can switch points here and there after I shiskabab some spacers.
  18. There we go, edited in the CS back at the reserved post.
  19. Reserving the other engineer.
  20. Rax is good to go.