Scrambled Word Chain

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  1. In this version, you dont deal with the last letter.
    Instead you deal with the position of the letters, scrambling the letters you have to make another word.

    1st post: Tacos
    2nd post: Coats

    All the letters are used and you have a chain going.

    Other rules are that you MAY add a letter AND subtract a letter in your turn. If you want to just do one or the other you may, you dont have to both add and subtract if you dont wish to.

    example of this rule:
    1st post: Tacos
    2nd post: Boast. (We lost the c and added a b, giving us a valid word.)
    3rd post: Boats.
    4th post: Oats. (even though they didnt scramble things I'll accept it cause they took a letter away and gave a new word)

    Try to not re-use words please.

    Starting word: lure

  2. Alyssandra "Aly" Lucent (Priestess)
    Appearance (open)
    Stands 5'7". Skin is rather pale due to mixed heritage, with hair taking on a reddish tone.

    Human Zathian
    Mid 20s

    Personality- She addresses people with the utmost respect she believes each deserves. Usually, this is seen as being kind, but make no mistake that if she is prodded long enough, she'll put her foot down. Motherly by nature, she tends to worry about others, rendering herself vulnerable as she is the type who will sacrifice herself to save another. She does consider herself courageous, but there are times she hesitates. Rather indecisive, she prefers others to make a deciding factor, though if necessary, she'll reluctantly step up to the plate. She'll spread herself thin if it means everyone else is taken care of. She holds an air of bubbling innocence that can be rather deceiving.
    Likes- Being helpful. Cooking. Reading. Learning.
    Dislikes- War. Death. Blood. Heartache. Pain.
    Fears- There will come a time when she isn't powerful enough to aid someone she cares for. Mostly, she fears being left alone.
    Motives- Protector/Healer. She yearns to promote peace and aid in alleviating suffering.
    Biography- The nomadic tribe she ventures with is not quite sure of her origins and when asked, it is promptly dismissed by way of thrusting exotic trinkets into her arms to sell at market stalls or from out of the very caravan on the side of the road. Due to traveling her entire life, she's experienced many cultures and because of her curious nature, she's learned as much as she can about each. It was at seven when she discovered she had the Touch of Magic. Having always believed in helping others, the one thing in her life that she was sure of was attending the Magic School of Light. The only downfall? She had to sacrifice traveling with her tribe in order to stay within the city and study. Having shown an affinity in the Healing Arts, she also took interest in the element of fire. Fire, for some reason, seemed to call to her. Throughout schooling, she had also skimmed the teachings of the Light. Dedicating herself to be a Priestess, she has returned to her Zathian tribe and travels from city to city, completely content with being able to aid wherever she can.
    Religion- Loosely follows The Light
    Relationships- TBD, though she tends to befriend everyone.

    Equipment- Satchel that holds various herbs and minerals that aid in her healing.
    Magic- Holy/Light Magic (Healing Arts); Second Class: Pyromancy (though tends to struggle with this)
    Preferred Weaponry- Bow & Arrow (if needing to fight)

    Illyn (Rogue)

    Appearance (open)

    Stands 6'2". Pale skin, translucent that veins (appearing stark white) are faintly seen running through it. Colorless hair, piercing blue eyes.

    Moon Elf
    Early 70s

    Personality- Indifferent. She pays no mind to how she is seen and has the mentality of placing herself before others. While she cares for things in her life, people definitely rank on the lower end. Although she doesn't have a blatant hatred for anyone, she has developed a sense of hopelessness that any would impress her. When she speaks, it is direct and the only emotion she tends to show is her frustration through what she has come to learn as sarcasm.
    Observant and conceited, she states most opinions as facts. Those who know her joke that she should have been born a High Elf. Reckless and a daredevil, she is the kind who will barrel into a situation, believing without a doubt she can handle it. She has yet to be proven wrong.
    Likes- Stealing objects that have a practicality (though most are used for monetary gain). Scuffles (just something about testing her abilities gives her an excitement she rarely feels elsewhere).
    Dislikes- Sentimentality. She absolutely hates crying, especially when its coming from someone else.
    Fears- Making connections with others she won't be able to ignore. This is one of the reasons she distances herself.
    Motives- The thrill of theft, subtlety and subterfuge.
    Biography- She's been exiled. Ask her about it and you'll only receive a blank stare.
    Relationships- Give her reason not to respect you and you've made an enemy for life.

    Magic- Frostmancy (natural abilities. Is unschooled, so magic is unpredictable, making it dangerous). [Possible: Charming (in general)]
    Preferred Weaponry- Dual Daggers
    Other- is a kleptomaniac.


  3. Chrysia De Sorcelle

    Half Elf



    Heterosexual, who's asking?

    Chrysia is fun, outgoing, and extremely mischievous, she has a free spirit and wants adventure and excitment and is constantly looking for new forms of entertainment both for her mind and her physical activity. At the same time though she was raised with extremely strong family ties, even if they were somewhat strict with her. She is extremely loyal to those she is close with and dedicated to whatever she puts her mind to. She is a hard worker when she wants to be and can be a slight perfectionist. While she wants excitement and adventure, she is still a bit of a diva, being quite vane at times, and holding material possessions in high value often - she can't help that she likes pretty expensive things considering she was raised with a silver, or rather golden, spoon.

    Chrysia likes anything that is fun, exciting, and that will hold her attention. She is attracted to risks and situations that require critical thinking, especially if she can use her powers. She has inherited her ancestor's wit, knowledge, and magical abilities, yet she seems to have a somewhat wild spirit - and those traits all combined make her interests a bit on the wild side.

    She dislikes boredom, and things that bore her. She feels that with her quick mind she needs constant entertainment. She was never the kind of girl to learn from the book while she was in school, she glanced over the lesson and took it to the streets!

    Typical girl things? Spiders? The dark?

    Chrysia craves adventure, she wants to break free from her father's restraints and use her powers for good. She wants to explore and see the world!

    Chrysia's father is the Lord De Sorcelle, one of the oldest noble families in Kel. He was married to a human named Beatrice, whom he had a son, Chrysia's older brother Nicholas. Beatrice unfortunately passed away early in Nicholas' childhood and shortly after he had an affair with an Elven Woman, a diplomat he had been doing business with. She became pregnant and they were married shortly afterwards. Soon after that Chrysia was born. She was named Chrysia after the word for gold, Chrysos, for her golden-amber eyes.
    She was close with her brother and they got into some mischief together as children, and early in her childhood her skill with magic was apparent. Her parents immediately hired the best magic tutors for her they possibly could.
    After that she was forced to spend almost all of her time with her tutors - however she got away whenever possible, sneaking away and spending her time on the streets, trying to make friends, but mostly getting into trouble.
    However all of her trouble making didn't stop her from become masterful with her magic, as is fitting for her name sake.
    While her parents remained proud of her magical abilities, they were disturbed when she began to use Shadow Magic...they bribed her tutors to keep it a secret and told her to hide it and never use it in public and try not to use it even in private whenever possible, they feared that even though she was happy child and grew into a happy person, that her dark abilities may one day take her over and were a dark omen of sorts.

    Still deciding???

    (still deciding)

    She always carries with her a few small daggers because that is all she is really skilled with other than her magic.
    A black black for warmth and for a casual appearance.
    A backpack that carried basic adventuring equipment that she has been saving for the day she would finally set out on her own.

    And some money. Lots of Money. she never goes anywhere without money.

    Shadow Magic

    Preferred Weaponry
    She prefers the use of small daggers and knives, she is only good at close combat - while strength is not her forte she is extremely agile and good at acrobatics.