Scrambled Word Chain

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Corvus Corax

Original poster
In this version, you dont deal with the last letter.
Instead you deal with the position of the letters, scrambling the letters you have to make another word.

1st post: Tacos
2nd post: Coats

All the letters are used and you have a chain going.

Other rules are that you MAY add a letter AND subtract a letter in your turn. If you want to just do one or the other you may, you dont have to both add and subtract if you dont wish to.

example of this rule:
1st post: Tacos
2nd post: Boast. (We lost the c and added a b, giving us a valid word.)
3rd post: Boats.
4th post: Oats. (even though they didnt scramble things I'll accept it cause they took a letter away and gave a new word)

Try to not re-use words please.

Starting word: lure