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    USERNAME: O5adamsd013
    PASSWORD: ********

    Greetings Overseer Adams. Before I go out about my urgent message, I would like to assure you that this is not a secret message to you alone, I have alerted each of the other O5 Council Members, each with their own unique task. Now; the message. As you must be aware of now, things have changed. You know our goal: Secure, Contain, Protect. It's much more than that now.
    Before, it was only us, the Foundation. Anomalies were held by one group and that was us. Now things have changed, we have Groups of Interest; the UIU, ORIA, GOC, the mysterious Serpant's Hand and many more, including our most formidable enemy; the Chaos Insurgency. Before it was a hunt, a protocol, now it has turned into a war, and we are part of it.
    Now, your new priority; many of my most trusted members of the Foundation, including the O5 Council, have different tasks. Some are tasked with defending our SCPs, taking them before our rivals discover them. Some are to make deals with allies, or sabotage our enemies. Yours however, Mr. Adams, is very special. I am entrusting you with a special protocol, one that will end the war if needed. When I tell you, no matter the situation or who it can affect, you will Engage it.

    We Secure. We Contain. We Protect.
    And now we Attack. We Defend. We Engage.
    — The Administrator


    Now, I have lots of plans for arcs and such for this RP. Due to the vastness of the Foundation universe, most but not neccasarily all will be taken in account by the wiki. You can play as anything, ranging from a D-Class to a humanoid SCP. Though I suggest you play as an MTF, but I will figure things out to make your life interesting as a D-Class, Researcher or an SCP.
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  2. Very interested.
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