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    SCP Foundation

    "Doctor, we have suffered another Containment Breach at several zones. The Chaos Insurgency may be involved."

    "Remember the idea? To gather a team? One that could eliminate and control Dangerous SCPs?"

    "Pandora's Box? But didn't that shut down because of Able not being able to be controlled?"

    "Yes, but we can create new teams. We will find a way to control Able, as well as many others. We will call it Project Sojourner, because we will not stay long."

    "Yes, sir."

    Information on what SCP is (open)

    SCPs are short internet stories in the same vein as Creepypasta. In universe, the SCP Foundation captures and contains anomalous People, buildings, animals, or objects. These can be anything from a rock that makes you procrastinate (SCP-___-J) to an indestructible Lizard (SCP-682) to God himself (SCP-343). They have Researchers who study these SCPs to better study them. There's also the Mobile Task Forces which collect, and contain SCPs for study. A Mobile task force may be like a whole military Battalion, to a small research team of about ten people. An Organization like this would make enemies, and they have many, from the Serpent's Hand, to the Fifth Church, to the Chaos Insurgency. The Foundation still manages to maintain the status quo on Earth, despite all of this. This RP we would play Doctors, SCPs, or Mobile Task Force Agents in a Mobile Task Force to help fight these organizations, as well as Containment breaches of dangerous SCPs.

    Welcome, Agents to Project Sojourner. There was an Idea, long ago to Use SCPs to find, and combat other SCPs to contain them. It began with Pandora's Box, or Omega-7. Led by 076-B, or "Able" and 105 "Iris." The team was mostly successful, until Able went on a rampage. The team was broken up, and expunged from records.

    We have recently decided to retry this project, but instead of one team, it will be multiples. Each SCP will lead a different team, and each team will be tasked with retrieving and working on a different type of SCP. Every team will have a doctor on it, to contain the SCP, and to assist the team.

    The main Teams that will be in this RP:

    Alpha-2 "Fate/Zero" (yes, I am aware that this is an anime.) Tasked with retrieving SCPs that are related to Religious or Historical Artifacts. This team is sent anywhere those SCPs might be.

    Beta-3 "G-Men" Related to going into Government Facilities, and monitoring all SCP Related Activity from there. This team is STRICTLY a Logistics and Recon Team, and is NOT to engage any SCPs unless threatened.

    Gamma-9 "The Pruners": This team infiltrates Special interest Groups such as the Chaos Insurgency, Church of the Broken God, The Fifth Church, and the Serpent's Hand. This team is to contain SCPs related to these groups. It should work with Alpha-2 if the situation requires it.

    Delta-6 "Post Bellum" This team analyzes mail, Package delivery, and Emails for SCPs sent via them. The team is tasked with containing those SCPs as fast as possible so that they don't effect anyone.

    Sigma-5 "Old Man and the Sea" This team is tasked with capturing Oceanic SCPs. Whether they're a giant fish, to a Ghost Pirate ship, this team has to capture and contain them. They sometimes come into contact and work alongside various world navies, and Coast Guards.

    Omega-7 "Pandora's Box" The original SCP Led team. This is an Elite team that can perform any position. Its use is to capture and contain difficult SCPs. It's led by 076-B known as "Able" and 105 known as "Iris". Pandora's Box consists of elite members hand picked by Able.

    SCP Application Sheet:

    Item #:

    Nickname: (what they'll call you.)


    Special Containment Procedures:


    Addendums: (if you want them.)

    Mobile Task:

    Doctor Sheet:





    Clearance Level:

    Mobile Task Force:


    Agent Sheet:






    1. Ask me if you can use a number. I have plans for various canon SCPs, and don't want the numbers to conflict. If you need help, ask me, and I'll find a number for you.

    2. Please don't start problems with other players or me in this RP.

    3. Have a question? Don't hesitate to ask! I don't bite!

    4. My word is FINAL!

    5. You can have multiple characters. 4 max.

    6. Anime or Real images. I don't care, personally.

    7. Have fun
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  2. SCP Application Sheet:


    Item #: 431

    Nickname: Bloody Mary

    Classification: Euclid

    Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be contained in a heavily reinforced room, with the painting hanging on a blank wall, resembling an display at an art museum. Entry and the viewing of this anomalous artwork is allowed, but, only when SCP 431-1's activity has ceased... Since incident [Redacted] it is absolutely imperative NOT under any circumstance enter SCP 431's containment chamber when SCP 431-1 shows ANY sign of activity, instead, keep a steady supply of dolls as shown in the image below in the room.
    SCP 431-1 has so far shown far less hostility to being kept in containment with them around... Though, due to the events of Incident 864 do not put more than four dolls in the room at a time.

    Description: An innocent looking painting of a strange, blonde-haired girl with blue eyes, standing behind a patch of yellow roses... It was rumored to be one of Guertena's last works before his untimely death, but, do not be decieved by it's harmless appearance, for the girl in the painting itself is known to come to life at irregular intervals.


    SCP 341-1 - A strange blonde haired girl that sometimes hops out of the painting... She calls herself "Mary", and will often ask younger D-class personel who have entered the chamber to "play" with her, and that's exactly what happens. However, if the D-class personell attempts to leave at any point, Mary produces a scalpel from behind her back, and proceeds to [redacted], earning her nickname; "Bloody Mary". She seems to take a liking

    SCP 341-2 - Living dolls which have developed anomalous properties, they have only been sighted once, during Incident 864 when [redacted] occurred, they are the reason it is advised against to place more than four dolls in SCP 431's containment cell no matter what the circumstance.

    Incident 864 - Upon the placement of five dolls in SCP 341's containment cell, SCP 341-1 resumed usual interactions with said dolls... However, after 30 minutes had passed, the fifth dolls showed signs of movement, and giggled a few times. Then, it approached the other dolls and proceeded to [redacted], while SCP 341-1 watched, giggling along as well, she then pointed at the observation window, where personell [redacted] and [redacted] had been observing. The dolls proceeded to [redacted] the personel until Mobile Task Force RED was able to eliminate all 5 instances of SCP 341-2 with the use of flame throwers, suffering the loss of one squad member due to [redacted]. Containment protocols and safety precautions have been revised with the help of squad leader [redacted] of RED following this incident.

    Experiment #1 - D-437, a very young looking female D-class personel was sent in upon SCP 341-1's request for someone "her age" to play with D-437... No abnormal behaviors from any other child was observed, that was until D-437's allotted time there was up, and she was ordered to leave. Upon D-437's attempt to leave, SCP 341-1 had pulled out a scalpel from behind her and [redacted] subject D-437, the behavior was noted of, and, the body of D-437 was collected for an autopsy after SCP 341-1 receded back into SCP 341... Subject D-437 was shown to have various [redacted] marks on [redacted] from the [redacted] that had occurred to her in the containment cell, as dr. [redacted] had described it... "That was some crazy [expletive] [expletive] that happened back there!"

    Note: dr. [redacted] is recommended to undergo some additional training on proper formal conduct when providing a statement on his observation.

    Experiments #2-4's documents have pending requests to be release to the public, and as of now, are unavailable.

    Mobile Task: RED (Reconaissance and Extermination Department)
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  3. (Oh! And if you need me to change the SCP number, I can do that real quick!)
  4. Accepted! I like her!

    Uh, I do need to come up with just a generic low level Extermination group for you to be in, since most are Specialized except for "Pandora's box."
  5. Pandora's box may work >.<
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  6. Alright then. That works.
  7. Name: Dr Ashton Ebony, Site Director.

    Age: 28




    One of the more Level headed SCP Doctors, Ashton is almost always calm in any given situation. He's the first to react in any situation. He's fairly kind to the SCPs, and insists other doctors be kind as well. Ashton is silent when angry, and is not good with words.

    Clearance Level: Omni

    Mobile Task Force: Omega-7 "Pandora's Box"

  8. IMG_20150907_105525_hdr_kindlephoto-3088120.jpg [BCOLOR=#000000]Item #: 0727[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Nickname: "The Hound"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Classification: Keter[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Special Containment Procedures: [/BCOLOR]

    SCP 0727 is to be watched at all times via monitors do to incident 766. The safety of personnel is priority, which is why 0727 is kept below ground level on floor [redacted]. The room 0727 is kept on has been secured with cell bars, automatic closing doors, gas vents, and snipers also because of incident 766.

    Personnel should never under any circumstances enter the room of 0727 but if entry is for some reason necessary the units must each carry a clicker like the one below.


    [BCOLOR=#000000]0727 so far has shown signs of not attacking when it hears the clicks emitted from the device, though it isn't know if 0727 is just toying around or if it is calmed by the sound. When having to enter 0727s' cell personnel is expected to dress in the Padded Suit due to incident 907. They must at no circumstances make eye contact with 0727 for it is known to [redacted].[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]0727 has the appearance of a dog with whitish yellow ears, very then blue gray fur, and long dark gray fur at the top like a hyena. It's tail seems to contain no bone except for the piece that is visible at the end. It's mouth isn't flesh and bone but metal and it's eyes are mismatch in color. It is lacking its back left foot due to a accident while trying to contain the SCP, and it's left front leg appears to have what resembles metal rods in it, oddly enough the appendage can bend and move. It is unknown if 0727 is a real living creature or a animatronic.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Addendums: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]SCP 0727- A strange 'dog' like creature that is highly dangerous. Many Class D personnel have been sent in to test what this SCP is capable of, when has been found out is [redacted].[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Incident 766- Class D Personnel have been issued to stand guard at 0727 cell. 0727 has been seen pacing around the cell occasionally emitting whines and soft barks like that of a pup. [Classified] had open the cage door and went inside to calm down 0727 but was [redacted]. Personnel failed in containing SCP 0727, majority of Class D was [redacted] and [terminated] but soon was able to restrain 0727 with [Classified][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Incident 907- Dr.[Classified] has been sent into 0727s cell current time 15:30. 0727 is showing no signs of hostility. 16:01 Dr.[Classified] has begun various tests such as tossing a ball, using a laser pointer, and [redacted]. 16:35 Dr.[Classified] has issued a check up and experimental test on 0727 to determine its make up. 16:36 Dr.[Classified] has began injections on 0727 causing it to become hostile. Dr.[Classified] was [redacted]. Due to his death and the ferocity of this SCP it is on lock down and personnel are to enter with protection.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Experiment 1:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]D-197 a young man was sent to SCP 0727 to see if it showed any signs of intelligence. After many failed attempts of trying to get interactions from 0727 D-197 left only to hear what sounded like "Metal in a garbage disposal" as D-197 calls it. D-197 soon claimed to have an intense headache and later collapsed repeatedly saying "I want out! They want out! We want out!" That was noted and D-197 was [terminated].[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Experiment 2: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Many attempts to contain 0727 has failed. With its new cell and security the foundation has finally been able to keep 0727 under control. Though tests have shown 0727 to be unpredictable. Dr[Classified] was trying to see how SCP 0727 reacts to various objects when it suddenly lunged and [redacted] the doctor. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Further tests have not been issued.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Mobile Task:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#ffffff]Armed Rapid Response Task Force Xi-13[/BCOLOR]
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  9. Looks good, except for the Response Team. See the OP for those.
  10. Okay I'll fix it really fast :)
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