SCP Foundation

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  1. Yeah =D. Anyone down for an RP based on the escapades of the SCP Foundation? Prior to the breach, of course, and I'm imagining a centralized plot.
  2. Any chance I could participate even though I know next to nothing about it?
  3. Yeah! I imagine you'll only need to know the nature of the SCP Foundation. They are a multi-national responsible for the containment of supernatural or extraterrestrial entities. They're like a UN sponsored Area 51. Kind of.
  4. I knew that much already. That's why I was interested. ^~^
  5. Oh! Yeah! Of course XD.

    Yes, you may absolutely participate =).
  6. -will play someone new, so it works- ^~^ FIRST DAY~!
  7. Hahaha XD. I'm imagining a cohesive plot, about the doctors/researchers, Mobile Task Forces (the security force of the Foundation), and D-classes (death row inmates used as expendable work by the Foundation) examining/testing/whatever a new SCP. Sew XD. We can all develop characters, probably, who have been there for a while anyway. Especially because I think we should set it before the game.

    Quick disclaimer, for ALL ZE PEOPLES XD. I am not god, nor do I want to be, here =). I love RPs because of the communication and collaboration and storytelling they encourage. Feel free to disagree with me about something, or recommend something else!
  8. In other news, this anomalous item listed on the SCP site is one of the coolest ideas ever:

    Item Description: Eleven children's books (recommended for readers aged 4 - 6 years) with copyright dates between 10 and 15 years in the future — that is, between 2005 and 2010. Aside from having come from a future date, the books are not otherwise anomalous.
    Date of Recovery: ██-██-1995
    Location of Recovery: St. ██████████ Church Flea Market, ██████, ██
    Current Status: With the publication of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] in February 2010, the books are no longer anachronistic (comparison of text and illustrations with publicly-available copies of all 11 books shows no differences), and have been claimed by Dr. ████████ for his daughter.
  9. Interested. Still. ^~^
  10. I'd be interested in this. Have an idea for a cold blooded R&D specialist.
  11. Oh yay! Thanks for your help before, by the way =).