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  1. So, I've been getting the idea of making my own version of the SCP Foundation. This would have all new types of "SCPs" and shall be of a pure fantasy element. Perhaps with a modern/futuristic touch?... Seeing as I hwve my own magic system for guns, I'll incorporate it into this.

    I've already had ideas for a few "remakes", such as a large hulking mass of decayed flesh, perhaps like a behemoth of sorts with tusks and lungs and... well, mass. Another thing might be incorporated taken from one of my other worlds, a disease spawned from cross-realm beings entering the world. And maybe a necromancer knight or something?...

    The only natural "magic" in this world will be rune-type stuff, and a particular rift that forms in the "fabric" that holds the world together, which that itself produces a custom mineral of mine used in the magic system for my projectile-based weaponry. :0

    I've never been much for good startouts, but tell me what you guys think.
  2. So, we're having all-new captives? No canonical ones at all?
  3. Yep, perhaps some things will be mimicked to a good extent, but no exact copies. And I do not expect to... create over thousands of these, obviously. I've read many SCPs on the wiki itself, so I know few that I personally would base a couple things on. Such as the "Hard-to-kill Reptile" being the inspiration for the undead behemoth(hulking mass of decayed flesh etc. )
  4. I'm in.
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Thread Status:
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