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  1. Welcome to the SCP Foundation, facility code; [REDACTED].

    We are now accepting applications for 7 open positions among our highly esteemed and [REDACTED] staff. These 7 positions have been opened purely for the sake of the newest and most highly anticpated [REDACTED] program. Rumors of missing employees due to [DATA EXPUNGED] are false, we assure each of our newest applicants are in the safest of environments and will receive benefits accordingly.

    We at the SCP Foundation implore each of you to complete your applications quickly and entirely. Be sure to pay special attention to the [REDACTED] section of the application for the best results, and also note there are several forms such as the [REDACTED] that must be sent in as soon as possible. As we receive many applicants a day, we ask that you remain patient as this process can take time. However [REDACTED] is working diligently to familiarize [REDACTED] with each of your applications to find those best suited for the [REDACTED].

    If you are not accepted as a [REDACTED] of the [REDACTED], it is most likely in your best interests as our team of psychoanalysts and ergonomic specialists are trained to select only individuals capable of completing their tasks and progressing within the SCP Foundation.

    Once more, thank you for your patience.

    Secure. Contain. Protect.

    - Site Director

    ..-. .- .-.. ... . / .- -. --. . .-.. .-.-.- / ..-. .- -.- . .-.-.- / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / - .... . / . -..- .--. . .-. .. -- . -. - .-.-.- / -.-. --- .-. .-. ..- .--. - .. --- -. .-.-.- / -- .. ... ... .. -. --. / .--. .-. --- - --- -.-. --- .-.. ... .-.-.- / -..- -.- / -.-. .-.. .- ... ... .-.-.- / .-. . -- . -- -... . .-. / - .... . / -.- / -.-. .-.. .- ... ... .-.-.-​

    Alright folks! Now that I have your attention, here is a little more of an explanation on what I am cooking up. The genre of this here little role-play of mine is Horror/Psychological Fuckery. Obviously the skeleton of it is SCP, which if you are unfamiliar with you may want to get gud scrub. The SCP foundation is basically an all-knowing entity that is shrouded entirely in secrecy. Why? The Foundation secures and contains all the nasty little monstrosities of the world and keeps them tucked away while the rest of mankind can live in a normal and sane world. What a job right? Well someone has to do it.

    Here is where you guys come in.

    Recently, exactly seven job positions have opened up in one of the many SCP facilities. These mysterious positions need filling as soon as possible. There is a lot of cloak and dagger as far as the process is concerned but SCP seems to be looking for seven very particular skill sets (which I will list later). These seven sods are hand selected by some unknown power within the SCPF, they begin their orientation and then are subjected to their training. Then the real fun begins. For me anyways. And believe me things are going to get really intense, really quick.

    As gamemaster of this hur roleplay, I'm going to play a little differently. I am adopting a style which I originally experienced from an old geezer who created an RP I still hold near and dear to my heart. I will describe this to you as simply as I can. I am all knowing, and all powerful. So be careful trying to pull a fast one on me. However, I do not get to kill off your characters and will give all of yous a chance to fend for yourselves (there is safety in numbers). Where I am cruel, and can be merciful for the sake of logic. Every couple of posts there is going to be a huge Master Post, sometimes relating to all of yous and sometimes only regarding individuals. There is going to be a posting order that I will be moderately strict about, that will be discussed later.

    Let's expand on death a little shall we? The Death system is going to work on equal parts karma/balance/lottery. For example: if little Johnny has been misbehaving and tampering with things he shouldn't, Wander is going to notice. Maybe Johnny decides that he is going to light Wander's cat's tail on fire and cause the poor thing to have a heart attack, Wander is going to be very sad. Not to mention angry. This means, Johnny's name is going to appear several times in the mystical lottery bowl meaning he is going to be more likely to march down death row. Hopefully you are still following.

    There are going to be strong themes of violence, gore, psychologically disturbing imagery, basically its going to be a god damn trigger fest. TASTEFUL trigger fest. Here is your official warning and advisory that this is not for the faint of heart, easily triggered, or small children.

    Throwing this out in the open to see who I can catch, will most likely have the OOC up in a couple weeks. We shall see.


    There is safety in numbers. Don't forget to actually work together my kitties.
  2. I like cats. I also like fire.

    Let's do it.
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  3. Also, fuck waffle monsters and blinking. GOD, THE BLINKING!
  4. As a huge fan and contributor to the SCP Community...

    I am in!
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  5. *slams hands on table*

    YES YES YES! <3

    thanks guise. This is going to be my first roleplay in YEARS, happy for you guys to join me.
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  6. Oh wow, yes! So interested!
  7. YO!
  8. [​IMG]

    Lucky number seven is in. ​
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  9. EYYYY!
  10. [​IMG]
    "The Gang's all here."
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. As long as I can be Chip.
  13. I... I missed? Oh no... :( *slinks away in shame*
  14. Nope. I won't be able to participate, so...
  15. I... I can join? Yay!! *collapses in relief*
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  16. Yo ^^ I'm interested but I don't know too much about SCP... SO I'll do a lot of research ^^
  17. I don't know if there's a position open or not. If not, let me know if one DOES open, as I'd love to be part of this psychological fuckery. xD
  18. Actually you can have my spot! I don't think I'll be joining this one after all. >.<
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  19. If there is an open spot, or anyway I can participate, I would certainly be interested.I love SCP after all. I've been able to read almost all of them.
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