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  1. I have an idea for a 1x1 but am looking for only one female partner, sorry. I would consider myself an adept roleplayer, and am looking for a partner with good spelling, grammar, and post length. I want a partner whose character has depth and development that will keep me interested in their character, and anticipating their next post.

    The land of Arturia is ruled by five major kingdoms, the Elania Kingdom, Dynasis Empire, Baris Kingdom, the Turian Republic, and the elves of Eastern Breach. The border between Elania and Baris has proven hostile the past ten years, and a war threatens to break out between the two kingdoms. The King of Baris schemes with the Emperor of Dynasis to aid him in conquering Elania. He hopes that by kidnapping Elania's princess, he can utilize her as a trump card to win the war.

    The plan, to kidnap the princess and deliver her to the Dynasis Empire. Then as the war with Baris breaks out on Elania's northern border, Dynasis will move in from the south, using the princess to shatter the king's resolve. The kidnapping is successful, and they manage to cross the Elania border without a hitch. The princess, believing her kidnappers to be from Baris does not realize she is only a week from being placed in the Dynasis dungeon. Only one mountain range away from her kingdom being written off the map.

    Though she has tried many times, she has not been able to escape her captors. Her last chance of freedom and potentially saving her kingdom comes in the form of a young ranger. Will he help her return home, or trade her to the highest bidder? She may have no choice but to put her faith in him.

    So that's a synopsis of my idea. I would be playing the ranger, and yourself the princess. If your are interested leave a comment below, or Pm me.
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  2. Still looking?
  3. Yes, I am still looking for a partner, but hopefully you've answered my wish. Would you like to discuss the RP via PM?
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