Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

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  1. [video=youtube;qoFqatfEFrw][/video]

    Myrn and I are going to see it.

    Are you?
  2. quite probably.
  3. This looks awesome

    time to break out the L word.
  4. "...lesbian?"

    "The OTHER 'L' word."


  5. You can't be a vegan; you don't have the will power.

    (FUCK YES)
  6. YES to the max. I've been watching the development of this one for a while. Poor Michael Cera though; it seems he's always typecast into the same sort of character... at least he gets to kick some ass here.
  7. Most def...too good to miss in my opinion.
  8. REALLY? I thought the movie looked pretty terrible.
  9. Yeah, it certainly isn't for everyone. I've known of people who liked the slice of life sections of the comic but groaned at the video game elements--which the movie seems to be selling itself on pretty hard.

    OT:I started the previous thread for this! I have to see it.

    I was a little underwhelmed by the final volume of the comic(Actually from volume 3 until the final showdown had me gripped; it was the final fight that felt a little "meh" to me), but it was a good end.

    I'll be interested to see the difference in the movie's version.
  10. My friend, Tom - the guy on the organ thingy - he totally reminds me of Michael Cera.

    p.s. I was sitting by the camera. You may even hear me laughing.

    p.s.(2) - You are in the presence of greatness. Tom (the guy with the moustache) is twice the writer I'll ever be. The guy's a fucking genius. Don't underestimate him. o__o
  11. If exposed to banjo, moustaches and historical parody. Yes.
  12. So...Asmo likes making fun of white plantation owners? Works for me.
  13. I will.

    The sappy teenage drama elements make me >:I though