Scott Pilgrim Versus The World

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  1. Harmony giggles softly, "You enjoy being tormented don't you?"
  2. Im disappointed in my species...
  3. For the possession, that's not what I mean at all. I meant that the spirits possessing Jill and Raven have completely different powers and are using those through our magic girls. They don't swap abilities. They become conduits for completely different ones.

    I don't think we'll be using dreamscape. At least not as completely as before. We might be able to use a little bit of it in the climax, but probably not on four or five people at once.
  4. *Chuckles evilly and thinks funny yet awful thoughts*

    This ought to be fun.
  5. You guys have been so very supportive, thank you.

    She is doing really well and is resting a lot. Which is good. Though I'm terrified of when her insomnia kicks in and she could be awake for days in pain. As of the moment, I have quite a bit of free time while she sleeps so I will try to stay on the ball with this.