Scorched Blood (Angel and Demon Roleplay )

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    A battle that has been going going on since the dawn of man, two forces, Light and Dark. Angels and Demons battle for power, Lucifer trying desperately to force his way through the gates of Heaven, and defeat his creator, God himself.

    Finally, the devil launched a full fledged attack on the Gates of Heaven, eager to cast the world to flames and defeat the being that sent his life to Hell, literally.

    He fell in battle, his life ended by an Arch Angel, who's name is now forgotten, mostly due to the grieve that followed. As the angels silver blade sliced through Lucifers heart, all his power. All his anger. And all his thoughts poured into the Angels mind, driving him power hungry.

    For years, the world lived peacefully. No major disasters. No new plagues. Until finally, the Arch Angel spoke to god, demanding more power. Refusing, the Angel lashed out, killing several angels to prove a point.

    Casting him down like the Devil before him, the demons below accepted him in open arms.
    And with a new, stronger Devil even the Angels fear, a new lifetime of Chaos began.

    The power of Light and Dark are even, and only those with Scorched Blood can tip the scales. Which side are you on?

  2. I know which side I'm on. Since I sent you my Character Sheet.
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  3. Demon side.
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  4. Interesting, I may join, but I need to know some things first.
    One, How many characters can you app to have?
    Two, what are the powers that the demons/angels can have?
    Three, Can their be hybrids between the two, and if so can we play them?
    Four, can their be hybrids between them and humans, and if so can we play them?
  5. 1.)
    Have as many as you can keep active!
    The only limits on powers, is nothing that'll make your character invincible, and Demons can not have light powers, and Angels can not have dark powers (Not counting Fallen Angels)
    Between Demons and Angels? Well technically no, there are Fallen Angels which are evil angels that fall from Heaven, and I plan on making a sorta Light Demon for Heaven
    Those would be Scorched Bloods, Half Human and Half Angel/Demon.
  6. Oh, I like the name. They probably play an important role in the story as well. I'll probably make 2-3. an angel, and two Scorched Bloods. Consider me interested.
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