"Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Terror Time" 2.0 (Reboot)

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  1. For those who remember, this is a reboot of an old RP I had going on a while back.


    Legends speak of a Chest. A chest of unspeakable evils, containing the spirits of multiple demons who broke through into the mortal world. These demons were after a very unique treasure that would allow them to release the rest of their kin from the pits of Hell and bring about the end of the world: the Apocalypse. In response to this threat, a group of legendary heroes ventured far across the landscape of their world to capture these demons and send them back to the fiery depths of Hell from which they came. Succeeding in their mission, they managed to round up the dangerous creatures and sealed them away in the chest. Once the demons were in the chest, they hid it somewhere far from humanity, in a place where nobody would ever find the chest again. There, it was to lay, watched over by a guardian who made sure it would be undisturbed by mankind, forever..

    Unknown to the heroes, one of the demon's, a powerful being known as "Asakon", had avoided capture and remained free. Asakon did not reveal himself to the heroes, for he knew they would seal him away just like the others. So, he spent the next hundred years hidden away, plotting in secret to release his comrades and finish the job they had started. In this time, all knowledge of the chest, the apocalyptic artifact, and the demons faded from the world. But, whispers of a dark figure roaming the lands, searching forever for an object he desired above anything else began to arise. There were multiple names for the tall, dark, slender figure throughout history of the myth: "The Follower", "Windigo", "The Woodsman in Black", "The Apparition", "The Pale Faced Man", and many more. But as long as Asakon remained free, the chest could not be sealed properly.

    Now, over a century later from when the demons were trapped in the chest, a group of teenage friends just graduating high school, are introduced to the picture. These friends have started a business of their own, investigating paranormal phenomena across America. Most of the creatures, spectres, and demons that they've investigated, however, have turned out to be fakes: men and woman wearing expertly crafted Halloween costumes with the purpose to either scare away groups of people in order to acquire treasure of some kind, or commit crimes from Theft, to First Degree Murder based on past childhood traumatic incidents and fears. One day while investigating into a strange figure seen lurking around in a forest abducting and murdering the townspeople's children, the friends stumble upon an ancient ruin hidden deep underground. They soon come across the legendary chest and accidentally unleash the Demons contained upon the world.

    When the guardian warns them of the consequences for what they've done, they discover that their fate has been tied to something greater then they could have imagined possible. So now, its up to the teenagers, along with their mascot, a very meddlesome greyhound, to find and recapture all of the Demons. This time, however, they must find Asakon and capture him as well, finally ending the struggle that was started so long ago. But time is short, and the Demons are on the hunt for the artifact that would ensure the Apocalypse. With multiple Demons running free, the threat of religious extinction of the mortal world, and the task of saving the world placed upon a group of teenagers, only one question remains:


    So, this idea is pretty straight forwards. We will be playing a group of teenagers (and one dog) who have formed up our own "Mystery Incorporated" to investigate paranormal activity.

    We'll need about 4-5 people who are interested in this before we can properly start. Unlike the source material, we won't be solving mysteries (I know that sucks, but believe me, its hard to RP that out properly). Instead, we'll be focusing on "Cases" sort of like an actual Ghost Hunt. Each case will revolve around one of the Demon's, and will be actually Horror-Based. After all, these aren't guys in costumes we're dealing with anymore, these are real monsters and ghosts. Through the course of the RP, we'll be solving a larger puzzle that concerns Asakon and the origins of the artifact he is desperately trying to find.

    I'll expand more upon this when we get some actual discussion going, but this is real life based. Meaning, characters will die, the Demons will try to kill people, there are satanic rituals going on, the whole shebang. That being said, we'll still pay homage to the show and the things we love about it, but we'd still stay moderately realistic whenever we can.

    So, we'll need about 2-3 main characters to start us off (Including myself). We can go two different directions with this: we can have roles of the original Gang filled in with OC's that are playing the stereotypes set by the originals. For example, we could fill in the roles of:

    • The Leader
    • The Nerd
    • The Beauty
    • The Hippie/Laid Back One
    • The Dog/Best Friend of the Laid Back One

    I think you get the idea.

    The other way we can go about this is by creating original characters that exist with their own skills and abilities, separate from what was already laid out by the source material. (ex. Shaggy and Fred have been replaced with OC's with different traits. The Shaggy OC could be brave rather then fearful, but has no leadership skills, Fred's OC replacement could be a total idiot, but knows when to say certain things and lead the group, ect).

    Either way, this should be a fun experience. Anyways, if you're interested, post below and we'll begin discussing things. I'll set the official cut-off for characters at 6 (realistically deciding how many people we can fit inside a van with a large amount of backseat space like the Mystery Machine).
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  2. I should also note that I will be playing the roles of Scooby-Doo (the only unchanged character) and a Shaggy-inspired OC.
  3. I'll take cute nerd girl if you'll have me :)
  4. Oh yeah totally! Okay, so there's Vemla #1. We just need a Daphne and a Fred to get things moving along.

    You can also choose to be the 2nd "Velma" of the group, but let's try to fill in the core spots before going too crazy with additional characters.
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  5. I'm going to try out something a little different.

    Can I take the role of "The Beauty", but roleplay it as a guy?
  6. By all means! That's the point of this role filling/mixing up idea as opposed to just having set ideas about them!
  7. Okay, so that's our 3 character achievement. We can start forming elements we'd like to see in the story and make characters.

    Anyone have questions about this so far?
  8. They met in Coolsville high detention? What kind of mysteries have the already solved? The canons from movies and cartoon episodes? That's...a lot..
  9. This is a different canon from the Scooby-Doo cartoons/films, so we can make up our own stuff. Like my Marvel RP, Raven; its in its own seperate universe

    They met at a Halloween party and actually solved their first mystery there. A serial killer had escaped from a mental hospital, disguising himself as a supernatural creature known as "Jack-O". He wanted to get revenge on the family of the cops who put him away, so he forged a party invitation and sent Coolsville's high school students to an old "haunted" house (including our characters and Scooby). With the doors locked and any form of communication with the outside world disabled, Jack-O began to murder the teens one by one, calling out a new victim's name as he made a kill. The gang finally managed to catch him after Scooby's name was called (forming an old-school trap) and the authorities were called in to arrest the man. He was since put to death, but the mayor of Coolsville awarded the gang for their efforts to save everyone at the party.

    They've solved an array of mysteries, ranging from the case of the Luna Ghost, to the Tar Monstress, to the Jungle-Jeeper. In the years since they formed Mystery Inc, they've solved at least 60 different cases, maybe more if we want.

    All the costumes of the criminals they've unmasked in the past are all located in the soon to open "Coolsonian Criminology Museum".

    Anything else?
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  10. So does that mean all of the mysteries they've solved have been in coolsville? They were never called by anyone outside it with unsolvable mysteries that have heard of the students?

    And if the Museum is to open soon, I assume the gang will be there to celebrate it. Will that be in the beginning of the rp or..?
  11. Pretty much, but they've been all over the state to try and investigate new mystery's they've heard of. They've also been hired to fly off to a different state/country to solve some mysteries as well, but that's mostly during their holiday time so they can stay in school

    And yes, the museum opening will be a major event for the first part of this RP. We're actually starting at the end of a case involving a creature known as the Man-Bat, but we'll be heading to a Halloween party-opening at the museum.
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  12. Oh okay perfect! Sounds great!
  13. Okay, I'll go set up the OoC and make a banner submission.
  14. Awesome!

    oo. Could you make it less plain this time? just a suggestion
  15. XD that wasn't my fault, there was a site error that corrupted all banners at that time.
  16. oh really? i thought people didn't have pictures or something. Aw. That sucks. It's not corrupting now though is it?
  17. No now its fine (at least it should be)
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  18. I've got a question.

    Just how zany is this going to be? With these being real monsters, killing real people and committing real crimes, it's obviously a lot darker, but you mentioned them capturing Jack-O with an "old school trap", so just where is the line drawn? Are we going to be running between doors in corridors and hiding in vases?
  19. By old school trap, I mean just stuff they could find laying around the house.

    But there won't be as many zany moments. We'll make references to the show through dialogue ("Man, this guy liked the design of that one wall so much that the entire corridor looks exactly like it. Its almost like we're walking through the same place over and over again.") but that'll be about it.

    There might be a chase, but shortened and realistic (hiding behind a locked door to escape the axe-murderer). We may hide in a vase or barrel because they're such stupid hiding places that nobody would bother checking them most of the time, but we won't be doing the corridor thing with all the doors.

    Like I said, there will be references and the odd time we act like the original show, but aside from that we'll be dealing with stuff realistically.

    Does that answer your question?
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  20. Yes it does, thank you!
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