Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated (Still seeking players)

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    Legends speak of a Chest. A chest of unspeakable evils, containing the spirits of multiple demons who broke through into the mortal world. These demons were after a very unique treasure that would allow them to release the rest of their kin from the pits of Hell and bring about the end of the world: the Apocalypse. In response to this threat, a group of legendary heroes ventured far across the world to capture these demons and send them back to the fiery depths of Hell from whence they came.

    Succeeding in their mission, the heroes managed to round up the dangerous creatures and sealed them away in the chest. Once the demons were properly contained, the heroes hid the chest somewhere far from humanity in a place where nobody would ever find it. There, it was to lay, watched over by an ageless guardian who made sure it would be undisturbed by mankind, forever...

    Unknown to the heroes, one of the demon's, a powerful being known as "Asakon", had avoided capture and remained free. Asakon did not reveal himself to the heroes, for he knew they would seal him away just like the others. So, he spent the next hundred years hidden away, plotting in secret to release his comrades and finish the job they had started so long ago. In this time, all knowledge of the chest, the apocalyptic artifact, and the demons faded into obscurity. But, whispers of a dark figure roaming the lands while relentlessly searching for an object he desired above anything else began to arise.

    There were multiple names for the figure throughout history of the myth: "The Follower", "Windigo", "The Woodsman", "The Apparition", "The Pale Faced Man", and many more. Despite these names and legends surrounding the demon lord, Asakon remained as far away from humanity as he could. Occasionally there was somebody he had to slaughter in order to survive, but mostly he stayed in isolation.

    But as long as Asakon remained free, the chest could not be sealed properly. The guardian of the chest knew this fact and as time went on, he knew that Asakon would eventually find the location of the chest. So, he decided to move it every two years, constantly jumping from location to location. Wherever the chest found itself, Asakon was right behind it. Despite how he could have used the time to search for the demonic artifact, Asakon knew it would be useless without the combined power of his comerades to properly weild it. If the guardian even tried to seal Asakon away, he would run the risk of unleashing the other demons, so the chest was to remain sealed for all eternity, with or without Asakon inside of it. So, the pursuit continued in a seemingly endless cycle: the Guardian would move the chest, Asakon would locate it, then the Guardian would move once again.

    It has been over a century since the demons were trapped in the chest. Recently, a group of teenagers who investigate paranormal phenomena have been traveling across America solving "mysteries". Most of the creatures, spectres, and demons that they've investigated, however, have turned out to be fakes: men and woman wearing expertly crafted Halloween costumes with the purpose to either scare away groups of people in order to acquire treasure of some kind, or commit crimes from Theft, to First Degree Murder based on past childhood traumatic incidents and fears.

    One day while investigating into a strange bat-creature abducting and terrorizing the citizens of a small town, the teens stumble upon the mysterious chest, completely unaware that it contains the spirits of dangerous demonic entities. Despite a warning from the Guardian, who follows them from the hiding place to try and recover the chest, the teens take the chest back to their hometown, closely pursued by Asakon. During a formal event in which the teens are celebrated for their triumphs against the criminals they've faced, Asakon disguises himself as a human and tricks the teens into opening the chest, finally unleashing the demons within. Having succeeded in his goal, Asakon reveals his true form and regroups with his comerades.

    After narrowly escaping death, the Guardian scolds the teens for opening the chest and explains that only they can return the demons to the chest. So now, its up to the teenagers, along with a very meddlesome Great Dane, to find and recapture all of the Demons. They must also find Asakon and capture him, finally ending the struggle that was started so long ago. But time is short and the Demons are on the hunt for the artifact that would ensure an impending Apocalypse.

    With multiple extremely dangerous Demons running free, the threat of religious extinction of the mortal world, and the task of saving the world placed upon a group of teenagers, only one question remains:



    As you can tell, this is a Scooby-Doo fan RP. We're currently in the OoC stages of development and we require a few more people. You can check out the full details in the OoC, which I will provide a link for, but bottom line we need more players.

    Anyways, here's the link and feel free to ask me any questions you may have about this RP in this thread.

    OoC link
  2. You've caught my attention. I'll check the OOC Link soon.
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