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    Legends speak of a Chest. A chest of unspeakable evils, containing the spirits of multiple demons who broke through into the mortal world. These demons were after a very unique treasure that would allow them to release the rest of their kin from the pits of Hell and bring about the end of the world: the Apocalypse. In response to this threat, a group of legendary heroes ventured far across the world to capture these demons and send them back to the fiery depths of Hell from whence they came.

    Succeeding in their mission, the heroes managed to round up the dangerous creatures and sealed them away in the chest. Once the demons were properly contained, the heroes hid the chest somewhere far from humanity in a place where nobody would ever find it. There, it was to lay, watched over by an ageless guardian who made sure it would be undisturbed by mankind, forever...

    Unknown to the heroes, one of the demon's, a powerful being known as "Asakon", had avoided capture and remained free. Asakon did not reveal himself to the heroes, for he knew they would seal him away just like the others. So, he spent the next hundred years hidden away, plotting in secret to release his comrades and finish the job they had started so long ago. In this time, all knowledge of the chest, the apocalyptic artifact, and the demons faded into obscurity. But, whispers of a dark figure roaming the lands while relentlessly searching for an object he desired above anything else began to arise.

    There were multiple names for the figure throughout history of the myth: "The Follower", "Windigo", "The Woodsman", "The Apparition", "The Pale Faced Man", and many more. Despite these names and legends surrounding the demon lord, Asakon remained as far away from humanity as he could. Occasionally there was somebody he had to slaughter in order to survive, but mostly he stayed in isolation.

    But as long as Asakon remained free, the chest could not be sealed properly. The guardian of the chest knew this fact and as time went on, he knew that Asakon would eventually find the location of the chest. So, he decided to move it every two years, constantly jumping from location to location. Wherever the chest found itself, Asakon was right behind it. Despite how he could have used the time to search for the demonic artifact, Asakon knew it would be useless without the combined power of his comerades to properly weild it. If the guardian even tried to seal Asakon away, he would run the risk of unleashing the other demons, so the chest was to remain sealed for all eternity, with or without Asakon inside of it. So, the pursuit continued in a seemingly endless cycle: the Guardian would move the chest, Asakon would locate it, then the Guardian would move once again.

    It has been over a century since the demons were trapped in the chest. Recently, a group of teenagers who investigate paranormal phenomena have been traveling across America solving "mysteries". Most of the creatures, spectres, and demons that they've investigated, however, have turned out to be fakes: men and woman wearing expertly crafted Halloween costumes with the purpose to either scare away groups of people in order to acquire treasure of some kind, or commit crimes from Theft, to First Degree Murder based on past childhood traumatic incidents and fears.

    One day while investigating into a strange bat-creature abducting and terrorizing the citizens of a small town, the teens stumble upon the mysterious chest, completely unaware that it contains the spirits of dangerous demonic entities. Despite a warning from the Guardian, who follows them from the hiding place to try and recover the chest, the teens take the chest back to their hometown, closely pursued by Asakon. During a formal event in which the teens are celebrated for their triumphs against the criminals they've faced, Asakon disguises himself as a human and tricks the teens into opening the chest, finally unleashing the demons within. Having succeeded in his goal, Asakon reveals his true form and regroups with his comerades.

    After narrowly escaping death, the Guardian scolds the teens for opening the chest and explains that only they can return the demons to the chest. So now, its up to the teenagers, along with a very meddlesome Great Dane, to find and recapture all of the Demons. They must also find Asakon and capture him, finally ending the struggle that was started so long ago. But time is short and the Demons are on the hunt for the artifact that would ensure an impending Apocalypse.

    With multiple extremely dangerous Demons running free, the threat of religious extinction of the mortal world, and the task of saving the world placed upon a group of teenagers, only one question remains:



    Rules (open)

    1. No GMing. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues

    2. Maximum of 3 Active Characters per person. Any more needs approval by a GM

    3. Characters can die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."

    4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM or Libertine/Liberteen Thread, please. Advise the rules for more information.

    4.5 This is a ".5" because it coincides with rule #4. Violence is allowed, but please don't rip out a guys entrails and hold them above his head while he slowly dies. We're not monsters. Those are the bad guys :3

    5. Some scenes will be time skipped if they drag on too long/get too boring, but most of the time we will RP things through.

    6. Each member of the RP will be a member of Mystery Incorporated. No exceptions.

    7. Your character cannot have any GM abilities. I'll point out what is considered "okay" and what is considered "GM" once the character sheet is up.

    8. Post at least two paragraphs each time (more is fantastic)

    9. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, special events or even the death/introduction of a new character)

    10. If you got this far, here's a cookie *hands cookie* also, include your favourite Scooby-Doo quote in the "Other" section of your character sheet.

    11. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody unleashes their ultimate power and freezes the other person's foot to the floor, then proceed to just punch the crap out of their immobile opponent. In addition, GM moves will NOT be allowed inside PvP combat unless approved/announced in a GM event.

    12. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!


    Character Roster (open)
    We'll be accepting up to six players. You may may have up to three characters (if you can handle it, that is).

    1.) Dylan Robertson / Scoobert "Scooby" Doo - Sora1297

    2.) Robin Sanders - Ravenbelle

    3.) Caelina Summers - Poisoned Rose

    4.) Iris Teller - Whirlwind

    5.) Damien Lambert - Justice_20


    ** Waiting List **

    1.) None

    2.) None

    3.) None

    4.) None

    5.) None

    6.) None


    Character Sheet (open)

    Age: (17-19. They're all graduating high school.)

    Appearance: (image or description. Image tends to work best. A real image is preferred, but you can use a drawn one if you really want)

    Personality Traits: (are they scared easily, do they have a high IQ, do they just want to attract boys/girls, DO THEY HATE DOGS?!?!)

    Bio: (a few paragraphs about what your character has been up to before this point. Minimum of 2 paragraphs.)

    Likes/Dislikes: (At least 5 for both categories)

    Relationship Status: (yes, just like in the show we're having love drama. Your relationship MUST be a mutual approved thing though, otherwise you'll have to put down "Crushing on ____")

    Other: (any additional information you want goes here.)


    Monster List (open)
    Spooooilers :3

    Once the "Monsters are Unleashed", I'll update this with a list of creatures we'll be facing. I'll make a small sheet for them that follows as such:

    An Image

    Name of the Monster


    Case Number (meaning, when did M.I solve this case? 1st case, 2nd case, etc).

    Story behind the Mystery (a condensed re-telling of how the crook in the suit was caught)

    Current Status (Meaning, have we caught it in the chest or is it still roaming free)


    My Characters (open)


    Dylan "Dyl" Robertson



    Personality Traits:

    • Comical

    • Sometimes Cowardly (mostly when he's around "Monsters" or the girl he likes)

    • Brave (most of the time instead of running, he'll try to stop the monster, but when all else fails, there's no shame in heading for the hills)

    • Friendly

    • Kind-Hearted/Sweet

    • Shy (when around people he doesn't know very much/the girl he likes)

    • Hopeless Romantic

    He's never afraid to be who he is. Dylan always sticks up for his friends and will try to help them out of any situation (even if he and Scooby just bolted for the exit)


    Growing up with his mom, life was pretty normal for Dylan. His father went away to fight in the Afghanistan War when Dylan was a baby, but never came back, so his mom had to raise him by herself. During his childhood and well into his current age, Dylan was always a big softie. When he was little, he was kind to the girls he knew and stood up for them when boys picked on them. However, his shyness and awkward nature towards girls often landed him as the "butt" of the jokes the boys made: literately. He was constantly picked on and bullied throughout his younger years and well into his high-school days.

    Dylan was pretty much a loner. His shy nature was always looked at as "weird" and other kids tended to avoid him. He always wished he could have a friend to stay by his side forever and help him overcome his shy nature, but it wasn't until he was 16 that he discovered what he had been looking for. His mother suggested he should get a pet for some kind of companionship and she promised that he could be able to get whatever he wanted from the local Pet Fair. Dylan had nothing to lose from going, so he went to check it out.

    Unfortunately, he got there very late and all the other pets had been adopted or put away in the truck... Except for one. A large brown Great Dane covered in large black spots with a blue collar on its neck. The dog was friendly enough and Dylan felt happy to have somebody excited to see him other then his mom, but the biggest surprise came to him when it began to talk. The dog said its name was Scoobert (which he shortened to Scooby) and how it wasn't adopted at the fair that day. It told Dylan how much it wanted to be adopted and get a proper owner, but nobody seemed to like him. Dylan felt sorry for the dog when he heard what had happened to the man who owned the pet store Scooby was kept at. What surprised him most was the idea that nobody wanted to adopt a talking dog. That was the coolest thing ever!

    As the man hosting the fair came to take Scooby away, Dylan asked to adopt the Great Dane. After a long deal, Scooby was officially Dylan's pet. On the way back to Dylan's house, the sun went down and they took a short-cut through a creepy forest which lead straight into a graveyard. When the duo thought they saw a ghostly hand rising from one of the graves, they bolted away and carried each other off to Dylan's house. That was when they discovered they both feared the supernatural, but also found it oddly fascinating at the same time. For the rest of the summer, Dylan and Scooby bonded and became best friends with one another.

    After the summer ended and Dylan went back to school, he discovered a group of people who accepted him and Scooby as their friends. Soon after that, a terrifying event at a Halloween Party took place that bounded the friends together by fate, forcing them to become as close as blood relatives. A psychopath by the name of Jack Sykes had disguised himself as a horrific monster called "Jack-O" and continuously slaughtered the party-goers by the hour until he was finally caught by the group of teens and the dog. They soon "unmasked" the murderer who was sent to jail promptly afterwards. Proceeding the event, Dylan and his friends discovered that "supernatural events" had been occurring all over the country. Much like how they unmasked Jack-O, the group took it upon themselves to visit local areas with supernatural activity to discover the truth about these "monsters".

    The following summer, the teens started preparing for a nation-wide trip to find and investigate "supernatural phenomena" across America. Dylan actually managed to get a car for them to travel around in, taking his father's old minivan from the 60's and refurbishing it into what's now known as the "Mystery Machine".



    Home-Made Meals, Nostalgic Movies, Popcorn with extra butter, Hot Chocolate, Mysteries (he enjoys solving them, not the stuff in-between with the Monsters), Pop, Rock, Classic Rock and some Country Music, Video Games, Dressing up in various costumes, Acting, Driving the Mystery Machine, his friends (especially his best pal, Scooby-Doo), Girls (pretty, nerdy, ect), Playing his Guitar, Reading a good book (usually in the categories of mystery, fantasy or sci-fi) and he especially likes it when people are themselves and don't try to be anybody else. He likes people for who they are, especially his friends.

    He also really enjoys spending quality time with his friends and if he ever found himself getting a girlfriend, she would discover that he loves all things romantic or very cheesy.


    He has a real issue with monsters/supernatural entities and anything that creeps him out/scares him. He isn't the first to charge out of the room screaming his head off, but he's defiantly not the last. He also hates when people are rude/mean. Sort of a real "knight in shining armour", he rushes to the sides of those who are in distress whenever he can (especially when they're cute girls).

    Relationship Status:

    Open and Looking (but he's got his eyes on one of the girls in Mystery Inc.)


    Has a very close relationship with Scooby-Doo. The two are absolutely inseparable.

    Dylan was actually against covering his father's old van in the "Flower Power" design, but decided he couldn't mess up the design already embedded into the vehicle. It meant too much to his dad. So, he kept the design and just painted over it to create the vibrant design that has become a staple of Mystery Incorporated's image.

    "Scooby! This is the most embarrassing thing you've done since you decided to "clean your beans" at Don Knotts' Christmas party!"



    Name: Scoobert "Scooby" Doo

    Age: 5 (18 In Dog Years)

    Personality Traits:

    Cowardly/Easily Frightened (around Monsters), Brave (when called upon, but when he's scared he has a harder time of doing brave things without helpful pushing from his friends or being promised Scooby-Snacks), Friendly, Kind-Hearted, Sweet, Team-Player, Dog-like Tendencies (chases cats, has developed senses of taste, smelling and hearing, etcetera), Silly

    Scooby is the most accurate representation of the term "Man's Best Friend" and is always by his friends side when called upon. While he may be a coward and run at the first sight of trouble, he steps up when his friends are in danger and when he is tempted with Scooby-Snacks.


    Scooby was orphaned at an early age. He never grew up knowing his parents, but he did vaguely remember a wise old woman who owned his parents. She was some kind of a sorcerer and actually granted him the ability to speak English (although it's a little broken considering he is a dog). Unfortunately during a trip to the local town for groceries, Scooby was accidentally left behind in a field on the side of the road. Later that day, the poor puppy was discovered by a kindly old man who took him in. The man happened to own a pet store in the local town, known as Coolsville. From that day on, the old man at the pet shop was like a father to Scooby. He taught him how to walk, play, and even how to communicate properly after he discovered the dog had the remarkable ability to speak English. The woman who originally owned Scooby came into the shop one day and learned that Scooby was doing just fine without her. Rather then take the dog back to her home, she decided to leave him in the care of the man. Scooby never knew she visited him that day, but she knew he would be better off with a new family, having fallen on hard times months prior to his visit.

    The old man who owned the pet store was a gentle soul who always treated his animals with kindness and care, but the bond between him and Scooby was so great, he almost began to think of the Great Dane like a large furry son. They did all kinds of things together and for the longest time, the old man debated on adopting Scooby himself, but it wasn't meant to be.

    When Scooby was only 3 years old (human years), the old man passed away and his pet shop was closed down. Scooby was heartbroken at his only friend's death and the animals kept at the shop were all up for free adoption. At the adoption fair, Scooby was looked at by many children. Something always went wrong, preventing Scooby from being adopted. The largest problem he encounters was when he licked the face of a young girl who, until that moment, didn't realize she was allergic to dogs. Needless to say, the girl broke out in hives and everyone thought Scooby had some kind of contagious dog-disease. Then, just as the sun was setting and the fair seemed to be a disaster for poor Scoobert, he was approached by a young brown haired boy who seemed to be very upset with something.

    Taking it upon himself to try and assist the boy in his issues, Scooby-Doo talked with him and the duo soon discovered they had much in common (especially sharing fears of ghosts and the supernatural). Before they could finish their conversation, the pet shop owner's son approached the boy and told him that they were packing up and needed to load Scooby back onto the truck. Scooby was to be transported to a different pet shop the next day in hopes of finding him an owner, but the boy asked the man if he was still for sale that day. After a short conversation, a half hour, and $20 just to not load the Great Dane onto the truck, the boy, who was named Dylan Robertson, had successfully adopted Scooby-Doo.

    Over the summer, Scooby and Dylan bonded and instantly became best friends, doing almost everything and anything together. When summer ended and Dylan had to go to high school again, Scooby snuck into the janitorial staff under the alias of "Mr. Peterson" so he and Dylan could hang out all the time. Dylan was okay with it. It was his idea after all.

    During a Halloween party in Dylan's second year of high school, Scooby and his best pal were met with a horrific serial killer disguised as "Jack-O", a ghostly figure with supernatural powers. As the night wore on and various students from Coolsville High were killed, Scooby and Dylan joined with a group of misfits and quickly formed a plan to take down the murderer. The plan was cut short when Jack-O called out Scooby's name, labelling the Great Dane as the next victim. A chase through the old castle ensued before finally the team subdued Jack-O and unmasked him. Before long, the group met up on a weekly basis to solve whatever local "mysteries" they could find, ranging from locating missing pets to discovering who had been stealing hot dogs from the 7-11 on Front Street. Soon, the group discovered that all kinds of "paranormal" events had been occurring in America and, after recalling the thrill they gained from capturing Jack-O and putting him behind bars where he belonged, they decided that they would set out to find the truth behind these events.

    It didn't take long after that decision for the group to transform the minivan Dylan's father left behind into a "Mystery Machine". Setting out during the summer months, the group spent the next 2 years driving around the country in the time they had off from school to solve whatever mysteries they could find. And thus, "Mystery Incorporated" was born.



    • Food (any kind except pure dog-food)

    • Scooby-Snacks

    • Sniffing his rear end

    • Eating his own vomit

    • Chasing cats

    • Barking (especially at the Mailman)

    • Dancing

    • All kinds of music

    • His friends (especially Dylan)

    • Trips to the beach/the park

    • Playing with a Frisbee/Chew Toys

    • Throwing a ball around

    • Chasing his tail


    • The Mailman

    • Monsters

    • Scary Movies/Theme Park Rides

    • Pretty much everything to do with Supernatural entities

    • Expired food

    • Mean/rude people

    • Creepy/Haunted or Abandoned locations (Castles, Factories, Warehouses, Mansions, Graveyards, Schools, Amusement Parks, Hydroponic Labs, etcetera)

    • Dark and stormy nights

    • Evil masked figures

    • Corpses/skeletons/dead bodies

    • Anything that gives him the "Willies".

    Relationship Status:

    He's a dog, so unless they walk on all four and are covered in fur, he has no interest in women.


    Scooby-Doo is the unofficial "Mascot" of Mystery Incorporated and represents the corporation (much against his dismay). Also known as "That Meddling Mutt" or "and their Dumb Dog". Often chuckles and calls out "Scooby-Dooby-Doo!" when a mystery is finished.

    "Those aren't clues Scoob! Those are just things you want. Like, why is a toilet brush a clue?"
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  2. Name: Iris Teller
    Age: 18



    Personality Traits:
    • Ambitious
    • Candid
    • Cheerful
    • Argumentative
    • Resentful
    • Jealous
    • Grateful
    • Mature
    • Late
    • Random
    • Silly
    • Thoughtful

    Bio: Iris is one of three girls, being the middle child. Her parents got divorced when she was 4 years old, and her sisters were one and 6. They moved into a very old, low priced house from the 1800s, but the girls were excited to each get their own rooms, as well as a basement and attic. They got everything moved in fairly quickly thanks to help from their grandparents, and for the first week, everything seemed okay, like they were going to get back on their feet after their father left. But one night, Iris woke up with a feeling of dread. She sat up straight in bed, staring at her door, and watched as it creaked open by itself. She stared and stared until it closed again by itself, and then screamed for her mother. After that night, something happened to Iris almost every night. She saw spirits, heard noises, her bed moved, things flew off the walls. At first she was terrified, but at least some things happened in front of her mom and sisters, so they believed her and let her sleep with them for years.

    As Iris grew up, she became the ‘goth’ girl at school, wearing all black, black makeup, and listening to dark depressing music. She wrote lonely poetry and stories, before she got reported to the school counselor by a teacher. Her mother was called and told to get Iris some counselling, but Iris was close with her mom, who just talked to her instead. Her mom decided to take Iris’s gothic clothes, black lipstick, and some cds and told her to act like they wanted her too. If she didn’t get another call by the end of the year, she could have it back.

    Iris did so, dressing in other colors, forcing herself to be more friendly, and by the time her year was up, she didn’t want most of the stuff her mom took back. She let her black dyed hair grow out into its natural blonde, and became more of a class clown at school- funny, goofy, and sarcastic. But the part of her still attracted to the dark never disappeared. And neither did the activity surrounding her. She knows a lot about demonology, cryptozoology, the supernatural in general- how to ghost hunt, perform rituals, even witchcraft and she’s a history whiz. When she met her friends she felt more compelled to share her past, and her future interest in ghost hunting. She couldn’t have been more excited when they formed Mystery Inc!

    + Creepy experiences
    + Comedies
    + Scaring people
    + Winning
    + Compliments
    - Horror movies
    - Seafood
    - Exercise
    - Bullies
    - People who ‘shhh’ her

    Relationship Status: Open/Single

    Other: "Wait a minute, Ghosts can't leave fingerprints!" - Daphne
  3. [​IMG]
    Character Name:
    Robin Sanders
    Solver of Mysteries with Mystery Inc.
    General Appearance:
    Robin is a little fair-skinned girl at 5'0. She has cerulean eyes that brighten when in the middle of a really good novel. Don't forget the annoying bangs that she moves out of the way often, sometimes by sticking a pen above her ear. The rest of her hair curls slightly on its own so she normally leaves it alone, along with the rest of her face. After her bout with acne in 6th to 11th grade, she gave up on makeup that only made everything look worse than it already was. She also requires thick glasses. Laser-eye surgery is scary and expensive, contact lenses need contact solution and don't let her cry at good books without rolling around or popping out. So glasses have to do. She has two extra pairs but hardly ever carries them with her. So if she loses the one she has on, she better find them or pray.
    General Personality:
    Clumsy, dreamy somewhat artistic, observant, very bright (definitely gifted), very curious, sometimes stubborn, too honest (social norms confuse her so she might say things that would be offensive or inappropriate for normal people conversation), Kind, Altruistic (especially when it comes to her friends), Courageous (in most situations, though sometimes a bit too caught up), suffer-in-silence type, and definitely absolutely Quirky.
    Robin was raised by her hippie parents until the age of 4 when her Aunt took custody after drug issues. Let's just...not go there. (She has a red robin feather for a bookmark). This little brunette has always been very quick to pick up on things, to the point that she has a touch of photographic memory. She doesn't remember everything she reads verbatim, but she learns by words, by reading, so often if she's going through a good book, she could tell you exactly where the information was in it, just not the whole paragraph word for word. So naturally, she did very well in school and her aunt and uncle Gingre definitely attempted to give her every opportunity to succeed as possible. She was very introverted through, especially when she was younger because people whisper about the awkward nerd who sits by herself at lunch and though she never got beat up, she knew all the names the kids would call her when they were still immature enough for such things. Back then, her only friends were book characters.
    After taking a few psychology classes however, she was less inclined to avoid everyone and even made a few nice acquaintances on the debate team freshman year. She never participated in the public events though. Her Social Anxiety Disorder wouldnt let her. The rest of high school was academically simple, but even though she was offered several scholarships or early admission to top colleges over the summer, Robin actually decided to enjoy her years in high school which would be why when she back to school, she discovered a group of people who accepted her as a real friend. Soon after that, a terrifying event took place that bound the friends together by fate, forcing them to become as close as blood relatives. Dylan wound up contributing the van that belonged to his father as a "company vehicle" to the group he and his friends were forming and after a total fix-up and a paint job, the "Mystery Machine" was ready. So was "Mystery Incorporated"!
    • Books. Books. Nonfiction, classics and teen fiction mostly. But books and libraries, obscure bookstores on street corners, the whole shabang.
    • revealing the truth/unraveling a mystery
    • getting really into a project
    • hoodies
    • Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
    • other species
    • valid information on the supernatural/paranormal
    • knee-high socks
    • Hanging out with her close-knit circle of friends. watching them smile in particular.
    • Damage in books
    • frowns on loved ones
    • peanuts (she's allergic)
    • her own irrational weaknesses (namely, SAD -social anxiety disorder)
    • getting interrupted while reading something suspenseful
    • clichés
    • close-minded people
    • frivolous gossip and cruel insults
    • dropping her glasses
    • pink
    • lies
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    Character Name:
    Caelina Summers
    The "damsel" but can kick ass in Mystery Inc.
    General Personality:
    Caelina is trusting, intelligent, enthusiastic, and kind, and at times lovestruck. Despite being wealthy, she does not have the same snobby or vain personality that her parents have. She can also sometimes be a helpless damsel-in-distress, clumsily getting caught by the monster on most occasions
    Caelina grew up with her parents, who were never around much other than buying her things just to say that they care about her. This lead to her being a very lonely child who did not associate with others. Her parents would always leave her with the mansion's staff who became more like family to her than her own parents. When she went through elementary school she was bullied and picked on because of her red hair and tomboyish appearance. While she was in middle school she decided that she wanted to take martial arts so she could defend herself if she were to be picked on again, but when she reached high school she changed donning a more girly look taking on the persona of a ditzy girl who didn't know right from left. Only during her final year of high school did she meet her new friends.
    Caelina was happy to finally have people she could call friends and would spend every day with them afterschool she went as far as to invite them to stay at her house during the breaks but Soon after that during halloween, a terrifying event took place that bound the friends together by fate, forcing them to become as close as blood relatives. Dylan wound up contributing the van that belonged to his father as a "company vehicle" to the group he and his friends were forming and after a total fix-up and a paint job, the "Mystery Machine" was ready. So was "Mystery Incorporated"!



    Her Friends


    Helping to solve the mysteries


    Being separated from her friends for to long



    Relationship Status:
    None at the moment but is open
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  9. Alright guys, so for the sake of getting to the plot, I've done a semi-skip in my first post.

    You guys can start with the same idea as I did, where your characters are getting prepared for the big night, but you can control Dylan and Scooby for a limited time just so the duo can show up at your individual homes and pick them up.

    You'll get a better idea when you see my post, but ask if you're not sure what I mean.
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