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    Mystery Inc. Case File (open)
    ~~ Mystery of the Man-Bat ~~

    Case File By: Dylan Robertson

    Date Filed: September 19th, 2015.

    Professional Sketch of Creature known as "Man-Bat":


    Case Description: From June 8th to September 15th of this year, multiple disappearances were reported from the isolated town of St. Petersburg. Five Victims total, but three have been found. The three who were returned to the town claim to have been abducted by "a man-sized bat", which is the exact description many other towns residents have reported seeing roaming around in the woods. The town has been disturbed by this same creature many times before, as this isn't the first time its appeared. During the night, people reported hearing terrifying howls/screeches and the beating of giant wings in the sky. It wasn't until recently that the so called "Man-Bat" began to abduct people. Before that, only livestock such as sheep, goats and cows had gone missing. The five people to be kidnapped all have a connection to the creature. Katy Donning, an paranormal investigative reporter for the Washington Post studying the disappearances of livestock at the hands of the Man-Bat. She was recovered hours after disappearing, found in a cave we believe belongs to the Man-Bat. James Morrison, Katy's right hand man and camera man. He was found in the cave with Katy, but his camera was discovered by an old barn, seemingly smashed to pieces by the Man-Bat. Leslie Jenkins-Worthington, a local widow who was previously married to billionaire Dean Worthington, with a net worth of around 2.1 billion American dollars. She has yet to be found, but we suspect that she is going to be the hardest to locate. Why would a man sized Bat abduct a woman who was insanely wealthy? Thomas Witherspoon, a Priest who went to locate the Man-Bat, believing it to be some kind of demon that needed to be banished to Hell. Thomas went missing on May 9th and was found two days ago. He's recovering from several large gashes that appear to be claw and bite marks. We believe that something attacked him while he was out there, but he hasn't been able to answer questions thanks to the extreme quarantine he's under in the hospital. Jane Yung, a local woman who works as a Veterinarian. She is positive that the Man-Bat used to be a pet of hers, "Mr. Wings", which died after extreme exposure to some kind of radioactive goop that she couldn't identify. Personally, this idea seems absolutely ludicrous and makes no sense, but the evidence supporting this is absolutely impossible to ignore. She was found in her clinic, surrounded by destruction and holding the tiny collar "Mr. Wings" had worn before its death.

    So, what do all these people have in common? They're all connected to the Man-Bat in some way: Two news reporters investigating the creature, a priest wanting to destroy the monster, a financially successful woman who had offered a major award for the capture of the Man-Bat, and a veterinarian who claims she used to own the non-mutated creature for a pet. This, however, can't be more then coincidence. The Man-Bat, or whatever it is, figured out that these people either threatened it, or had some kind of past relationship with it. At first, we were unsure why it kidnapped Jane, but we discovered that she had been involved with the towns "hunt for Man-Bat" from the start, hoping to find and return her beloved pet. This seemed plausible and the evidence began to show that everyone had been on the hunt for the creature. Hopefully, none of us goes missing while we investigate..

    After collecting all our clues and encountering the creature a few times (Scooby still won't stop shaking from the night it tried to make off with Robin and him), we tracked the beast to an abandoned Manor in the forest just outside of town. At the time, we thought that the Man-Bat was keeping the other two hostages there, so the next step was to search the place.

    During our search of the manor, Scooby and Robin discovered a mysterious chest that they deduced must have been made around the time the first Pilgrims colonized America, but the symbols along its side made me consider that its been around longer then that. The Middle Ages, most likely, but the gang decided to research it when we got back to Coolsville. Shortly after finding the chest, Caelina and I were attacked by the Man-Bat, who managed to cut up my arm pretty bad. The plan Iris and Damien made to capture the monster didn't work out like we hoped it would, but Scooby and I managed to tire it out before sending it crashing into a brick wall. Before it had time to recover, we trapped it between two bookcases and tossed the metal-ring net we brought on top of it. Shortly after, I unmasked the "Man-Bat" and revealed that it was somebody we had not expected to see: James Morrison. After discovering who the Man-Bat was, we had Katy Donning apprehended and brought both of them to the police department. As it turned out, James and Katy had created the "Man-Bat" as another hoax for their show. In the past they had created a variety of "Monsters" to chase for the show including The Triologis (a three-headed alien), a mermaid (the head of a monkey sewn onto the body of a fish), and Bigfoot (which was another Mubber-made suit). They would cause panic in the locals of whatever town they visited by sending these "monsters" on a terror-spree. Then, the duo would arrive as themselves and capture the monster on-tape for the townsfolk to see. Then, they would "kill" the monster and bring its corpse back to the people of the town for a profit. Not only did they get substantial views on their show, but they also took the profits from hefty bounties placed on the monster.

    However, they had a third partner in this particular hoax: Winston Ulysses. Winston had contacted the duo in order to bring the "Man-Bat" to St. Petersburg to terrorize the town. Then, after the monster kidnapped the recently widowed Leslie Jenkins-Worthington, Winston would track it down alongside Katy and save the woman he loved. Katy and James would get the hefty bounty Leslie put out, and Winston would have a reason to make his move on the rich widow. Luckily though, we caught them right in the act. Winston was apprehended after Katy provided his identity for a lesser sentence. Despite admitting to Winston's involvement, Katy was still the head of the operation and received no compensation for helping the authorities.

    ~~ Case Closed ~~

    Clues Found:

    • Clumps of "Mubber" stuck to a tree. Mubber is a prosthetic material used by film artists for creating realistic looking props and costumes.

    As it turned out, Katy had a degree in Art and Design from her university. With the knowledge required to make detailed creatures, she created every "Monster" she and and James ever caught with highly detailed Mubber suits.

    • A Broken Hang-Glider left in the Man-Bat's cave. We believe that the Man-Bat uses this sort of modified technology to fly around and terrify the townspeople.

    Even though Mubber is a naturally light material, the Man-Bat still needed to fly somehow. Further inspection of the costume revealed that the Man-Bat was built over a customized hang-glider suit. The suit was designed with a miniature air-jet system that propelled the wearer to high speeds and kept them in the air for as long as they needed. The glider was activated by a trigger attached to James' chest.

    • A shrine dedicated to Dean Worthington located in a supposedly abandoned barn. The shrine depicted Dean for the multi-millionaire he was and seemed to be oriented around his seemingly endless supply of cash. The barn used to belong to a man named Winston Ulysses, who was supposedly in love with Dean's wife.

    This shrine wasn't a major part of the investigation, but it certainly told us that Winston was a little too
    obsessed with Dean. After we discovered his involvement with the hoax, it became clear that he was willing to do anything to be with Leslie, even planning a kidnapping only to "rescue" her later.[/I]

    • Claw marks left behind on the side of a house. Upon further investigation, we discovered that these marks were caused by nothing more then knives sharpened out to be like claws.

    Much like how the suit was embedded with a custom glider system, the Man-Bat costume contained a very specific design of knife shaped like razor sharp claws. These knives could easily be shoved into almost any surface, allowing the Man-Bat to appear like it was "clinging" to walls and ceilings. Activated by a trigger attached to James' hands, the knives could retract into the suit when they were not required or when the Man-Bat needed to let go of a surface.

    Clicking away at his laptop, Dylan finished the last few words of his report and let out a sigh of relief. "Finally..." Dylan groaned as he wiped a hand across his face, removing his reading glasses while he did so. Dylan smiled and let out another deep breath, tapping his hands along the casing of the laptop. He had been working on the Man-Bat report for weeks now and only today did he finally finish it. "I'd better send this to Patrick before I get ready..." mumbled the brown haired teen as he looked back at the screen and navigated over to his email, attaching the file onto a message which he promptly sent to Patrick Wisely, curator for the Coolsonian Criminology Museum, which was opening its doors for the first time that night. Patrick had been a good friend of Dylan's for a few years now, knowing him through his Mother's pottery-class. Patrick was incredibly interested in psychology and the mind of a criminal, so when he heard that Dylan and his friends were stopping whacko's dressed up as Monsters as a hobby, he immediately became interested in the group's escapades. The year prior, Patrick had approached the group of teens and asked if they wouldn't mind giving him a few of the costumes they acquired from criminals in the past. When he was asked why, Patrick explained that he had been chosen by the staff of Coolsville University (where he previously worked as a psychology professor) to curate a new museum of Criminology that was opening in Coolsville. The museum, despite its odd concept of re-telling the history of great (and not so great) crimes, was predicted to bring in tons of tourism to the city. He thought it would be interesting to do a small exhibit about criminals who "went too far", which would display some of the costumes for the world to see. Rather then just handing out a few, Dylan and the rest of Mystery Incorporated decided to donate all of the costumes to the museum, including the promise that they would donate more costumes in the future, should they continue to solve "paranormal" mysteries.

    Patrick was thrilled by this decision and soon after telling the people in charge of the development, managed to change the theme from "World Crime" to "Supernatural Crime and the Mind of a Criminal", featuring the Costumes and mystery files as a creative way of analyzing new studies of criminals, while continuing the Supernatural theme commonly found in Coolsville culture. In the past, Coolsville had quite the history of "supernatural" occurrences, ranging from the apparent Bog Monster of Jeremiah Coolsonian Lake (a lake which was named after the very first mayor), to the supposedly haunted Wilson House up on Castoff Hill (a cliff infamous for being a suicide/accidental death hot-spot. People either managed to cast themselves off it or accidentally fell off). Coolsville even had a shared history with the Salem Witch Hunts, which had the townsfolk declaring nearly 80% of the population as "witches" before burning them alive. Unlike Salem, the residents of Coolsville actually took further measures of "banishing witches" by burning down their homes and eating/drinking nothing but religious host and water that had been blessed by a priest. The surviving townspeople nearly starved to death before the witch hunts ended, but luckily they managed to return the population to a stable number. Those people affiliated with the witch hunts died due to mysterious medical issues, which led many people in the past and in the present to think that the "true witch" got them back for slaughtering innocent people. After that, sightings of creatures roaming the woods and occupying the areas in and around Coolsville began to pop up, which led Coolsville to wind up on the #3 spot for many "The Most Haunted Cities/Towns in America" lists, both in print and on the Internet. As a result, many of the "attractions" in Coolsville were aimed towards people who loved the supernatural and/or the occult, designed to "spook" tourists while staying true to the foundations of the town.

    Yawning and removing his glasses, Dylan opened up the small case laying on the floor to his left and put the reading glasses back inside. Smacking his cheeks softly to wake himself up, Dylan blinked a few times and climbed off of the beanbag chair he had been relaxing on. "Alright, Scooby," exclaimed Dylan, walking over to his dog and gently shaking him awake, "Come on bud. We've gotta get ready for the grand opening tonight!"

    With a yawn, Scooby-Doo groggily blinked a few times to try and wake himself up. "Rokay Rylan... You get in ra shower, rhy'll look for romething to wear." said the Great Dane, shaking his head rapidly from side to side, recovering from his previous nap. Dylan nodded his head at the dog and scratched his head softly, smiling down at his best friend. Scooby responded positively to Dylan's scratching, closing his eyes and gently shaking his leg in delight. "Alright buddy, sounds good. You can borrow one of my bow-ties if you need it." explained Dylan before he stood up and crossed to his closet, grabbing a towel from it before entering the bathroom in his room. Scooby didn't require a bath, having returned from the local pet-groomer clinic only an hour ago. He still smelt fine and his fur was still shiny, so there was no need for another bath.

    While Dylan was occupied in the shower, Scooby stretched out his entire body and let out another massive yawn before he crossed over to the dresser beside Dylan's bed. Scooby jumped up on his hind legs and quickly pulled the middle drawer open, looking through the various assortment of "dress clothes" Dylan had inside before he reached in and pulled out five objects: A white dress shirt and black suit jacket, a pair of black dress pants, a black bow tie, and a light blue bow tie with the initials "SD" written on them. Dropping back onto his front legs and placing the clothes on Dylan's bed (having carried them with his mouth), Scooby returned to the dresser and pushed the drawer back in with his head. Then, he opened the very bottom drawer and pulled out a set of black dress socks and a matching pair of shoes. Much like he had done with the other clothes, Scooby tossed them into Dylan's bed and closed the drawer.

    By the time Scooby had brought out all the clothes for that night, Dylan had finished up with his shower and emerged from the bathroom, refreshed and ready for the day. The small stubble previously on his face had been shaved off, minus the goatee on his chin. Despite how everybody he knew seemed iffy on it, Dylan liked how it looked. The girls seemed impartial to it except for Iris, who jokingly referred to him as a hippie. Dylan liked having shaggy hair that was a little longer then how most guys would have it, but he understood how it made him look a little funny. Robin and Caelina seemed to like it though, but he wasn't sure if they were just saying that to be nice. Damien, like Iris, joked with Dylan for having facial hair, but Dylan knew his friends didn't mean any harm by the joke-insults. Regardless of what people said, Dylan decided he was going to keep the goatee for a while. At least until he finally got fed up with it and shaved.

    "Thanks, Scoob!" said Dylan as he looked at the clothes laid out on his bed. Scooby sat happily beside the bed, smiling up at Dylan as he said "Ro problem, Rylan! Could roo relp me put on my row-tie?" Nodding at his best friend, Dylan quickly moved over to the bed and tossed on his clothes before bending down to help Scooby clip his tie onto his collar. When the two were both ready, Dylan waved a hand to his dog and walked down the flight of stairs connecting his room to the rest of the house. Dylan lived in what was essentially the "attic" of his Mother's house, but it was probably one of the larger rooms in his home. Quickly climbing down the stairs, Dylan ran to the main floor and looked outside the house, spotting a black limousine parked outside. "Huh. The valet's early." mumbled Dylan before he walked into the living room and poked his head inside. "Hey Mom? Me and Scooby are heading out now."

    Looking up from her spot on the couch, Dylan's mother Jeanne smiled softly and nodded. She was actually supposed to go with Dylan and Scooby to the grand opening that night, but she had recently become sick with a terrible flu-bug and had to cancel. "Okay sweetheart. You two have fun, okay? Please be safe. I'll be watching the whole ceremony on the news, so imagine I'm there in spirit. Haha." she said, her sweet voice full of love and concern. Dylan smile at his Mom and nodded, gently kissing the top of her head before he walked over to the door. "Re'll be rack later, Reanne! Rope you feel retter!" Scooby added before he gently nuzzled his head against Jeanne's arm. Smiling kindly at the Great Dane, Jeanne gently stroked his head before saying "Thanks, Scooby. I want you to keep Dylan out of trouble. If something doesn't look right, I want you two to come back here, okay? No dangerous mysteries tonight."

    Dylan laughed at her comments, smiling at her kindly. "Mom, don't worry! We're just opening the museum, then we're gonna stick around for a small session of interviews and help Patrick explain the exhibit. We shod be back around 2, so don't wait up. I promise I'll give you a call before we get home." explained the teenager before he kissed her head again and waved a hand to Scooby. The two friends quickly scampered out of the townhouse and made their way over to the limo waiting outside. The driver, a middle aged man judging by his appearance, smiled at Dylan and Scooby as he held the car door open for them. The duo quickly entered the limousine and waited for the driver to enter before telling him the directions to the houses of his friends. Secretly, Dylan had paid for the limo to escort the group to the museum, so they had no idea he was showing up in a swanky ride.

    Soon, the car started up and the wheels powered them away towards the first house, then the second, and so on until everyone from Mystery Incorporated was inside the limo. Once everyone was inside, Dylan gave the driver directions to the museum and waited patiently for them to reach their final destination.
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  2. The red haired young woman stared at herself in the mirror analyzing the way her hair was pulled away from her face and twisted in a half up hairdo. She bit her bottom pink lip nervously as she smoothed out her purple dress. This was a big day for Mystery Inc. and she could not help but be nervous with what was going to be revealed tonight by Patrick. She grabbed her silver clutch and headed down stairs expecting the limo to arrive at any moment. "Caelina, be safe out there." Her mother said giving her an air kiss as she opened the door revealing the limo out front. "Don't worry about me Mother." Caelina said brightly as she exited her house making her way to the limo as the diver opened the door for her. She slide onto the seat next to Dylan and smiled. "Hey Dylan, hello Scooby." She said as she gave Scooby a scratch behind the ears. "Looks Like I am the first one to be picked up besides you huh." She asked him.
    Soon the car picked up the rest of the gang and they made their way to the Coolsville Museum for the opening of the exhibit. Caelina's palms were slightly sweaty because she was starting to get nervous, sure she was use to large crowds during her families multiple charity events, but this was different for her she would be talking about cases she helped solve.
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  3. Iris ran a hand through her blonde locks one last time before taking a deep breath and passing through the living room. “I’ll be back late, mom!” she said. Her mother was in the kitchen cooking, her younger sibling moaning about what they would have for dessert and her older sister curled up on the couch watching a movie on the tv.

    “Alright hon, I’ll be up!” her mother called back. Her sisters hardly noticed her disappearing presence, despite being all dressed up in a charcoal top and matching boots, with a bright red skirt for pop. The teen exited her front door to head towards her car when she heard a honk from across the street. Hazel eyes flickering upwards where she had been looking at her small purse in hand, Iris saw Dylan waving from a limo!

    “Um… hey!” she laughed, waving back with a broad smile to her friend, seeing Scooby’s familiar face pop up from the sunroof (or was it moonroof? She had no idea), and Caelina from one of the windows waving as well. “Hey to you guys too!” she laughed again, cheeks rosy. “Well, I wasn’t expecting us all to arrive in such style,” she said as she scooted into the vehicle, never having rode in a limousine before. She figured they were heading to pick up the others, but was surprised Dylan’s mom hadn’t tagged along. “Your mom didn’t come?” she asked, knowing he’d understand her own mother was always preoccupied and never had time for such things that the gang did. She understood it all and supported them 100%, but never got involved.

    Iris greeted each member of their crew as they were subsequently added to the long black car, offering to let everyone else get out first when they arrived at the museum. “Ah! This will be so much fun,” she smiled brightly, eager.
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  4. Dylan laughed a little as Caelina climbed into the car, waving his hand at her. "Hey Cae, you look beautiful, as usual. I'm starting to think I look underdressed... Is my tie on properly? We were kind of in a rush to leave because I was working on the Man-Bat case all day." said Dylan in a joyful tone, smiling at the redhead. It wasn't uncommon for Dylan to compliment all of his friends on either their appearance or their personalities in general, but he wasn't sure how often they saw it as him just being nice or him flirting. While the friends had agreed at the start to keep their "business" clear of relationships, Dylan couldn't help but admit he was failing in that department. He wasn't sure just yet, but he was currently crushing on two members of the group. He wasn't sure what to do, but only Scooby knew about his inner thoughts about the matter. To try and keep the group free from drama, Dylan kept those emotions to himself, but occasionally they shined through especially when he got defensive.

    As the limo drove off to the next house, Dylan saw Iris exiting her house and quickly marching over to the group. Dylan liked Iris a lot. She was a cleaver girl who actually seemed to be the most interested in the "monsters" they encountered. On more then one occasion, Dylan realized that she actually wanted to find a "real" monster rather then the phoney ones they unmasked. "Hey Iris! Looking good!" said Dylan as she climbed into the seat opposite him. When asked about his mom, Dylan shrugged and casually sighed. "She's had a really bad flu recently, so she decided to stay at home. She's watching it on TV though and she told me to say "Hi", so... Hi." Dylan said before he suddenly remembered something. "Oh! Right. Okay, so you guys remember how we found that weird chest during the Man-Bat case? Well, turns out Patrick managed to get one of his college buddies to make a new key. I think they're gonna try to open it tonight and see if anything interesting is inside... Also, there's gonna be a few press people there so we'll probably have to stop for photos and stuff like that. We should be fine though, Patrick has guys who will make sure we can have time to breathe. There's also a dance, an all you can eat buffet (Scooby's really excited about that one), and I think photo ops with specific costumes and a collection of animated re-creations of our mysteries from what Patrick told me. Sounds like a fun evening though! Is there anything you guys are really looking forwards to?"
  5. Caelina laughed and leaned over straightening his tie before untying it and retying it again. "There much better now." She smiled happily and leaned back into the seat and smiled when Iris slide into the car. "Hello Iris." She said greeting the blond warmly before settling in listening to Dylan listing all of the things that they were having to do and groaned, "My family's face is already practically a fixture in the papers. Though dancing will be my favorite thing of the night." She said smoothing out her dress, "The chest though is suppose to be the most exciting thing of the night. I am interested in seeing what is in there myself." She opened her clutched checking the contents again. "This is nerve racking for me I apologize if I seen fidgety." She said smiling nervously. She pushed the thoughts that ran through her head back and sighed she couldn't think about crushes now this was work and she had to treat it as such tonight.
  6. "Thanks." Dylan said to Caelina shortly prior to Iris' arrival. Scooby only cast him a small smile before he nodded at the girls and stuck his head out of the open window again, letting the wind blow against his face. Even when he had described why that felt amazing, Dylan never understood Scooby's more "dog-like" tendencies. But, nonetheless, the Great Dane was his best friend and best friends never let odd things come between them, especially if one of the friends wasn't human. As long as Scooby wasn't licking people after drinking out of a toilet, Dylan was cool with his odd habits... Except that one time at Dylan's family Christmas party a few years back when Scooby decided to "clean his beans". Needless to say, things got awkward and Dylan had to make up a lie in order for Scooby to not be neutered.

    When she mentioned being nervous, Dylan offered Caelina a smile and gently patted her back. "Hey, don't worry Cae, its alright to be nervous. In fact, I think we're all extremely nervous for tonight... Man, I wonder how Robin's gonna react to all those people. Out of all of us, she seems to be the shyest..." said Dylan, trying to support his friend. It seemed like there was a common list of personalities amongst the four friends (and dog) that filled almost stereotypical roles: Dylan and Scooby were the loveable goofballs who essentially acted as the heart and soul of Mystery Inc., Robin and Iris were the super intelligent ones who weren't afraid of anything and always thought things through, Caelina was the clever girl who had the connections and funds to help keep the group afloat (and also knew how to kick ass), and Damien was the brave and unfaltering "leader", even though in the first few mysteries they solved, Dylan acted as the leader. Dylan later decided that Damien would be better at the more focused stuff while he and Scooby worked as the integral backbone of the group alongside Robin, Caelina and Iris.

    He offered Caelina a kind smile, trying to be supportive to his friend. Dylan then turned the same smile to Iris, gently leaning forwards and patting her shoulder reassuringly before finally moving over to Scooby. Scooby hadn't really been paying attention, but the sudden scratch behind the ears put him in a good mood. "Hopefully the evening will be fun! I think we're all in for a good time tonight."

    ((Taking the time in between posts to help build characters until we're all here. I'll revert back to waiting 2 posts before going again after this intro, just thought it would be fun to work on a short prologue))
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  7. Robin was utterly flustered, fidgeting in front of her Aunty's full length mirror with the outfit that she hoped wouldnt draw any attention to herself. She always felt way too self conscious in dresses, so Aunt Gingre had made a deal with her niece. If she wasnt going to wear a dress, she has to let her do her hair and light makeup at least. So as the motherly thin, veiny hand let Robin's last curl fall free around her black headband, the teen bit her lip and took a shaky breath.
    "Robin baby, get over yourself. You look beautiful. Just try and have a nice time with your friends, alright?" Her stern voice still managed to instill warmth in Robin, so she took a deep breath and pushed up her glasses.
    "Alright, Aunty...I'll try."
    "Try? You will."

    The pair heard a beep-beep from the driveway and Robin flinched, suddenly anxious all over again. Even if it was just Dylan picking her up in the Mystery Machine, she was still worried about the museum. She never gets comfortable in crowds like that. She could have sworn that her heartbeat could be heard throughout the whole room, even though she knew that wasn't anatomically possible. Even so, Aunty rubbed her shoulder "Calm down hon, you'll be fine." and started to escort her out and toward the stairs. On the way down the hallway, Robin stopped and slowly opened the closest door to the stairs, taking a final check on her sick Uncle. He had recently been released from the hospital with medicine for chronic bronchitis. He was still sleeping, pale and weak-looking. She hadn't told any of her friends, but she was really worried about him. Robin sighed, Aunt Gingre gently patted her away with a soft smile and nodded, making a bird with her hands and making it fly. Their little inside thing. Fly away, little bird.
    Robin smiled shyly and then made it down the stairs, grateful for her flats rather than heels.

    Then she was out the door, fumbling to find her keys with all the little things in her blazer pocket before locking it
    and halfway to the driveway when she saw a long black car-A LIMOSUINE- parked right there on the road in front of her house! Robin froze, a deer in the headlIghts, blinking and squinting through her glasses until she heard Scooby bark from the open roof and a couple of windows rolled down to reveal Iris and Caelina and Dylan, waving her over. Robin tried to smile, but she's never been in a limo before and just the top of Caelina's dress made Robin feel underdressed and insignificant. So she just waved back awkwardly and nearly tripped before catching herself on the door of the car.
    "Oops!" Robin whimpered, opened it and slid inside, feeling shaky and embarrassed already. Large roses of her shy blush bloomed in her cheeks, even bleeding a bit down toward her collarbone. "You all look really spectacular !" She exclaimed, gesturing to each of them before glancing down at her own less than stellar attire with a brief frown. " really decided on a limo just for us? You didn't pay for this yourself, right?" Robin fidgeted with her hands, hoping he hadn't gone through much trouble to pick her up with such a surprise.

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  8. Danny had flipped his laptop over and slid it into his case along with his other bag, he only had less than a minute and he had to get Rosetta from chasing the birds in the front yard again. He moved some of his black hair to one side as his blue eyes lightened up. He then picked his laptop case and other two bags up and he headed down the stairs and then he picked up his home key and he opened the front door and he locked it. He chuckled as he saw Rosetta chase another bird.

    Rosetta turned and give him a smile, showing all of her canines and she jumped onto his chest knocking him down, his nice black shirt and blue jeans now had dirt on them but he laughed. "Hello Danny are they almost here?" she asked and licked his face. "Rose get off my chest you silly girl." he said softly as the black limo arrived. "Sorry Danny." she said happily and he got back up and picked the bags up. He then opened the door and let Rosetta in and got in himself. As they both got into the Limbo he noticed Robin who looked nervous. "Hey Robin-" He was cut off as Rosetta jumped up onto Dylan who she was happily to see. "Rose I am sure Dylan does not want you in his face." he said as he turned back to Robin, Caelina and looked to Dylan. "Dylan a Limo? I really hope you did not do this all on your own man you know we could have helped you with this." he said to him as Rosetta got off him and laid beside Robin. He looked at everyone then "Caelina you look lovely and Robin you look lovely as well." he said to them both as he leaned back.
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  9. Damon was getting ready in his room. What to wear what to wear... Damon said while looking inside his closet. I could wear my new suit I bought.....But who wears a suit during a monster investigation. I could wear my red button down shirt with blue jeans....But red isn't really my color... While Damon was deciding on what to wear his brothers and sisters where making all kinds of noses. AH I know what I'll wear. Damon pulled out a blue button down shirt with black pants. This is perfect. he said to himself as he got dressed. When he finished dressing Damon got a text from Dylan. Damon pulled out his phone and looked at the text. Oh there almost here. It took a while for that text to process that through Damon's mind. ALMOST HERE?! Damon ran around his room like a crazy person. I'm barley ready! He said to himself. Damon then grabbed his laptop and put it in his book bag. Okay Okay. Laptop check, pack of gum check, glasses..... There was a long pause. MY GLASSES! Damon ran around his room again looking for his glasses. Where could they be? Damon turned around and saw his glasses on his computer desk. Oh...Hehe. There they are... Damon grabbed his glasses and put them on. Okay I think I got every thing.. Damon said as he walked outside his bedroom door.

    BYE MOM! I'LL BE BACK LATER.... LOVE YOU! BYE SWEETIE BE CAREFUL. Damon walked outside his house and saw a limo waiting for him. You got to be joking me Dylan... Damon walked towards the limo with his book bag on his right hand side. Hey guys. he said as he got into the Limo.
    (Sorry it took me awhile to post)
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  10. Dylan smiled pleasantly as Robin wandered into the limo, catching her before she hit the floor of the car. Promptly after catching her, he helped Robin to her seat. "Hey Rob, looking great! All of you look amazing tonight!" he said with a smile, turning to the rest of the group and nodding his head. Scooby nodded as well, happily barking in a flattering way before he stuck his head out the sunroof again. When asked about the limo, Dylan shrugged and said "Its the least I can do. You guys are my friends and you deserve the best mode of transportation possible on our night! As much as I love the Mystery Machine, we needed something a little more... Exquisite."

    "Reah! Rexquisite!" Scooby exclaimed, his head still hanging outside the sunroof.

    Next to arrive was Danny and Rosetta, both of whom Dylan was glad to see. Rosetta was like a younger sister to Scooby, he was always looking out for her. Danny's dog was a more recent addition to the gang, having only been with the group for a handful of Mysteries when nobody else could watch her at home. Rosetta was almost a braver version of Scooby, but she never really got the same popularity as the Great Dane did. Everyone seemed to recognize the group by their "mascot", not a more recent addition. But she didn't seem to care about not being as famous as Scooby. She just liked being with Danny and his friends.

    Danny posed the same question as Robin had, to which Dylan repeated himself. "I didn't tell you guys because I wanted it to be a surprise. Come on, how many times in your life can you say you've ever been in a Limo?" exclaimed Dylan in a positive tone, seemingly bursting with excitement.

    The last to be picked up was Damon, who was like a male Robin. Dylan always suspected that the two brainiacs of the group were secretly exchanging notes on various cases and debating over the existence of real supernatural phenomena. Dylan and Scooby knew it existed (having first hand experience seeing a ghost on the night they met), but the others were otherwise convinced that the only "real monsters" were human beings. But still, Damon was a great addition to the group and had actually come up with a majority of the traps the gang used to capture the "monsters" they faced.

    Soon after everyone was picked up from their homes, it was 8pm and the full-moon was rising into the sky. It was a clear and beautiful night without so much as a cloud in the sky. The opening ceremony was in a half hour, so the driver quickly made his way through downtown Coolsville towards the museum. Then, after another ten minutes of driving, they arrived.


    The Coolsonian Criminology Museum was surrounded by a massive crowd of people, all of whom had shown up to witness the grand opening ceremony. They were varied in wardrobe, from exquisite dresses on the women to a polo shirt and a nice pair of jeans on the men. It was a bit of a mismatch for the wardrobe, but everyone looked great and ready to celebrate the newest attraction in the city. Keeping his head out of the limo, Scooby suddenly looked at the museum and smiled, exclaiming "Re're here, reveryone!" Before he could pop back inside the limo, a high pitched scream emerged from the crowd, followed by a feminine voice exclaiming "IT'S SCOOBY-DOO! THEY'RE HERE!"
    Almost instantly, the crowd burst into applause, cheering and shouting "Mystery Inc!" over and over again, with the odd-mixture of the gang's individual names being called out gleefully. At that moment, Dylan felt himself becoming extremely nervous. He hadn't expected such a huge crowd to turn out and he had especially not counted on the level of praise they were giving him and his friends. Taking a few shaky breaths, Dylan turned to the group and nodded. "Alright gang... Let's do this." he nervously said before opening the door beside him and stepping out onto the red carpet leading up to the museum. The moment he exited the vehicle, the crowd began to applaud and scream harder, cheering for the guests of honour. Taking her hand softly, Dylan gently tugged on Caelina's arm and helped her out of the car. When she was out of the car, Dylan went to help Iris, then Robin, then Damon and Danny (both of whom protested they didn't need help). Finally, Dylan helped Rosetta out of the limo and before he could reach back for Scooby, the Great Dane launched himself out of the car and into Dylan's arms, nearly knocking him over. The two best friends laughed for a minute before Dylan set Scooby down and they observed the crowd. "Check it out, Scoob! Its a "Mystery Inc.-Quake" and the whole city's shaking!" exclaimed Dylan, waving his hand nervously to the crowd.

    "Reah! Re're relebrities! Rehehehehee!" laughed Scooby, slowly walking forwards as Dylan made his way up the red carpet. Patting his friends on the back and greeting the crowd with friendly "hello's" and "thanks for coming". Before long, Dylan saw the green-suited Patrick walk out from the crowd, tossing his arm happily around his famous friend. "Dylan! Scooby! Glad you guys finally decided to show up." joked Patrick, petting Scooby's head before patting Dylan on the back and removing his arm from Dylan's shoulder. "Alright, so I've got a few quick things to tell you. One, you and the gang look great, everyone's super excited to have you here. Two, I got your report on the Man-Bat and Stephen worked it into a shorter bio like we did with all the other cases. I still don't know how you guys manage to face psychos like that, Dyl." ("Most days I don't know either.") "Third, I got a call from some guy named "Beezle". Apparently he's an archeologist who specializes in cryptology. He's been asking about that chest you guys found up in St. Petersburg and says he's coming to check it out tonight. I already told the guards to let you and him into the exhibits early so you can show him the chest, but don't let him leave with it. We already said that the museum is keeping it and any studies on the chest should be performed at the basement research lab. Here, I think I have a picture of him... Ah, here it is." Removing a small image from his suit pocket, Patrick handed the picture to Dylan, who looked at it curiously. The man was in his late forties and had a slowly growing bald-spot. His wrinkled face was covered by a trimmed white beard and he looked as giddy as a schoolgirl.
    "You should call him "Doctor Beezle", its a respect thing. Finally... don't cause a scene, please! I trust you and Scooby, but you have a tendency to... Well, freak the fuck out. Remember: they're just costumes. Nobody is inside of them, and they're not real monsters. Got all that?"

    "Rotcha, Patrick!" Scooby said, wagging his tail energetically. Patrick smiled at the two of them and nodded before walking away, heading to the front door. Once he was there, Patrick swiftly turned around and faced the crowd, spreading his arms to draw attention to himself. "Welcome, fellow Coolsonians and honoured guests of our fair city! We are all gathered here tonight to celebrate the grand opening of the Coolsonian Criminology Museum, a place filled with the infamous tales of criminals who went too far! But, before these real life monsters could succeed in their wicked goals, they were thwarted by the heroic efforts of Coolsville's very own "Mystery Incorporated"! If it weren't for these brave teenagers and their canine companions, these criminals would still be at large and creating terror by imitating and posing as "supernatural entities"! Tonight, we honour the heroic tasks and tribulations which Mystery Inc. has periled through. Tonight, we celebrate another successful mystery solved. Tonight... We celebrate one more victory for Justice and all that is good in this world! So, please enjoy yourselves... And mind the "monsters". Thank you! Alright Edward, open the doors! These people are ready for a good night!" exclaimed Patrick before suddenly turning on his heels, pointing towards a man with a giant set of almost cartoon-esk scissors in his hand. Seconds later, the thick steel blades cut though the red fabric covering the mahogany doors and Patrick pushed them open, revealing the inside of the museum. Bowing one more to the crowd before he entered, Patrick waved to Mystery Inc. and said "Guests of honour, please enter and make yourselves comfortable! Once they're in, we will open the doors to all of you lovely people."

    Dylan nodded at Patrick and looked at his friends, nervously smiling at each of them. "Come on, guys! Let's have a fun night!" Dylan said, trying to sound confident. He was so nervous about entering the museum and didn't know how this night would proceed... But he knew as long as he had his friends, they would be a great team. "Together, huh? We started this as a group... So let's walk in there as a team." exclaimed Dylan before reaching his hand out to his friends.
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  11. Caelina had taken Dylan's hand when he offered it to her and let him assist her out of the car. She stood nervously to the side as the rest of the gang got out of the car. Caelina nearly grabbed Dylan's hand roughly when he had offered it. She knew that he and Scooby were going to be what got her through this night. Her dress shimmered in all the flashing camera lights. Graciously as she could she took Dylan's hand and gave a quick squeeze to let him know that she was feeling a little overwhelmed with everything going on. Her heart seemed to stop its insane break for throat and decided to settle on beating frantically in its cage instead. She gave a small blush as she went to let go of Dylan's hand.

  12. Iris waved to Caelina and Robin as they got in. “Hey guys!” she smiled, messing with the end of her dress happily. “Thanks Dylan,” she grinned and made two finger pistols and winked at him as if to say ‘back at ya’. Everyone looked rather spiffy for the event. She looked up as Danny entered and complimented the other girls but not her, and cleared her throat. “Do I not look lovely as well, Danny?” she asked, sticking her tongue out at him and then smiling. “Hey Damon,” she waved to their other friend as he joined in the limo, though her attention couldn’t help but be periodically drawn to the great dane sticking his head up out of the top of the vehicle and making her giggle.

    Nervousness was truly excitement for the blonde as they arrived, letting Dylan help her out of the vehicle. She stepped out, grey boots hitting the ground and waving to those around. When she noticed cameras she decided to ham it up, posing with silly faces, crossing her eyes and her mouth open in shock. She was so busy she barely noticed Patrick, but made sure to greet him and shake his hand politely before entering the museum. She nodded, agreeing with Dylan about going inside together and waved on their other friends. “Did Patrick mention anything about that chest, Dyl?” she asked inquisitively, mentioning what he had brought up along their way to the event.
  13. Danny got out as they arrived and followed Iris then. He felt bad for not saying anything to her. He watch as Rosetta jumped out and trotted next to him as he saw people here and there that he knew somewhat. He shook Patricks hand much like everyone else and he headed into the museum as he noticed Rosetta greet the rest of the gang in her own way.
  14. ((Alright got a little lazy because I have about 5 more to do and didn't really feel like writing them until they became relevant to the RP. So expect more Monster Bios later on. All the monsters are here, but some don't have full-bios. Those ones are only an image, but I'll edit them later and re-post the bios when they become more relevant to the RP))


    "Yeah, Patrick said some kind of archeologist person would be by to see it later on" answered Dylan, looking at Iris with a shrug. "I'll handle it when he shows up, but I guess we can wait to see what happens. Patrick wants to open it later on, so it'll be like the main event outside of the museum opening." Dylan said, shrugging as he did so. When Caelina turned out to be the first to accept his hand, Dylan offered her a supportive smile and gently rubbed her palm with his thumb. He could feel by the way she squeezed his hand that she was getting overwhelmed, but the blush on her face suggested that she was more overwhelmed to be holding his hand. Before she could pull away from his grasp, Dylan, blushing a little after he realized she was blushing, gave her a hand a soft squeeze and mouthed the words "It's alright, just close to me."

    Dylan smiled as he gripped the hands of his friends, smiling at each of them. With a deep breath, Dylan stepped forwards with the rest of Mystery Inc. beside him, pushing the doors open. Behind them, the crowd went wild and kept cheering for the teens. The museum was heavily decorated and designed with an ornate theme to it, creating a sophisticated looking establishment. The central room held a model of the Mystery Machine with a wax figures of Scooby-Doo and the rest of Mystery Inc. standing beside it, looking around cautiously and holding flashlights. A plaque underneath the models explained the formation of the gang and spoke about their accomplishments. There were different corridors leading to the several wings of the museum, each labeled after the specific type of cases Mystery Inc. had dealt with before: "Ghosts and Ghouls", "The Unexplainable", "Myths and Legends", and "Frightening Freaks".

    Within each of the corridors were dozens of wire-statues adorned with the costumes of Mystery Inc.'s previously unmasked creeps and creatures with a small podium modelled around the setting they had been found in (swamps, forests, cities, the circus, etc.) Taking a look around at the museum ahead of them, Dylan let out a deep breath and squeezed the hands of his friends. "Well guys... There's about a half hour before the event starts, so who wants to go on an early tour? Shall we split up and explore in groups, or stay together for the big moment?" Dylan's attention was suddenly drawn to the black and orange coloured placard behind the Mystery Machine model, prompting him to lead the rest of the gang towards it. Looking at the sign which contained the list of exhibits and the costumes within each section, Dylan shrugged and said "Well I think I can speak for all of us when I say we're not going to visit "Hatty" anytime soon... Unless somebody's feeling braver then usual?"

    These are in no particular order, but are arranged according to the exhibits they are featured in.

    Ghosts and Ghouls (open)
    Jack-O (open)


    This creepy-ghoul was actually the first monster Mystery Inc. busted! His alias, Edward Sykes was a paranoid schizophrenic patient who had escaped from the Blake Institute for the Criminally Insane located in Old Coolsville. Edward had become fixated on believing that he was "Jackie O. Lantern", a character from his favourite childhood show, Spooks of Spooksville and designed an entire suit based off the creature. He took up residence in the Old Wilson House up on Castoff Hill. In 2013, a group of Coolsville High students went up to the "haunted" house for a Halloween party and one by one, "Jack-O" began to pick them off. Edward had locked the doors and cut the gas to any vehicles nearby, which combined with the poor cell-coverage, made running for help almost impossible. Mystery Inc. managed to catch him before the murderous psychopath could kill a third victim and the police arrived shortly after a freshman was sent out of the now-unlocked doors.

    If it wasn't for Edward and Jack-O, Mystery Inc. May have never met. Edward was put to death soon after the event so he could not repeat the same terrible actions. He is the only criminal that Mystery Inc. had caught to be put to death.

    The Giggling Green Ghost (open)

    Ironically enough, this ghostly apparition was unknowingly created by Dylan Robertson himself! When he was four years old, Dylan contracted a fear of ghosts accidentally brought on by his Uncle, Jeff Robertson, after he dressed up as a green ghoul with a horrific cackle. Years later, "Uncle Jeff" invited Dylan and Mystery Inc. up to the "Grey Castle" in Vermont. In his email, Uncle Jeff explained that there was a mysterious ghost haunting the old castle, rumoured to be the ghost of its former owner, Duke Leon Grey. When the gang went to investigate, Dylan was confronted with his old childhood fear brought to life: The Giggling Green Ghost.

    It abducted Uncle Jeff and chased the teens around the castle, horrifying them at every chance it got. In the end, the group managed to catch the non-threatening ghost, revealing it to be Uncle Jeff! He only wanted to help Dylan overcome his fear of the fake monster and set up an elaborate mystery for the group to solve, deliberately leaving behind clues and rigging the castle with multiple fake ghosts to make the group think he was everywhere. Since he had committed no criminal acts (except maybe scaring the pants off of some teenagers and their dog), Jeff Robertson was not imprisoned, but he and the group certainly shared a good laugh over the mystery afterwards. Now, Jeff runs a small business at Grey Castle called "The Green Ghost Tour", which features many of his still-functioning fake ghosts that scare guests as they travel through the maze, ending with a climatic "showdown" with an animatronic wearing a copy of the original costume. The Coolsonian Criminology Museum is proud to have the original costume as part of their collection.

    The Bride (open)


    A rather disturbing case in the files of Mystery Incorporated which took place in a small Pennsylvanian town. There was not much of a mystery here, but the gang was put up against a seriously violent woman. Violet Andrews, wife of Anthony Andrews, had discovered her husband had been cheating on her for the past four years. Rather then take him to divorce court like anyone else, she had a mental breakdown and tried to commit suicide. She recovered luckily, but the experience gave her an idea. She escaped from the hospital she was kept at, forging fake documents saying she had perished on the way to the hospital. Then, covering herself in dirt and blood (from her own body), she tore up her clothes and began to haunt Anthony and his girlfriend Joanne, violently slaughtering any woman who even interacted with the man, eventually killing Joanne shortly after Mystery Inc. arrived to take on the case. In her rage, Violet kidnapped and almost murdered Robin, Caelina and Iris, but they were saved by the heroic efforts of Dylan, Damien and Scooby-Doo, who disguised themselves as women to lure out "The Bride". When she was caught, Andrew vowed to end his womanizing actions for fear that more people would die because of him. Violet is now under strict 24/7 surveillance at a psychiatric hospital in Pennsylvania and Andrew is in the witness protection program.

    The Vile Virus (open)


    How would you feel to have a highly-praised (and top-selling) video game based off of you and your exploits? Well for Mystery Inc., that dream was to become a reality! The popular video game manufacturing company "SegTendo" had contacted the gang to create a video game based off of some of their most famous mysteries (at the time). During the development of the game however, a mysterious programming issue gave birth to a physical representation of a computer virus. The virus, having once been an original boss in the game, only had one goal in mind: destroy Mystery Inc. When the gang visited the developers to record some voice overs for the in-game cutscenes, the "Vile Virus" attacked, using a strange form of electro-static power to "taser" the group. From there, the virus used experimental technology to upload the Gang into the virtual world via AR/VR (Augmented Reality, also known as Virtual Reality) and edited the machine's inputs so the gang would feel real pain and, if something horrific were to happen, die.

    Inside the virtual world, the group had to make their way to the final boss (the Virus) by defeating three of their previously unmasked villains: Hatty the Clown, The Bride, and Swamp-Thing. Along the way, the Virus laid several dangerous traps and puzzles for the gang to solve. Injuries inflicted from these puzzles ranged from a few cuts/bruises on Robin's chest from Swamp-Thing trying to rip her heart out, to Dylan almost bleeding out from a stab-wound to the chest inflicted by the Bride. Luckily though, the gang made it to the final boss and defeated the Virus (who had inserted itself into the reality of the virtual world) by glitching through the level and causing a complete game-crash. Once they were in the real world, they discovered that the Virus was actually being controlled by Ferrel Thompson, a game developer who had previously pitched the idea of a real life "death" game, where if you died as the character, you would die in real life. Thompson claimed that it would give that much of an edge to new games, but she wanted to test it out on Mystery Inc. first. Seeing as how nobody died, her tests were pretty poorly done. Thompson is serving 3 years for attempted murder, but new evidence has shown that she in fact murdered one of her colleagues during the early stages of the machine's development after a "successful" test.

    The physical version of the Virus itself was a hologram created from static electricity, which explains how it was able to taser the gang. SegTendo has graciously donated a non-active version of the hologram to the Coolsonian Criminology Museum on the grounds it won't be part of an "interactive attraction".

    Doctor Strange (open)


    This is one doctor you don't want to make a house call! Before disguising himself as his own Ghost, Doctor Vincent Strange was the apprentice of Samuel Turner (the man behind the "Cross Species Beast") and specialized in veterinary medicine mostly for household pets. Shortly after hearing about his mentor's experiment running wild in Sprucewood, Strange investigated the case. When he learned it had all been a hoax to teach his colleagues a lesson, Strange confronted him in prison and demanded to know why he had lied about his creation. However, rather then turn against his mentor for lying about the monster being real, Turner and Strange came to the agreement that Strange would continue his mentor's work and really bring the creature to life. Seeing as how the creature's body was taken into police custody and burned shortly after Turner's trial, Strange knew he had to work on a new design. He came to the conclusion that by using still living animals, the creature would already be alive after completion and wouldn't require the electrocution "heart-start" attempt tried on Turner's monster. Knowing he would go to jail for his attempts, Strange decided the best thing to do was "kill himself" so the police couldn't arrest him if he was caught. So, after setting fire to a cabin he was staying at, Strange faked his own death and moved onto his project.

    Strange gathered all kinds of live animals to create a new monster (without a human body to combine them all on, as it was too difficult to acquire a still living human and not have the police investigate) over the course of weeks, at which time Mystery Inc. happened to be wrapping up the case of the Qularroans in the town nearby. Deciding that either Scooby or Rosetta would be the perfect "host" for his creation, Dr. Strange set off in a "disappearing" ambulance (caused by reflective mirrors on the surface that produced the illusion of vanishing into thin air) to Enterprise City to catch up with the gang. The night after solving the Qularroan case, Mystery Inc. stayed another night at their hotel so they could be all refreshed for the long drive back to Coolsville. However, Dr. Strange arrived and, after making a hefty decision, stole both dogs from the group. Before any sort of chase could begin, Dr. Strange warned the gang to not follow him and pulled off the disappearing act. Later police reports that night told of a mysterious disappearing ambulance driven by a ghost doctor stealing large sums of money from a bank vault right from under their noses. Mystery Inc. knew that they not only had to save their canine friends, but they also had to stop a ghostly criminal who seemed like the real deal!

    Some research into a pen with the initials "V.S" written on it revealed the potential whereabouts of Dr. Strange and helped them understand that he and Dr. Turner had a connection from the past. Horrified in knowing he might try to create a monster again, the gang raced to Dr. Strange's destroyed cabin and discovered a secret medical lab hidden underneath the rubble. While the surgery on Scooby and Rosetta never happened, Dr. Strange certainly had not given up on his monster. Having combined six different animals (too horribly pieced together to determine what species they originally were), Dr. Strange managed to create a living and breathing Frankenstein's Monster, until it collapsed two minutes later and died from several infections. Having witnessed the fall of his creature and realizing the punishment for his crimes, Dr. Strange unmasked himself and asked to be brought to the police. Since he turned himself in, pleaded guilty, destroyed all of his work and vowed to never operate on a living thing again, Vincent Strange was given a reduced sentence of 2 years in prison for Malpractice and Theft. Since then, he has thanked Mystery Inc. for stopping him before he was completely lost.

    Not much of a mystery behind this one, but still a chilling tale from the archives of Mystery Inc.

    The Black Knight's Ghost (open)


    Another one of Mystery Inc.'s classic capers, the Black Knight's Ghost was said to be a possessed suit of medieval armour worn by the infamous Black Knight of Arthurian legend. The gang had been invited on a European adventure curtesy of Mr. And Mrs. Summers, Caelina's parents. Starting their trip in jolly old London, the group found themselves at a Renaissance festival when they discovered a castle that one of the locals (who worked as a tour guide) claimed was haunted by the ghost of a knight. It was said that the ghost warded off anyone who tried to enter the castle (as it saw them as intruders and declared "None shall Pass") and was even seen at the festival a few years ago scaring off the "King" who he thought was unfit for the throne (despite it being fake). While some of the gang passed it off as a stupid rumour (coughcoughDylanandScoobycoughcough), the rest of the gang wanted to investigate further. So, sneaking away from the main group (and accompanied by the tour guide), the group made their way to the "haunted castle" and discovered that the Black Knight's Ghost was very real!

    Wielding a large one-handed broadsword and being invulnerable to almost any kind of attack, the Black Knight warned the group (or "knaves" as he referred to them) that if they returned to the castle (he referred to it as "The Court of King Arthur) he would personally see to it that they were killed. Naturally the gang fled and worked to come up with a plan, but the Black Knight interrupted the festival the next day before anything could be decided. The Black Knight claimed itself as the King (both of the festival and of the castle) and ordered that anyone who disobeyed his rule would be killed on sight. Deciding to keep the Black Knight occupied whilst the others investigated, Dylan and Scooby (having Roleplaying experience with various DnD campaigns and a few LARP conventions) teamed up to become "Sir Dylanos of Coolsville and his noble steed, Sir Scoobert the Doo" and challenged the Black Knight for his crown. The rest of the gang investigated the mystery while Dylan and Scooby preoccupied the Black Knight, participating in various challenges such as jousting, sword fighting, "damsel rescuing" (a female festival attendee was placed at the end of an obstacle course and the two had to race to the other end and then bring her back to the start), archery, and various other "knightly" tasks and challenges. Eventually, Dylan and Scooby managed to outsmart the Black Knight after arranging a scavenger hunt for "Excaliber" and knocked him unconscious while the police and the other gang members arrived to debunk the ghost. When unmasked, the Black Knight turned out to be Jeremiah Wickles, a wealthy man who had been using the Knight as a means to search for the famous treasure room rumoured to be hidden somewhere in the dungeons. The Black Knight Ghost kept the people away through fear while Jeremiah Wickles continued his search for the treasure. It was the perfect crime (if it weren't for those meddlin' kids!)

    Jeremiah has just recently been let out of a small England Prison after serving 4 months on charges of public disturbance and trespassing (the castle was still owned by a Duke, who didn't realize it was his castle that was supposedly haunted).

    10,000 Volt Ghost (open)


    Would you believe that this creepy criminal actually built a suit that could produce over 10,000 volts of electricity which she would use to fry up innocent victims? Watt a Shock! While up in Vermont visiting one of Scooby's long-lost older brother, Cornelius Alfheim-Doo, who had remained with his original owner at her hut until the day she passed on, the group encountered the 10,000 Volt Ghost. Cornelius had been the first of many dogs the old woman had cast her spell on, meaning he had a much longer time to learn English then his brothers and sisters (but strangely enough giving him a British accent). But, he noted that he had also invited the group up because the ski-resort he often visited was being haunted by the vengeful spirit of an employee who died from electrocution. Apparently the employee, Wattson Voltner, had been sent out into a blizzard to make sure guests were not caught up in the dangerous storm, but before he could return to his cabin safely, the powerful winds knocked a power line loose and Voltner was electrocuted. Now, his spirit roams the ski-resort, scaring away the guests and violently attacking any who remain by firing the same 10,000 volts that went through his body at them. The police would always find horribly electrocuted corpses (their skin was burnt off completely and they were brittle) whenever somebody reported seeing skiers headed up that way. Naturally, Mystery Inc. jumped at the chance to debunk another hoax and posed as Skier's, heading for the resort. Cornelius joined them on their adventure, as he was the only local who believed that the ghost was fake.

    When they arrived and started searching for clues, Dylan and Scooby nearly got burnt to a crisp when the 10,000 Volt Ghost showed up in a seemingly abandoned cabin. The group speculated that whatever the ghost was, it could apparently warp through any electrical device connected via wires (phone cords, lightbulbs, elevators, etc), so they had to try and stay away from any and all electrical devices connected to each other. Needless to say, advances in home-technology did not make things easier for the group, as nearly every room they entered had some kind of electrical socket or device that the 10,000 Volt Ghost could potentially enter the room from. So, much like in previous cases, a few select members were forced to cause a distraction (I'll give you a hint: their names rhymed with "Bylan and Oooby-Yoo") for the ghost while the others finished the investigation without worry. Needless to say, countless Scooby-Snacks were given to the distract-ees in order for them to even consider the job. So, going on a skiing run, Dylan and Scooby (alongside Cornelius) encountered the ghost once more and quickly began a chase, nearly getting shocked countless times (thankfully they had lined their clothes with rubber material to absorb some of the blast if they were electrocuted). But in the final moments of their run, Dylan got an idea. At the bottom of the next hill, he made a right turn and forced the 10,000 Volt Ghost to further pursue Scooby and Cornelius, but quickly rolled a snowball and sent it down the hill after the fiend. Gradually, the snowball grew in size until it was as large as a human being, easily scooping up and crushing the 10,000 Volt Ghost (but not seriously injuring it). Once stunned (and trapped in the snowball), Dylan and Scooby unmasked the ghost, revealing it to be Wattson Voltner! He had posed as his own ghost in order to scare away any potential skiers... But he wasn't alone. He had been hired by a land developer named Eric Dixon to scare away guests so that when the place had to be sold, he could swoop in and turn a profit by turning the lodge into a highway.

    Dixon was soon apprehended after Mystery Inc. provided the police with evidence of his involvement (and Voltner's testimony) and both men are now serving 10 years for fraud and murder (Dixon was labeled an accomplice in Voltner's killings, seeing as how he provided the funds to keep his suit fully charged 24/7).

    Captain Cutler's Ghost (open)


    The Ghost of Captain Yalland (open)


    The Guitar Ghoul (open)


    The Unexplainable (open)
    The Burly Skull (open)

    This ghoul really gave the gang a run for their money! Mysterious kidnappings at the "La CostaLotta Cabin Hotel" located in the forests of Maine instantly caught the attention of Mystery Inc. Posing as guests at the lodge, the gang arranged to stay for a week and spoke with various employees and guests, all of which said there were strange rattling noises coming from the forest during the night followed by a wicked howling. All witnesses who had discovered the source of the noises had been reported missing the next day, except for one. Sasha Grey, a young woman staying at the hotel, had managed to escape being captured by the "creature", which she described as having a large body covered by rotted flesh and a fully-exposed skull with glowing yellow eyes. The owner of the hotel, Vincent DeLotta, claimed that no such beast existed, but that was not the case. Days after hearing said noises in the woods, the gang investigated. However, only Dylan and Scooby encountered the "creature", which they called "The Burly Skull-Guy", but was shortened to "Burly Skull" soon after.

    After setting a trap, knowing that the creature wouldn't stop until it had Dylan and Scooby, the gang used the two as bait to lure out the "creature". Soon after it was caught, the Burly Skull was revealed to be Sasha Grey, posing as a murderous beast to scare away guests at the hotel. Her family had been the former owners of La CostaLotta, but they were bought out by Vincent three years prior. As revenge, she would scare away the guests and force him to sell the hotel back to her. The kidnapped people were found two days later, trapped in a cave the "Burly Skull" was rumoured to inhabit. Sasha is now serving 14 years in prison for seven Kidnapping charges.

    The Smiley Twins (open)


    A tragic tale of medicine, the Smiley Twins were said to be a set of horribly disfigured opposite sex-conjoined twins who were separated at birth. One of them was born with no face whatsoever and a mouth had to be "carved out", while the other was born with a deformed mouth which consisted of a small hole, a large tongue and jagged teeth (both the tongue and teeth were embedded into the other). The larger, mouthless one (referred to by the gang as "Brawny") had the more developed brain and, being the one with more limbs attached after the surgery, was capable of high-physical activity. The smaller one with the deformed mouth (referred to by the gang as "Scrawny") was significantly less "developed" then her brother, but she had the ability to communicate both as herself and her brother due to a supposed "psychic link" shared between them. When speaking as Scrawny, her speech is incoherent and consists mostly of broken English with garbled screams mixed in. While speaking as Brawny, her voice becomes much more masculine and her register deepens further then any woman could ever imitate. Brawny has a darker and much more sinister voice, complete with a British accent and the most pristine pronunciation ever spoken by a human being. It was inferred that soon after their separation, the twins died from complications... But this not what happened.

    The Smiley Twins primarily haunted the remote town of Labourdale, Illinois, but it was said that they had been seen in other cities, primarily in hospitals where the medical staff who supposedly were involved with the long process to safely separate the twins. Over the course of 6 months in three different locations (Labourdale, Jerome's Hospital in Illinois, and The Hospital of St. Edward in Chicago), twelve of the twenty-four doctors and nurses went missing and eight of them were found cut in half and stitched together to somebody of the opposite sex (male/female). Mystery Inc. soon joined the investigation and tried to find a connection between the murders and the supposedly deformed creatures, coming to the conclusion that they wanted revenge for "Killing the Original" (later confirmed by Scrawny during a nighttime encounter with Dylan and Scooby at Jerome's Hospital). The twins referred to their previous connection as "The Original" and desired nothing else but to make the medical staff involved with the operation pay for "destroying It".

    After a few more encounters with the monsters (one of which almost ended in Scooby and Rosetta being stitched together), the gang formed a trap. Using one of the doctor's as bait, the gang apprehended Scrawny. Brawny, not liking the sight of his sister captured, began to violently assault the gang, trying to free Scrawny just before the doctor stabbed him with a syringe of Anesthetic. The twins were then unmasked, revealed to be Johnny and Conny Fenway, a set of real-life twins. Unlike their creepy-counterparts, the Fenway's were not attached to one another at birth and had created the "Smiley Twins" as a means to hunt down the doctor who helped their mother give birth. Shortly after their birth, their mother overdosed on morphine provided by the medical staff. It was reported as an accident, but the Fenway's never learned the names of the medical staff responsible for her death. Only knowing the names of the hospitals their mother frequented whilst pregnant, they went on a brutal murdering spree in a sick attempt at "revenge".

    Johnny and Conny are facing up to 16 years in prison for the brutal murders of 8 medical staff and 6 charges of attempted murder (4 of which involved Mystery Inc. members) and disregard for human life. They go to trial in February.

    The Stalkers (open)


    Like the ghost of Doctor Strange, these creepy critters could walk through walls, making robberies much easier. The Stalkers were a set of 8 humanoid-creatures that had terrorized the urban development of Gemcity, New York, trying to scare away the land owners and land developers. Mystery Inc. was up in Gemcity visiting with Iris' grandparents when they first discovered the existence of the Stalkers. Like the name suggests, the pink leathery-skinned creatures actually chose victims at random and "stalked" them until they either left Gemcity or refused to work on the project out of fear that the creatures would begin pursuing them again. As a result of the paranoia surrounding the project, Mystery Inc. quickly got on the case and began to "stalk the Stalkers". The Stalkers had been stealing money from the landowner's personal bank funds and sabotaging the construction equipment so that no work could be completed in the near future, so the gang started by looking at the crime scenes. Soon after, a group of 3 Stalkers came after them and forced Mystery Inc. to regroup. The evidence the gang collected suggested that a set of natural-extremists had been heavily against the new development for quite some time now and only recently had they ceased any activity. As well, Mystery Inc. figured out that the Stalkers were non-violent towards human beings, which made planning a trap much easier. Using Scooby, Dylan and Roman wielding power tools as bait, the 8 Stalkers all came out of their hiding spot and tried to dismantle the tools before becoming trapped in a pit Mystery Inc. dug earlier that day. When unmasked, the 8 "Stalkers" were revealed to be 8 members of the extremist group, all of whom pleaded for amenity upon their capture (which was granted shortly afterwards). The members wanted to keep the construction delayed at all costs, even pooling their resources to break into bank vaults so they could steal the project's funds. In order to create the illusion of "walking through walls", multiple members of the group worked in sequence to appear as one creature (they managed to enter most areas through secret entrances and welding tools to cut holes in walls. As of now, the extremists have been released on bail after serving a year for theft.

    Hatty the Clown (open)


    One of the most dangerous criminals Mystery Inc. has ever faced off against. "Hatty the Clown" had at one time been the stage-name of a children's entertainer (named aptly for his trademark giant top-hat) but soon began work for a traveling circus troupe. However, after the ringleader was violently attacked by one of the unicycle-bears, Hatty became the new ringleader by default. What followed was the mysterious disappearances of 10 children who attended the circus (all from different locations the troupe traveled to). Multiple investigations were performed in the 3-months the children had been missing, but each time the child they were looking for could not be found. Thinking they could take a stab at the investigation, Mystery Inc. joined forces with the Sheriff of Pleasentville (Ohio), Henry Tatum, to check out the latest disappearance. The circus had been in Pleasentville for three days before the 5 year old boy went missing, but in that time Sheriff Tatum had been doing his own mini-investigation on the group.

    As the investigation wore on (with little to no help from the circus group), Caelina and Rosetta got the idea to see if the old ringleader knew anything about the case. While the rest of the gang continued their investigation, Dylan, Caelina and Rosetta went off to visit the original leader, George Caleb, at a hospital in New Jersey. Shortly after arriving, George warned them that Hatty was not to be trusted and they should focus on exposing him as the psychological criminal he was. George had only been "replaced" in the circuits because Hatty had been secretly feeding the bears human-meat scented with George's particular body-spray so they would attack him on-sight. Realizing the danger that could befall their friends, the trio rushed back to the circus, but not before encountering the Strongman and "The Missing Link" (a man who had deformities/scales all over his body that resembled a mutated lizard). They had been sent by Hatty, who had captured the others, so the remaining three (and George) could be properly "taken care of". After defeating the duo and placing them in custody, Dylan, Caelina, Rosetta and George all rushed back to the circus with a police squad to arrest Hatty and his troupe. However, they were captured upon arrival and forced to participate in "Hatty's Carnival of Carnage": a series of "events" using brutal torture/execution methods ranging from the Rack to the Electric Chair, to slaughter the police, Mystery Inc. and George. The event went on for three hours and consisted only of Hatty and his troupe brutally murdering the police officers while the 10 missing children (who had been disguised in Gremlin suits as part of the public act) and the gang were forced to watch. mystery Inc. continued watching the bloodbath until themselves were chosen to "join the fun". They were inserted in a comedically large (but incredibly deadly) blender so the circus freaks could let the audience "enjoy a cold and delicious Mystery Milkshake" that was locked from the outside. Just for Hatty's amusement, they were given 3 minutes to try and escape from the death trap, even though the glass was completely shatter-proof and the lid was sealed tightly. Instead of smashing against the casing like anyone else, the gang instead began to activate the machine themselves, spinning it in the opposite direction so the blades would break off, using it to cut the glass open afterwards. However, the troupe caught onto their plan and activated the blender moments before the gang managed to escape from certain doom. Hatty and his foes tried to individually end the Gang's life, but Scooby and Rosetta managed to escape and free Sheriff Tatum, rushing back to the station for reinforcements. During the fight, Dylan faced off against Hatty alone and outsmarted the deranged clown by running into the Hall of Mirrors, where he smacked Hatty in the back of the head with his own "bonk hammer". After subduing Hatty, the police arrived and arrested the criminals. All of the criminals (including Hatty) had seemingly erased their identities (burning off their fingerprints, getting extensive plastic surgery, and having no medical records of any kind) prior to their circus lives, making Hatty and his troupe the only "real monsters" that Mystery Inc. has ever caught in the act. The missing children were returned to their families soon after, but all those who survived Hatty's Canival of Carnage were given four months of psychiatric evaluation (as a start). Currently, Hatty and his circus troupe are incarcerated in the Ravencroft Institute: a maximum security prison, and have have been sentenced to death for Christmas of 2015.

    Originally, Mystery Inc. was hesitant to provide the Coolsonian Criminology Museum with Hatty's costume (and the costumes of his troupe) due to the horrific memories the mystery had on certain group members, but they agreed to showcase it only if they never had to hear the name "Hatty" or see the costumes ever again. As a result, the costumes will be held behind locked doors during the opening festivities and all promotional material for the museum will not reference the case.

    The Undead Man (open)


    One of Hatty the Clown's troupe members, not much is known about the Undead Man. He apparently suffered from a medical condition that made his skin look coarse and unhealthy, like that of a rotting corpse. The Unknwin condition was also reportedly eating his brain from the inside out, forcing the Undead Man to slowly lose his mind like that of a highly advanced Alzheimer's patient. Eventually, the ability to move (sloppily) and (garbled) speech became the only things the Undead Man could perform on a regular basis, which made him appear even more like a reanimated corpse. Seeing the potential in making the Undead Man do all of his dirty work, Hatty made him an enforcer for the troupe along with the Gremlins.

    It was later proven through an autopsy after the disease finally killed him that the Undead Man actually consumed human flesh rather then regular food. Hatty admitted in an interview with his therapist at Ravencroft that the bodies of their previous victims had to go somewhere and they happened to have a human-garbage can available. The Undead Man was often starved for weeks before being fed a buffet of bodies to feast on.

    Although not completely in control of his actions, he is still considered to be one of Mystery Inc.'s most "disturbing monsters". The Undead Man died in his sleep in September of 2014.

    Gremlins (open)


    Another of Hatty's troupe, these critters were actually the 10 missing children in disguise. They were originally kidnapped by Hatty after he persuaded them to run away and join the circus, but Hatty and his troupe forced them to work as manual labourers, doing any of the heavy lifting they required. If the children were out of line, the Strongman or the Undead Man would be given ten minutes to punish them through violent beatings. When the circus put on a peaceful public front, the children were inserted into the Mubber-made suits and their mouths were taped shut so they could not call for help. If they tried to run away or warn any of the patrons of their trouble, they were beaten severely. When Mystery Inc. took down the sinister circus troupe, the children were set free.

    The costumes were designed with built in dog-collars that shocked any "unwanted behaviour" out of the children and were lightweight so the kids could "look like little monsters", as Hatty described. The Gremlins had their own act in the public show in which they ran around the circus causing mischief and a prize was given to whoever spotted all 10 throughout the show. Each of them had names aptly based on their "personalities": Daffy (the energetic one who was named after the Warner Bros. character), Lazy (the one who did nothing but lay down), Screamy (constantly had its mouth open and "screamed" at the guests), Lloyd (the leader), Loogie (the gross one who always had boogers hanging out from its nose), Drunky (always carried a bottle of alcohol and stumbled around), Chicky (the "attractive" female), Veggie (a mutated Gremlin that had vegetables growing on its body), Poopy (like Loogie, but was known for throwing "feces" [mud] at the troupe/audience), and Frankie (the gangster one with a switchblade and a slicked back-hairdo).

    The Coolsonian Criminology Museum currently possesses all of the costumes and had negotiated a deal with the amusement park "Spooky-Island" (located on the island off the coast of the Bahamas by the same name) to licence the characters for an upcoming attraction: "The Great Creep-Show Escape: Featuring Mystery Incorporated". The ride will follow the gang and the riders (aided by the Gremlins) as they try to escape a sideshow featuring some of Mystery Inc.'s most famous villains, such as Jack-O, Hatty the Clown, the Tar Monster and more.

    Creepy-Crawly (open)


    Ever have that nightmare where you find yourself covered in a disgusting amount of live-insects and rodents? That's what it was like for the gang to encounter the Creepy-Crawly! This ghastly ghoul was supposedly made of of living breathing worm-like tendrils that pulsated with the sickly colours of human blood. It was rumoured to be some kind of highly evolved parasite that manifested a physical form, but Mystery Inc. knew it was just part of another creepy caper for them to solve! The Creepy-Crawly had apparently unearthed itself nearby an oil-rig in the Nevada Desert and had been scaring the workers away from the project. Nobody wanted to stay at the site while the creature was still alive, which made the head of the operations contact Mystery Incorporated and asked them to come investigate.

    The investigation was soon underway and shortly after they arrived, the Creepy-Crawly attacked the Mystery Machine and forced it into a ditch. In the chaos of escaping the van, the gang accidentally left behind their cellphones. The Creepy-Crawly eventually locked them out of the van by covering the doors in a thick layer of tendrils, preventing any kind of escape by the gang. While the gang was busy retreating into the nearby campsite, the Creepy-Crawly disappeared into the sand below (or so they thought). The gang quickly devised a plan to separate and search for clues, making sure to not touch the sand and accidentally alerting the monster to their presence. Carefully, the group navigated between the site while Danny and Robin tried to pry open the Mystery Machine. Unfortunately for the unluckiest members of the gang (Dylan and Scooby), the Creepy-Crawly found them just as they discovered some incriminating evidence about the former oil baron who owned the land. During the ensuing chase, Dylan and Scooby managed to slip-up the Creepy-Crawly after they accidentally spilled galleons of purified oil onto the floor of the refining mill. The two wound up knocking out the Creepy-Crawly after all three of them collided with a wall (the Creepy-Crawly cushioned Dylan and Scooby's impact with its body) and soon after the gang arrived with the police curtesy of Robin's cellphone, the monster was unmasked. The Creepy-Crawly was in fact Reginald Puree, a wealthy oil baron who had previously owned the land. He had sold the plot after he thought the oil had run out, but shortly after his rival bought it, oil began spewing by the gallons. Driven by greed, Puree donned the Creepy-Crawly disguise as a means to terrify the landowners and sell them back to him (his rival had a serious phobia of worms). Then, he would use the disguise to scare other oilers into selling him their land so he could make huge profits and become a billionaire within six months. Thankfully, Mystery Inc. stopped him before he robbed dozens of people of their hard-earned wealth. Reginald is currently serving his 2nd of 4 years for kidnapping (locking a couple of teenagers out of their van in a deserted oil-refinery was considered kidnapping) and could see another 5 after it was revealed he had been involved with a money-laundering scheme at a local tax-firm.

    Qularroans (open)


    The Great Phantasmo (open)


    Frightening Freaks (open)
    Experiment X-1: "Cross Species Beast" (open)

    This Monstrosity was supposedly a genetic experiment created by Doctor Samuel Turner, who was previously shunned by his colleagues for his "Victor Frankenstien-esk" infatuation with combining and splicing multiple life forms together. It was said that the "Cross Species Beast" was the result of successfully combining a housefly fly, a frog, a human being, and a cockroach. Obviously, the human body (supposedly said to be the recent corpse of a local criminal) was used as a base to begin the work. The house fly would allow the creature the ability to produce toxic mucus and fly. The frog gave the creature a long-slimy tongue (and webbed fingers) that could extend and grab onto nearly any surface and also allow it to jump extreme distances and heights. Finally, the cockroach would make the creature nearly indestructible and give it the ability to produce "offspring" (in the form of infant-sized larvae/maggots) at a rapid rate. The "Cross Species Beast" had preoccupied the local swamp nearby the town of Sprucewood, D.C, until Mystery Inc. Showed up to debunk the case.

    In only three days, the gang discovered the truth behind the creature: it was controlled by none other then Doctor Turner himself! He had donned the horrific disguise in an attempt to frighten his colleagues into submission, threatening their families until they agreed to pursue cross-species genetics as he wanted. It was later diagnosed that Doctor Turner had become extremely psychopathic in his "monster" exploits after a real-life attempt to re-create the creature was found in his lab. The still-living test subject (presumed dead when he was discovered) suffered through hours of agonizing pain before succumbing to wounds inflicted by his surgery. Doctor Turner now resides in a psychiatric hospital and is currently awaiting trial for an Unlicensed Practice of Medicine and Murder.

    Crystal Creep (open)


    Vermin (open)


    The Missing Link (open)


    The Atomic Aquatic (open)


    The Moleman (open)


    Myths and Legends (open)
    The Man-Bat (open)


    This flying beast was considered by many residents of St. Petersburg, New Jersey, to be a creature from folklore. Some claimed that it had existed for years, whereas some claimed it was only a highly radiated/mutated Bat that hunted the areas surrounding the small town. When Mystery Inc. came to investigate the case, they were followed by the "Supernatural Investigative Reporter" Katy Donning and her camera man, James Morrison. While dealing with the increasingly irritating antics of Katy and James (who blew everything out of proportion for their famous series, "Creeps, Freaks and Real Life Monsters"), the gang discovered that the rumoured "Man-Bat" creature had been terrorizing St. Petersburg for quite some time. They encountered the terrifying beast quite a few times and rescued some of the locals it had kidnapped (including James and Katy) until they tracked it down to an old mansion on the outskirts of town. The group managed to take down the creature and unmasked it, proving that James and Katy were behind the entire hoax! In the past they had orchestrated a series of "monster attacks" for their show. They would disguise themselves as monsters, kidnap/terrorize the townsfolk and catch it all on tape before "killing" the monster (putting a mannequin in the costume to make it appear lifeless) and taking large sums of money from the townsfolk for their efforts, as well as gaining profits from the successful show. However, they were assisted by Winston Ulysses, a local man who wanted to wed the widow of a rich man. He had planned to have the Man-Bat kidnap the widow and "rescue" her, but Mystery Inc. made sure never saw the plan come through!

    Currently, James, Winston and Katy are serving up for 14 years each. Winston was only charged as an accomplice and was given a reduced sentence for not being an active participant in the crime, whereas Katy and Winston are serving the full 6 years and have been red-tagged by media production companies across the world.

    The Tar Monster (open)


    In the past, the ancient city of Byzantius had been haunted by a ghoul made of sludge known as "The Tar Monster". It was said to have been born in the tar-pools that the city was famous for. Prior to its criminal-controlled re-emergence, the monster had not been seen for over 100 years. When Mystery Inc. was called to investigate the mysterious kidnappings and grizzly murders of several employees at his archeological dig site, Professor Albert Brickston informed the gang of the horrific tale of the Tar Monster. Apparently it had been contained in one of the inner sanctums of the city, or so the workers thought. The kidnappings and murders began to occur after the deepest tunnels were opened, so many of the workers believed that the Tar Monster had been imprisoned beneath the city. The first to be taken by the monster was Professor Brickston's assistant, Eric Stoner, who had been missing for months. Reports had been sent to the police, but each kidnapping turned up fruitless or the victim was later found dead, covered in a thick layer of Tar (inside and out).

    When at last Mystery Inc. managed to catch the beast, they revealed it to be none other then Eric Stoner! As it turned out, Stoner had wanted to scare away the other archeologists after he discovered the immeasurable wealth contained in the innermost chamber of the tunnels. He had "kidnapped" himself in order to keep the Tar Monster active 24/7 and to make sure nobody went snooping around, he abducted others and murdered them so they would act like "scarecrows" and frighten both the police and the archeologists away from the site. Stoner is currently facing over 20 years in prison for the murder of 5 individuals, and another 10 for multiple kidnapping charges.

    The Witch Doctor (open)


    Oga-Oga-Boogah! This creepy caper began at a luau the gang was invited to in Hawaii for a little bit of R&R by Mr. and Mrs. Summers: Caelina's parents! During the trip, a mysterious masked man dressed like an ancient African Witch Doctor appeared and claimed itself as "Uu Ku Hadlaa Shayaadiinta" ("He Who speaks with Devils). It warned the party-goers that they were partying on ancient grounds and if the island was not vacated in three days, then he would curse them. Naturally, the group stuck around to investigate the mysterious creature and see what the "curse" would lead to.

    When three days had passed, a large percentage of the party-goers had vacated the premises, but not Mystery Inc and those who believed the "curse" wasn't real. However, the Witch Doctor appeared again and within hours, people began to die in mysterious ways based on their personal lives (a banker was found with his organs removed and his corpse was stuffed with dollar bills, a hotel maid's lungs were filled with dust, and a professional surfer was found partially eaten by pirañas, which obviously didn't originate from the island). When the Witch Doctor abducted Dylan and Scooby-Doo to try and scare them to death, the gang jumped the creature and unmasked it. The Witch Doctor was Jeremiah Weinstein, a greedy landowner who wanted to frighten people away from the beachfront Hotel the Summer's family owned (where the luau had taken place and where the gang was staying during the week) so the family would be forced to sell. When he bought it out from under them, he would convert it to an expensive set of condos and slowly gain corporate control of the richest areas of the island... If Mystery Inc. hadn't stopped him, that is. Jeremiah is currently incarcerated for 3 counts of murder and 2 counts of attempted murder (on Dylan and Scooby).

    Swamp-Thing (open)


    The Great Baehre Swamp (located in the Town of Amherst in Erie County, New York) had been experiencing a great deal of supernatural phenomena after it was reported a "Creature from the Black Lagoon"-esk monster roaming around in the swamps outside the town. Naturally, Mystery Inc. investigated the creature's origins only to discover that such a beast was the town's equivalent to "Bigfoot". It had apparently existed for years and whenever it was spotted by humans, it was said to be a horrible omen of bad things to come. So far, three witnesses who had seen the creature had all suffered serious head and chest injuries. It was rumoured that the creature was an ancient guardian of a long-lost treasure located in the swamps. If anyone disturbed its slumber or tried to take the treasure, then the "Swamp-Thing" (or "the Bahre Beast" as the townsfolk would refer to it) would find that person and kill them so the treasure was protected.

    It didn't take long before the creature targeted Mystery Inc. as its next victims, labelling them as "treasure hunters" after misinterpreting the text on the Mystery Machine (it thought they "found" mysteries, meaning the treasure could be in jeopardy). As a result, the Mystery Machine's engine was sabotaged and individual gang members were attacked by the creature. It even made off with both Rosetta and Danny, claiming them as its "New Pets" until the gang formulated a plan and caught the creature. After unmasking the monster, they revealed the Swamp-Thing was actually the town's Mayor, Cereci Zappa. During a mining operation which open several underground caves months prior, she had discovered that the fabled treasure under the swamp actually existed. Cereci took on the guise of the famous monster to try and scare anyone away from the swamp who might potentially find out the treasure existed. While no official charges were filed against Cereci (the kidnapping of Danny and Rosetta was dropped due to the fact the gang captured Cereci before she could technically get away), she has been demoted from Mayor to Bartender (who gets tomatoes thrown at her to this day). The treasure was discovered shortly after the mystery wrapped up and the catacombs leading to the main chamber has since become a tourist attraction for the town.

    Snowy the Frostman (open)


    Another chilly caper from the Mystery Inc. archive! Snowy the Frostman was originally thought to be related to the Sasquatch (Bigfoot) or one of the earliest forms of human beings according to evolution. Snowy was frozen in a block of ice when he was recovered from an Arctic expedition hosted by the Natural History Museum in New York and was put on display shortly after retrieval. He was kept in a 6-inch glass case that pumped in the coldest air an air conditioner could produce in order to simulate the Arctic's weather. It was originally called "The Frost-Man", but a common joke among the night guards was calling him "Snowy the Frostman" while singing a parodied version of the popular Christmas tune "Frosty the Snowman". After the song leaked on YouTube, the name stuck. However, while studying the iceman, John Snow, a researcher at the NHM, discovered that "Snowy" was still alive and had been kept in perfect hibernation. The team that recovered Snowy were torn between thawing him out to study him and his actions, or keeping him in hibernation and not taking the risk of accidentally killing the world's only living pre-Human. But later that week, one of the night guards reported seeing Snowy completely unthawed and running around the museum, almost as if it was searching for something. When the apparent "break out" was investigated, Snowy was discovered to still be incased in the ice. Not sure wether or not to believe the night guard, the museum staff chose to ignore his concerns after nothing to support his claim was found on the video feed from the security cameras. Knowing what he had seen, he invited Mystery Inc. up to the museum to try and see if they could figure it out, given their past with "the supernatural". It was suspected that Snowy could walk through solid matter, which explained how he got in and out of the ice without it melting, but Mystery Inc. had other thoughts.

    The teens had a stake-out with the guard during his shift and around midnight, discovered Snowy was indeed capable of escaping the ice. Dylan was carrying a camera with him because the gang and the guard suspected somebody had edited the security footage. They tried to apprehend the humanoid beast but Snowy proved to be extremely powerful, far stronger then a normal human being. During the chaos of Snowy's attack, Dylan and Scooby accidentally set off the burglary alarm which forced Snowy to flee back into the ice (but none of the gang managed to witness it). The authorities soon showed up and kicked Mystery Inc. out of the museum, threatening to arrest them if they were caught trespassing there again. Dylan's camera had been destroyed during Snowy's assault, meaning the gang was back to square one and had to start all over. Sneaking into the museum at night again, the group decided to split up and monitor as many rooms as they could, leaving Dylan and Scooby in charge of the room Snowy was kept in. Even though they waited for hours, Dylan and Scooby did not see the monster leave its ice-prison until they saw a mysterious woman dressed as a guard enter the room. Using a key, she unlocked the back of Snowy's case and seemingly opened the ice like a closet before putting on Snowy's skin like a costume, leaving behind a mannequin that was posed as the frozen Snowy. However, the woman was alerted to Dylan and Scooby's presence after Scooby sneezed, prompting her to grab her gun and open fire at them. A chase through the museum ensued, ending with the night guard taking the gun from Snowy and forcing her into the ice-case, which held her until morning. When the day-staff returned, "Snowy" was released from the ice-block and unmasked, revealing the monster as Alyssa Degreen, a former night guard who had been fired for apparently destroying the exhibits. In reality, Alyssa had been searching for a series of rare gemstones that were highly sought after on the black market. In a brilliant attempt to sneak back in, she posed as the prehistoric "Frostman" and searched for the gems every night. Little did she know that the gems were on-loan from the Smithsonian and a week prior, they had been shipped back, rendering her search pointless. Charged with multiple counts of trespassing, posing as a Security officer, and theft of valuable museum artifacts, Alyssa now faces up to 14 years in jail.

    Aphrodite (open)


    The Mermaid (open)

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  15. Caelina nodded sticking close to Dylan offering a soft smile to all of her friends while petting Scooby to distract her mind from the event that they were currently at. She walked between Dylan and Scooby as they entered the Coolsville Museum. She smiled broadly at the replica of the mystery machine and the wax figures of all of them. She noticed how someone even placed her wax figure next to Dylan's and that made her really happy. She grabbed Dylan's hand when he mentioned Hatty, that had been one of the most terrifying experiences in her life and she really did not wanna relive those horrible memories. "Unless you want me to have a sleep over for the next two weeks." She said in a forced laugh. Images of the poor officers flashed through her head and she hid her face in Dylan's shoulder. "I am never going back to that place; I was in therapy for months because of him."
  16. Robin shook her head at Dylan. Exquisite? Really? She smiled and sighed, then greeted Damon when he arrived in the unnecessary limo before they finally headed for the museum. She stayed quiet for most of the ride, heeding her Aunt's advice and taking deep breaths to calm herself before they arrived. When she could see the museum, she managed to keep her composure, but it was pretty much shattered when the crowd started cheering and Dylan exited onto a red carpet. Robin faintly heard her name called by few fans in the mayhem, but she was still frozen in her seat, heart hammering loud in her ears and shutting out the screaming of fans in the huge audience waiting for entrance to the new museum. All she knew from that point forward was Dylan's hand giving her much needed help out of the limo on her shaky knees.

    Barely breathing, keeping her eyes on the ground and trying not to trip was the blur of memory all the way up until she blindly followed Dylan into the museum before anyone else. By that point, her headband was giving her a headache, her stomach was a tempest of empty stomach acid with nervous hands pressing on it and her glasses were slipping toward the tip of her nose so she could only clearly see Caelina's manicured hand in Dylan's comforting hold. Robin panted under her breath and she heard Dylan's voice as if from a tunnel. Something about an early tour as he led them to a model of the mystery machine. It was quieter in the new building, but the people outside still reached her ears, making her unreasonably nervous. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been on a stage before so many people. She dreaded the crowd she would find herself in when the coolsonians were allowed in. She pushed her glasses up and forced herself to rip her misty eyes away from Dylan and Caelina's embrace. Why did he have to bring up Hatty? Robin trembled and shook her head, catching sight of Iris, Danny and Damon on either side of her. Whatever they decided to do, she didn't mind. She just let her eyes scan the front room searching for--there! Near the hallway closest to the map Dylan was standing by-- a bathroom.
    "Mm. I--I'm gonna go to the bathroom. I'll.. be r-right back." Robin mumbled softly and blinked a few times before walking quickly to the women's restroom. She had to stop her dizzy steps with her hand on the wall right next to the doorway before she opened it and made her way to a large stall and locked the door. Not an instance later, the small brunette had slid to the floor in a ball taking gasping breaths, trying to keep the images out of her head from the faceless crowd outside converging on her to the reminder of the monster Hatty the Clown. The heels of her palms tipped her thick glasses up to press against her eyes. She could only do so gently because her Aunt had put effort into her makeup. Gingre would say to get up and calm down. Crying solves nothing. She wouldn't cry. Robin held her breath and closed her eyes and waited until the tears faded away. None slipped from her light eyes.
    There was no rational reason to be afraid. This reaction is nothing more than weakness she has yet to get rid of. But no matter how many times she'd told herself there was nothing to freak out about, that she'd faced human murderers and looked them in the eye and lived, she's still on the floor of a bathroom stall like a fragile idiot. Over what? She didn't know anymore. She hoped she could just chalk it up to her stupid social anxiety disorder, but there might be other underlying factors she refused to think about right now.
    Robin grit her teeth. Her friends probably guessed she was here out of fear too... "Poor Robin", they'd say. She winced and slowly stood, taking deep breaths to fight the dizziness on her way to the sink. The mirror told her she still looked presentable despite the ghost-white paleness and anxious eyes behind dorky glasses. She hoped none would follow her. If anything, she'd text her friends where they are if they already decided what to do. One advantage to not wearing a dress is pockets to keep her phone and stuff in. She pulled out a tiny zip lock bag with a couple of ibuprofen pills in it. She had barely eaten anything all day, but she'd be okay when the buffet started. So Robin took the pills with a cupped hand of tap water, threw away the bag, told herself she could get through the night without a breakdown, and walked back out to her friends again, avoiding their eyes.
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  17. Dylan suddenly felt something soft pressing into his shoulder, which he discovered was Caelina's face. She spoke about Hatty as if Dylan had completely forgotten what he had done. But he didn't forget. That bastard tried to dice up his friends, his dog, and most importantly, brutally murdered innocent people for the sake of 'comedy'. The only reason Dylan would ever want to see that man again was to watch his execution. But, Dylan was better than that. He didn't wish I'll on anyone... Not even those who deserved a slow and painful death as punishment for their crimes.

    Robin seemingly disappeared from the group soon after they approached the figures, no doubt to go and have some 'alone time'. Dylan felt bad about her, being the only one in the group who really knew about her condition. Scooby had seen her 'nervous fits' before and originally thought she was possessed by some kind of a monster, but after explaining it to Dylan, they realized she had a serious social disorder. It was wrong of Dylan to not inform her that a lot of people would be there and as a result, he felt guilty for causing Robin distress. When the young girl came back, Dylan gave her hand a soft squeeze and smiled at her, pretending not to notice. Dylan knew that if she realized he knew about her disorder, she would just freak out even more, so he thought it was best to just be a supportive friend.

    But, as he was about to comment to the group about moving forwards, he heard the sound of a cane clicking against the ground before a man approached him. The man from the image! Dr. Beezle!

    "Ah, I assume your Dylan? My name is Doctor Lucifer Beezle. I believe you've been told that I was coming?"

    "Yeah... Hi there, Dr. Beezle. Yes, I'm Dylan. You're pretty early... But I guess that's a good thing. Anyways, um... Oh! This is the rest of Mystery Incorporated. Scooby, Robin, and Caelina. Um... Guys, you go ahead. Scooby and I will show Dr. Beezle the chest, we'll be back soon. Go and enjoy yourselves, promise we won't be long."

    Gently hugging both the girls before he walked away with Scooby close by, Dylan smiled at his friends and waved to them. Turning his attention to the Doctor, Dylan cleared his throat and said "So, Doc... Um... What exactly is it that you want to see the chest for again?"

    "I'm a cryptologist, Mr. Robertson. That means I study anything paranormal and mythological."

    "Rike rhosts?"

    "Exactly, Mr. Doo... In fact, most of my team's research lately has been focused on talking dogs."

    "It's more common then you'd think. Lots of animals are starting to get smarter nowadays... I personally think it's all about evolution."

    "Don't fool yourself, young man. Nothing about talking animals can be determined from science. It's just something far beyond the comprehension of humans. Much like the chest, if it's truly what I've been looking for."

    "Rhat's the chest rot to roo with ryptology?"

    "An excellent question, Mr. Doo. But, I will need to see..." Dr. Beezle suddenly cut himself short as they finally reached the room containing the chest. Ironically enough, it happened to be the mansion-themed area of the "Ghost's and Ghouls" wing, containing Jack-O, the Giggling Green Ghost, and many other kooky creeps. Dylan and Scooby proceeded into the room nervously, unnerved by the lighting of the room and the realistic costumes within. "S-So, um... W-What do you think, D-Doc?"

    "Yes..." muttered Dr. Beezle, staring ahead at the chest. "That's it. The chest of Asakon."

    "Rasaron? Rho's that?" asked Scooby, sitting down as he watched the old man approach the exhibit.

    "An artifact from long ago... Back when the world was still being colonized. Back in the times of kings and queens... Or, as you would call them, the medieval ages. But this chest... It was said to continued the spirits of nine hundred and ninety nine demons (999), all of who were captured and detained by a group of monster hunters. They were led by the chest's namesake, Asakon, a demon lord with incredible power and influence over the supernatural realm. The demons, under Asakon's rule, plotted to wield an ancient demon artifact, the Hellfire Tablet, to bring about the apocalypse... But they were thwarted by the demon hunters before they could acquire the rod. The chest was meant to contain a thousand, but only the previously mentioned nine hundred and ninety nine demons were captured. According to legend, Asakon managed to escape the grasp of the hunters and fled to the furthest reaches of the mortal realm. Knowing he would return, the hunters his the chest somewhere in the world in a place where Asakon would never find it... But, as the legend goes, Asakon has been hunting the chest to this very day, plotting to open it, should he ever locate the chest. If it were to be opened, it's rumoured that the demons trapped within would escape into this mortal realm and take on new forms, ready to finish their work... Ready to end the world."

    Swallowing his air nervously as the doctor finished his speech, Dylan cleared his throat and said "Well, um... That sounds... *ahem* We should get back to the party, Doctor Be-"

    Just as Dylan began to speak, the doctor suddenly gripped his chest and keeled over, exclaiming vulgarities under his breath. "Doctor! Are you alright?"

    "No... This form is decaying more rapidly then I thought... B-But... That won't matter for long..."

    "Um... Roctor Reezle?"

    Suddenly snapping his head around a complete 180°, the doctor stared at the boy's with angry eyes. Dylan and Scooby both backed up in shock as Dr. Beezle's neck completely broke, yet he seemed to be completely fine. "I am not that blithering oaf, Beezle! Didn't you know? The good doctor was murdered in his apartment two months ago... Tragic really. But, that's what happens in a time of war. You lose a few soldiers..."
    "W-War?! Rho's at war?"

    "The war of the demons, of course..."


    "Doc, you're not thinking straight. I-I think he's having a stroke, Scooby! Quick! G-Go get Patrick!"

    "Oh, how your stupidity pleases me, Mystery Incorporated! Do you not realize what you are witnessing? I am about to assume my ethereal form, ready to find a new host... But, that shouldn't be too difficult, given the array of bodies you and your associates have provided for me and my brethren..."

    Before Dylan or Scooby could say or do anything else, Dr. Beezle collapsed on the floor, gurgling and oozing blood from his nose, mouth, and eyes. It was a horrific sight to behold, suddenly watching as the body before them transformed into a bloody and rotted corpse, almost as if something that were keeping his body preserved was suddenly removed. Then, hovering above the rotten corpse of Dr. Beezle, was the form of a white demon with large antlers, hollow black eyes, and sharp jagged teeth. It was completely translucent, almost like a ghost.


    "I. Am. Asakon... And now, I have found the chest!" bellowed the demon, it's voice echoing with an authoritative boom. While Scooby and Dylan stood there, fear-stricken, Asakon raised his right hand, which began to glow with a mysterious black ethereal energy. At the same time, the chest began to glow with the same black energy before the lid was suddenly thrown open. At first, there was nothing. The chest was empty. But, Asakon smiled wickedly at the two before the chest erupted with a plume of black energy, followed closely by the horrifying screams and laughter as the fabled nine hundred and ninety nine demons escaped from the chest. "Yes... My brothers and sisters... At last, you are free. Now, you must take on a new form... All of which are provided by our new friends, Mystery Incorporated."

    Speeding blurs of black ethereal energy flew through the air, scattering across the museum and it's many exhibits. Unfortunately, everyone was gathered in the exhibition hall (a place devoid of any costumes and dressed up for a party) and were completely unaware of the events about to unfold... But Dylan and Scooby were given a front row seat to the horror show.

    Each of the demonic trails sprung into the chest of a costume, leaving a trail of black ooze behind as they passed through a solid object. Once the demon had passed through the costume, the suit began to glow with an eerie green mist, which never ceased. Obviously, this was a sign that the costumes were possessed. But, when the eyes of the costumes began to glow with the same green mist, a sudden explosion of energy erupted from them. The explosion forced the costumes to begin spasming, violently shaking back and forth as if they were having a seizure. But, once the explosion of energy retracted back into the eye sockets, the costumes ceased shaking... And began to come alive.

    The costumes began to breathe and even groan with agony as they came to life, shambling out of their dioramas and marching towards Asakon, who had backed up into Jack-O's costume and was now residing in the form of the pumpkin headed ghoul. His eyes glowing green, Asakon turned to face his demons with a twisted grin spread across his face. Looking on as their worst nightmares were literately brought to life, Dylan and Scooby shook with fear and clung to one another. But, in a daring moment of heroics, Dylan looked past the monsters and saw that Asakon had left the chest completely unguarded. Thinking quickly, Dylan shouted "RUN SCOOBY!" before he charged forwards, dashing past the startled demons and grabbing the chest from it's holster. Asakon, realizing that he was about to be robbed, pointed a skeletally thin finger towards the boy and his dog before shouting "STOP THEM!"

    In an instant, dozens of monsters charged towards Dylan and Scooby, screaming and howling menacingly. Blasts of electricity fired by the 10,000 Volt Ghost were narrowly dodged by Dylan, as was the personal harpoon fired by Captain Cutler. The Black Knight swung his broadsword towards Scooby, who jumped over the low swing while he let out a terrified scream. Once Dylan managed to grab the chest, he hung onto it and dashed for the door with Scooby close by, shouting as Asakon began to spew fire from his mouth and eyes. They thrust the doors of the Ghosts and Ghoul's wing open to escape, slamming it shut after they were outside. Quickly, Scooby and Dylan began dragging heavy objects such as a bench and a trash can over to the door, trying to keep the monsters locked in. But, as the other exhibit doors began to open, letting out monsters such as the Tar Monster, the Man-Bat, and the Stalkers, the two M.I. members gave up on their futile attempts to keep the monsters out and instead, ran for the 'party room', screaming at the top of their lungs. Although the party-goers were unaware that any kind of demonic activity had occurred, they could hear the screams of Scooby and Dylan miles away. Once they entered the room, Dylan put the chest down and with Scooby's help, they began dragging large tables covered with food and drinks over to the door, blocking it off with anything they could. Once there was an adequate barricade on the doors, Dylan turned to Scooby and said "T-That'll... That'll... Hold them... E-Eh, Scoob?"

    "R-Reah... R-Rhat'll rold them..."

    Turning their heads to see the perplexed expressions of the crowd, Dylan tried to catch his breath and exclaimed "A-All of you... G-Get out of here! T-The party's off! A-And call the cops! There's n-no time to explain, w-we need to lock down the building! They're real! They're really real!"

    "REAH! There's R-Ronsters! R-Rock down the ruseum! Rall the national ruard! Climb rout the rindow! Run away!"

    "Yeah, what he said! B-But we need to keep this chest away from them! T-They were trapped by it once, and I'm sure they'd do anything to get it back!"

    Everyone just continued to stare, thinking that both Dylan and his dog were suffering a psychotic breakdown.


    But before anyone could do anything, a sinister voice echoed from behind Dylan, making him realize it fatal mistake: if the monsters were real, then the ghosts could pass through walls.

    "You should have listened to the boy..." growled Asakon, who was standing directly behind Dylan, having completely passed through the doors. Following swiftly after him, black ooze (provided by the Tar Monster) covered the doors and threw them open, launching Dylan, Scooby, and their makeshift barricade, into the air. Landing on the ground with a 'thud' Dylan gripped the chest even tighter, not wanting to let go of it. Quickly, he and Scooby got back on their feet just in time for them to see Asakon, and his horde of monsters, standing in the doorway. "Now then... GIVE ME THE CHEST!"
  18. As she returned without a word, Robin was glad no one said anything about her idiotic behavior. Keeping her eyes away though, she didn't notice Dylan's hand heading towards hers until his fingers wrapped comfortingly around her cold and shaky ones. She blinked, eyes wide and looked up at his warm smile. He wouldn't say anything, and didn't make the gesture obvious, for which she was very grateful. Thanks, Dyl. she thought with a soft smile that stayed even when their hands fell away from each other.

    That is, until she heard heavy footsteps..and a cane. Robin's ears were always really sensitive for some reason. However, whether that was a gift or a curse she still wasn't sure. They're always useful in investigations when she can warn her friends of what might me coming towards them, but most of the time, they had been great for catching bits of snide comments about her quirky, dorky self and thick glasses in middle school. Not to mention the creepy noises at night or distractions while reading. This time, she heard someone coming before anyone else did. And it wasn't long at all before a very important man greeted Mystery Inc. in the new museum dedicated to their solved mysteries.

    He introduced himself to Dylan first. Even so, Robin got a bad feeling. And not just from his name. Did no one else notice that he was named after two particular 'demons'? The fabled Lucifer and the lesser known Beelzebub, prince of demons. Even if she was sort of skeptical of the mythical monsters, Robin was pretty knowledgeable on some of the stories and fables surrounding the necessary dark tales. Anyway, Doctor Beezle was definitely giving her a bad vibe. But unfortunately, she doesn't always trust her gut because there is never sufficient evidence to do so. Especially tonight, given the fact that she had just swallowed two pills with virtually nothing but acid in her stomach. He couldn't be that bad, and she still smiled a little when Dylan introduced her along with Scooby, Caelina and Roman... but she was still wary about letting Dylan go with him alone...even if Scooby would be with him. She couldn't really protest though. This was important and if Dylan wanted to show him alone, she hoped it went well. The hug helped.

    He waved to the rest of Mystery Incorporated so after that, the trio left did a bit of exploring. It wasn't the most pleasant stroll through a museum Robin had ever experienced. Of course, this one was different than the numerous others she'd ever visited before, if the wax monsters everywhere were any indication. Needless to say, the stroll wasn't necessarily very fun for Roman or Caelina either. It was just too quiet. And with this kind of quiet, comes bad memories. Most of the building was pretty much silent, so the replicas of monsters past seemed all the more menacing and ready to strike again. But she knew they were locked up. And figuring she'd feel more comfortable like this with her friends rather than in a crowd of spectators, Robin decided not to make this trip entirely terrible. She put some effort in to make the mood a little lighter with them and after a little while, the three of them relaxed a bit, talked and reminisced on the positive things they had come across on various mysteries. As far as she could tell, the three of them were feeling a bit better about this whole thing and it felt less like an obligation to be there. They were doing fine, laughing and recalling the time Scooby had raided the stock of Scooby Snacks before an investigation and barfed all over the criminal they finally managed to catch. But Robin's laughter was cut short when a very strange noise reached her ears from quite a distance away. In a different part of the large museum, something very loud must have happened. It sounded almost like echoing words in a deep voice. Laughter maybe. She couldn't really make it out. Her eyebrows scrunched together, she straightened and cocked her head. Facing the entrance to the room they were currently occupying, Robin spoke quietly, asking "Do you two hear that noise?"
    But of course as soon as she asked, it disappeared. She couldn't hear anything else, even when she took a couple of steps toward the end of the room, but then...everything became colder. It wouldn't have been very noticeable to anyone except Mystery Inc. No one else was trained to be so observant. She looked back at Roman and Caelina with serious, blue eyes. "Something's wrong. Let's go." There was no question or doubt between them. Even if none of them wanted anything to mess up the night, the three of them knew when they had to get to business and investigate. Even if it turned out to be nothing, it's better to be safe than sorry. Though perhaps safe wasn't the right word. Not for Mystery Inc.

    After they set off back where they came,--figuring if it's trouble, Dyl and Scoob had to be involved somehow-- the trio didn't have to wait long to hear a duet of terrified screaming. They all immediately knew the voices at that point. They sped up, sprinting through the hallways--with Roman being the quickest--to ultimately end up in the...exhibition hall. At the other side of the space was Dylan and Scooby...both of whom had apparently constructed a barricade by one set of doors even though there was another set (through which the rest of the gang had just entered) in the middle of a panicked speech to a confused and awkward crowd. Robin had heard a tiny bit on her way here, but they arrived in time to hear Dylan try to spur an apathetic bunch of people into action.

    "...B-But we need to keep this chest away from them! T-They were trapped by it once, and I'm sure they'd do anything to get it back!"

    Robin was slightly confused, trying to keep up with his fearful rambling while dealing with embarrassment in empathy and that terribly nervous feeling returning around so many people surrounding her. Her hands started to shake, but she could tel this was important. Even if he is a bit theatrical and ridiculous at times, there was no doubt that Robin's best friend was thoroughly afraid right now. Did it have to do with he chest he was showing to that weird doctor guy? Then Who is they?


    For a few seconds, nothing happened. Robin couldn't hear much anyway past the ringing in her ears and her heartbeat pounding its own frantic rhythm within her.

    And then all Hell broke loose....literally.

    A greenish, fearsome creature began to pass through the door and barricade directly behind Dylan and Scooby. Followed by what seemed like an endless stream of evil green mist and monsters...was Jack-O. The very first villain caught by M.I....But...he...he had died. The room was suddenly icy and everyone was too scared to move. No one even dared to breathe. For the first time in Mystery Inc. history, Robin froze. She stood stock still, nailed to the ground and stuck there by pure fear.

    Except Robin never freezes. And even this first time didn't last long. So she darted into action before anything else occurred. For a brief moment in time, it seemed like she was the only one who moved. Just as she began weaving through the terrified bodies in formal wear stuck inside a dangerous exhibition hall, an echoing voice she'd already indistinctly heard emanated from a glowing pumpkin head.

    "You should have listened to the boy..." It growled menacingly. Following swiftly after him, black ooze (provided by the Tar Monster) covered the doors and threw them open, launching Dylan, Scooby, and their makeshift barricade into the air.
    Robin plowed on, racing through the horrified and frightful current headed toward the exit from which she'd entered. She had no idea if Roman or Caelina reacted quick enough to follow her, but somehow she made it to Dylan and Scooby, who managed to get back on their feet just in time for them to see the talking monster and his horde of animated wax creatures standing in the doorway. "Now then... GIVE ME THE CHEST!"

    There was screaming everywhere as the general public realized this wasn't a presentation or show, stampeding away as fast as their dresses and tuxes would allow. Robin would have spared a thought to be grateful for her flats and pants, but she was staring Jackie-O-Lantern in the glowing green eyes, stunned only long enough to blink and instantly shove her blood-chilling Fear from completely overtaking her quivering frame. She was standing directly between Dylan and a schizophrenic who was supposed to have died. if this guy is willing to cause this much destruction and panic over a chest, it must be important and powerful. And therefore horrifying in this creature's hands. She didn't know how in the world it occurred, but a small, shaking girl in thick glasses somehow mustered the strength to shout, "NEVER!"

    Giving Dylan a tear-filled and all-important split-second look, she snatched the chest and ran for their lives. The monster would surely be after her now and whether the rest of the gang was running behind her or not, she was going to keep them from danger. In an attempt to confuse her evil pursuer, she tried to blend into the screaming crowd, running with them in her black and white outfit and tiny, unnoticeable body. It had to work at least for a second. At least enough to keep her friends alive.
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  19. You know that eerie, untrustworthy, and creepy feeling you get from people that don't just stick quite right with you? That is exactly how Roman felt about the Doctor Beezle. "Something just isn't right about him." Roman did pose some good points. First off, as far as Roman could tell it doesn't even look like he needs the cane to walk. It may have been a small thing but he paid attention to things like that and noted them. Secondly not many people are allowed inside before the place opens. Roman kept his silent thoughts just that, silent. He didn't want to possibly upset or ruin anyone's mood with his assumptions. His eyes gazed silently thought to himself at Scooby, Dylan, and Dr. Beezle as theyheaded off and left the trio of Roman, Robin, and Caelina to explore the museum. Still he pondered what could they be going to do.

    A short amount of time passed. Even though they were having some fun going down memory lane in the museum the thought of the mysterious doctor kept picking at Roman mentally. This feeling was only intensified and egged on by Robin's actions. Robin new something was wrong just as much Roman did so he let out a sigh of relief. Knowing that there was someone else a little miffed about this gave Roman a strange sense of safety. However, the events that were about to transpire over the next few minutes took the safety Roman felt, chewed it up, and spit it out right in front of him.

    Sprinting at full speed to the exhibition hall seeing the barricade Scooby and Dylan had set up told Roman two things. They were having some sort of a breakdown or danger was near. It would come to fruition the latter would be confirmed. "Guys, what's going on?" Roman spoke only for Dylan to speak out loud and fearfully.

    "A-All of you... G-Get out of here! T-The party's off! A-And call the cops! There's n-no time to explain, w-we need to lock down the building! They're real! They're really real!"

    There was no doubt in his mind something bad happened while they went off with Doctor Beezle. Speaking of which where was the doctor? He noticed how tightly Dylan was holding the chest he assumed it had to do with that. Even louder this time and interrupting Roman's train of thought Dylan spoke again with fear written all over his face and in his voice.


    A green creature all too familiar to the faces of Mystery Incorporated passed through the door and barricade behind Dylan and Scooby. An endless stream of evil green mist and monsters, Jack-O appeared. By this time Roman was feeling a mix of various emotions such as fear. He hoped it had all been a bad dream. He even went to pinch himself hoping that he'd wake up from it. It didn't work and he came to the truth. Whatever happened that Roman didn't get to see created a real monster. Roman went calm which was hard to do in this situation and tried to expel the fear from his body and act bravely in the face of danger.

    "You should have listened to the boy... " growled Asakon, who was standing directly behind Dylan, having completely passed through the doors. Following swiftly after him, black ooze (provided by the Tar Monster) covered the doors and threw them open, launching Dylan, Scooby, and their makeshift barricade, into the air. Landing on the ground with a 'thud' Dylan gripped the chest even tighter, not wanting to let go of it. Quickly, he and Scooby got back on their feet just in time for them to see Asakon, and his horde of monsters, standing in the doorway. "Now then... GIVE ME THE CHEST!"

    The crowd broke into panic running away in fear of their lives. Almost all of them bumping into Roman as he tried to maintain his brave feeling running to where they all ran away from. He honestly didn't know what to do until he saw what Robin did as she ran away with the chest clutched tightly. He thought he could buy time for her as she made her desperate attempt at preventing Asakon from getting his evil hands on the chest. Where they came in originally there were a lot of things near the door. Flower pots, tables, chairs and other things. All the more he could use to throw at the monsters. Taking a chair and chucking it at Asakon and various other monsters he screamed. "HEY UGLY." He then whistled desperate to grab attention. "OVER HERE." He yelled at the top of his longs proceeding to throw more things at him.
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  20. Caelina's fear of speaking kicked into annoyance with having to dear with monsters she had already dispose of. "Look here you demonic ugly pieces of crap! I've had enough bad for a while and you know what of you want that chest bring it!" Caelina was known for her fighting skills that she had aquired over the years of being withere herror friends. Sure she could make an outstanding plan with Dylan when she needed to. The red head glared at the monster as she stood proudly next to her friends hiking up the skirt of her dress and tying it off making it knee length and more movable. This was just the end of the rope for her not only did the horrible memories of the stupid clown have to come rushing backnowledge but literal hell had to break loose.