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    Fairfax Townhouse, September 1923, London.
    The death of old Fergus Fairfax was not a shock to you as you never even heard of the man, but the fact that you were on his will as 'any child of his blood, that they may be born in or out of wedlock, from child to great-grandchild', certainly was. As it was, you were indeed a descendant of his, though estranged, and were thus fit to inherit his London Townhouse and fortune, along with, and that your new financial adviser (which you also inherited) insisted upon, three others of Lord Fairfax's descendants.

    It was a surprisingly small number of people, considering, but why look at a gift horse in the mouth? That's what brought you here today, sipping fine wine while looking around a well furnished lounge at the front of the large townhouse, nervously awaiting your fate. What would you do with this unexpected inheritance? What would this new bit of wealth and distant family bring you?

    That is for you to find out, isn't?

    What is Scions of Fairfax?
    Scions of Fairfax is, above all, the tale of four heirs to the Fairfax family as they struggle from being ignorant of their true heritage to how they hopefully prevailed and became proud scions of an even prouder but near extinct family in the Roaring Twenties. You will take the command of one of those heirs with any entourage you may choose and strive to make a name for yourself and hopefully not get assassinated by any jealous relatives. The road to success will be long and harduous, but surely you will become stronger in it's undertaking.

    We will all start in the aftermath of the Will's reading, and will go on from there. Please always remember that, while our characters may become rival, there is no winners besides the elation of telling a good story, so I expect this thread to be full of plot twists and planning!

    Character Creation & Sheet
    I'm looking for three other dedicated roleplayers to spin this tale set in 1923 London, and would like for everything to be as clear and as fun as possible, so don't hesitate to ask any questions that may hold you back. Any character can be from age 18 to 55 and be of any gender as long as they have at least one London ancestor (Lord Fairfax himself). Beside that, they can be only a quarter British and can have been brought up in a circus, it doesn't matter much. After completing the character sheet below, merely post it in the thread and wait for my approval, I will be present as soon as possible.

    Character Sheet



    Goal for the Future:
    Thought about their Inheritance:
    Greatest Fear:

  2. I just adore the historical theme entwined in this game. I will make sure to look into joining in the future.
    Besides, I felt thrown away here, so I want to redeem myself.
  3. Thanks, Yuuka, I hope to see what you come up with in the future, then! :)
  4. Ooh this sounds lovely! :D
  5. Name: Samuel Burgayne
    Age: 34
    Gender: male

    Appearance: Samuel has hazel eyes and has his hair wrapped down in a pony tail. His hair is long and black and wears a naval WWI / WWII(Just coming out actually in this period) Captain coat
    Personality: Slightly Arrogant, but charming. He has a serious attitude and aspires for great things.
    History: Great Great Grandson of General John Burgoyne( an actual general in The Battle of Saratoga ), his father was a military man as well. So
    naturally, Samuel went into the military too.
    Goal for the Future: wants to conquer Asia (age of imperialism)
    Thought about their Inheritance: Doesn't care much about it, since he was raised in the military, he had it good.
    Greatest Fear: Facing his father( They had a falling out some years ago.)
  6. This sounds very intriguing, I am so in.

    Name: Jack Morrison
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Devilishly good looking, standing at 6'2 with combed over black hair just enough facial stubble to be seen, but not enough to be considered a beard. Dressing in fine suits that were clearly out of his price range, though Jack believed in a simple motto "fake it 'til you make it" always pulling off the well off look in hopes of one day being very well off indeed.



    Aggressive Businessman and a con artist at heart, he always has an ulterior motive to every action he does, even when he appears to be helping others he is truly just helping himself. Sly and cunning most people don't even realized he had conned them until he's already gone with there fortune. Always striving to be more than he was destined for always stretching the limits to break the next barrier to some he is an evil genius, but all he wants is to own it all and he'll stop at nothing to get it.


    After both parents were brutally gunned down at a young age, Jack was taken in by his grandparents who wasted no time beating "common sense" into him as they would call it. Being a very stubborn boy and defiant until the end Jack ran off into the night, not taking a single thing with him. He lived on the streets for a while, learning to steal from the marketplaces and setting up elaborate pick pocket schemes. At first it was just for survival, but after a while Jack started to steal for the excitement he'd get from a successful con. As he grew older and older Jack's plans grew more and more elaborate and far more lucrative. Jack started to date older more well off women usually widows and get them to sign there belongings over to him then he'd vanish in the night along with their life savings.

    Always moving on, never staying in one place for too long Jack has maintained his charade for quite some time, always using psuedonames and alias' to weave through the sticky webs of the authorities and placing all of the money he has relieved people of into a central bank account in London, raising Jack Morrison's social esteem quite high, almost enough to be considered for politics, though Jack has his eyes set on business, no easier way to own it all than a few aggressive take overs.

    Goal for The Future:

    To own everything in London...with or without a pricetag.

    Thoughts About Inheritance:

    One too many people to share a fortune so large with. Being a natural con man, he doesn't seem too worried about taking it from everyone else the fun way.

    Greatest Fear:

    Not achieving his dreams, watching someone else steal his dreams.
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